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Pharmaceutical Specialties.


Cases Bales


(S. & M.)
Large assortmet of both
English and American The HOLGATE-FIELDING Co. Limited

Fluid Cascara Aromatic Syrup White Pine Co.
Sheepwool, Velvet, Yel Fluid Extract Cascara


Ferri Perchlor.
low, Hardhead, Reef and Menthymol Antiseptic
Essence of Pepsin

Triple Phos.
Elixir Lactated Pepsin

Ferri lodid
Calisaya Cordial

Vita ic Hypophosphites Trifoliumo.

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& CO.

We now manufacture the above and solicit the atten-
tion of the trade. We also invite inquiries on crude
drugs and powdered drugs in packages.
Agents for "Crnogen," Keasbey & Matteson,

aud Watson's Rheumatic Pills.

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Stewart's Extra Strong Horehound.
Stewart's Cough Drops has no equal.
Stewart's Floral Tablets.
Stewart's Fine Chocolates in great variety.

Stewart's Medicated Lozenges. A. J. STEWART,

410 Queen St. W., Toronto.

Druggists, Vancouver, B.C.

Branch office-121 Church St., Toronto, Ont.

to stop substitution the way is open and plain before them, viz. : protect their goods so that the retail man may get a living protit and substitution will disappear.


If there is a man in the United States to whom the pharmacists of that country owe an especial debt of gratitude, that man is Professor Geo. F. Payne, of Atlanta, Georgia. Persistently, courageously, doggedly since the day in Asheville when he first broached the subject, he has fought for the proper recognition of United States naval pharmacists. Undaunted in the face of apparently unsurmountable difficulties, he has with true Anglo-Saxon tenacity and persistency battled to accomplish his purpose and accomplish his labor of love, and on the 17th of June last he had the proud satisfaction of realizing that his labor had not been in vain. On that day President McKinley signed the bill which conferred on the members of the profession serving on board warships the title of Pharmacists of the Navy, with the rank of warrant officers. To use Prof. Payne's words : "This work shows that organized pharmacy can accomplish much, but disorganized efforts can secure but little. We feel that the whole profession of pharmacy of the United States has good cause to thank itself for the success of its efforts in this great work for this recognition of the profession of pharmacy.” The magnitude of the task undertaken can be appreciated when it is known that the movement received strenuous opposition from the naval medical staff. If pharmacy had more Geo. F. Payne's within its ranks it would speedily occupy the position in the community to which its importance renders it entitled.

rebate of the amount of the tax when goods are exported. Here is a clear case then of intention to make Canadians relieve the manufacturer of his share of tax by the advance in prices.

Are we going to sit calmly down and endure this? Are we going to allow ourselves to be kicked and not resent it? Is there spirit enough left in us to fight or are we milksops ?

We commend the spirit of the west as displayed in the following resolution. To Canadians we say “Go and do likewise."

We, the undersigned members of the Oklahoma Pharmaceutical Association and Druggists of Oklahoma Territory, in convention assembled, hereby agree upon our honor that we will not accept advertising matter, nor keep for distribution in our places of business any sort of advertising, nor permit our names to appear in any of the Territorial papers beneath the local adver-, tisements of any patent medicine firms wlio have on account of the stamp tax raised the price of their medicines.

We further pledge ourselves to discourage the use of all medicines that have been advanced in price on account of the stamp tax until prices have been reduced to the established prices in force prior to July 1, 1898.

We feel that the patriotism of these large institutions that have grown wealthy at the expense of the people of this country, is at an extremely Jow ebb when they force upon the retail druggists, not only the full burden of this tax, but in addition thereto a large profit on the money they invest in revenue stamps, and we ask that they show their patriotism by at once placing in force the old prices and bearing their share of the burdens of war taxation,"




Evidence is accumulating to show that the American patent medicine man is not going to have the "whole say" in shouldering his share of the war tax upon the retail dealer. The readiness with which they proclaimed their intention of raising prices to cover the stamp tax is meeting with a counter blast from the more independent retailers, and from present indications :hese gentlemen may find this last development a "harder nut to crack” than that of "substitution” or “cutting.

This matter receives attention from us bec iuse of its importance to Canadians. Already we are called to bear a share of this war burden.

Our wholesale jobbers are receiving invoices with the addition of amounts to cover stamps, and in other cases prices for proprietaries have been advanced.

Section 26 of Schedule B. of the Act provides for a

This Company are putting forth commendable efforts in endeavoring to stir up the manufacturers on the subject of protecting their preparations from price slaughtering. We confess our opinion is that not a large measure of success will attend their efforts. We have failed to fine among Manufacturers any general desire to regulate this matter, and in the absence of such, anything like energetic action

be looked for. The discussion on Mr. Pieler's resolutions at the P. A. T. A. meeting brought forth nothing but the same old tune, •The retailers are not united and nothing could be done," and this in the face of the fact that the Abby people had done something. By the expenditure of properly directed efforts they have preserved the sale of their goods to the retail druggist at full prices. So well satisfied are they with results that they propose continuing their efforts, and look for aid from the retailers.

Here is an opportunity for the latter to show that they appreciate a friend.



The German courts have followed the English, A book of useful receipts for the Drug Trade, American and French rule that where, during the published by the Chemist En Druggist. life of a monopoly created by a patent, a name, We opened it with considerable trepidation. All whether it be arbitrary or that of the inventor, has such previous publications which it has been our become by his consent, either express or tacit, the privilege to inspect have rather merited the title of identifying and generic name of the thing patented, “A book of useless Receipts for the Drug Trade.” this name passes to the public with the cessation of With a closing of eyes, shutting of teeth and clinchthe monopoly which the patent created. This de of hands, we made the venture and plunged in, cision has been given in a suit over the word an when lo! the surprise in store for us! Instead of a tipyrine. Should this ruling be sustained in an ap barren waste we found a rich treasure-house of pharpeal to the superior courts, the name will then be maceutical wealth not thrown together promiscuouscome public property to be used by any who may ly in a haphazard catch-as-catch-can manner, but engage in the manufacture of the article.

system and order prevailed throughout. No diamonds in the rough, nor crude material to be

wrought upon, but sparkling gems and perfect proTHE "EXTRA PHARMACOPOEIA.”

ducts bearing impress of a masterhand. The Chem

ist & Druggist has most emphatically conferred a The new B.P. has just been issued and accom

boon on the pharmaceutical world, the return for panying it is the ninth edition of Martindale's Extra

which should be of a most substantial nature. A Pharmacopæia. This issue is the more imperative

collection of working formulas being such a rarity from the fact that the last edition is exhausted, and

that to find one with sufficient merit to justly claim the supply of such a necessary work to the pharma

the title is most refreshing. The range of subjects cist cannot be allowed to become restricted. This

is as wide as the manner of treatment is attractive. edition is slightly larger than its predecessor, con

The professional pharmacist will find it invaluable as tains 626 pages as against 584. The authors, re

a book of ready reference ; its 200 pages of "galeniccognizing the importance of weights and measures at

al and medicinal preparations” are a combined nathis transitionary period, begin the work with a

tional formulary and extra pharmacopæia. The summary of the two systems and a table of equiva

housewife will find the money spent in its purchase a lents. An analysis of 25500 prescriptions follows,

profitable investment, while a perusal of its pages giving the number of times the 121 preparations

and the use of information therein contained will be most frequently ordered were dispensed.

in no manner derogatory to the professional standing Mr. Martindale's concise synopsis of the B. P. al

of the practising physician himself. The style of terations is introduced. The first noticeable feature

the book is good, leather and cloth binding, clear of the book is that doses are given in both imperial

readable type on good paper. Carefully arranged and metric, which, apart from the boon to prac

and properly indexed, it represents years of thoroughtitioners, should be a factor in making general the

ly systematic work and our esteemed contemporary use of the latter system. The rapid onward strides

can congratulate itself on a difficult undertaking sucof pharmaceutical and chemical science during latter

cessfully accomplished. The price, 75. 6d. is most years naturally necessitates many changes, even the

moderate for so complete a repository of useful inmention of which would consume more time and

formation. space than is at our command. The alcohol table on page 52 will be found convenient by pharmacists

NEWSPAPER ADVICE. in preparing the different solutions authorized by the new B.P. A secondary list of drugs is included,

The dangers of taking too literally the “medical some new and of unknown quality, some old and re

advice" given in the correspondence columns of vil

lage weeklies was illustrated last week at Cloneycently resuscitated. Dr. Wynn Westcott, the co

gowan. Patrick O'Brien suffered from corns. He author, has revised the chapter on Serotherapy, was advised by the "doctor" to burn them outnoting the extending use of different antitoxins as

how, it was not stated. He rolled a calico bandage diagnostic agents, giving numerous medical refer round his toes, steeped the bandage in petroleum,

The extended of organotherapy is and ignited it. He is now wiser, but is under noted ; an appendix of antiseptic applications, surgi- surgical treatment. The corns are still dressings ; histological preparations for staining, Chemist and Druggist. clearing, hardening and mounting microscopic objects ; rea ent, etc., is followed by the Indix and

TO STICK PAPER ON GLASS. posological table, which completes this invaluable

Make a paste out of 230 parts of mucilage, 20 book to both pharmacist and physician.

parts of water and 2 or 3 parts of aluminum sulThe book is published by Mr. H. K. Lewis, 136 phate, dissolving the sulphate in the water before (Gower St., London, and sold at ļos., 6d,

adding the mucilage.



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states :

Our friends, The Lyman Bros. & Co., Limited, hardly place the present position of the FLY PAD case fairly in their recent advertisements.

We give below both sides of the case, leaving the
Druggists of Canada to draw their own conclusions :
A. The judgment of the Hon. Mr. Justice Rose dated Oct. 15th, 1897,

That the Lyman Bros, & Co., Limited,
1.-Had imitated our Pads,
2.—Had imitated our Envelopes.
3.—Had imitated our Packing into Boxes.
4.-Had imitated the ornamentation (or labelling) of the boxes.
5.-Had imitated our Advertisements.

6.-And that all this was calculated to mislead. B. In the same judgment the Hon. Mr. Justice Rose granted an injunction restraining The Lyman Bros. & Co., Limited, their servants, agents, and workmen, from continuing to put up and advertise such paper so as to mislead. C. The learned judge made no order upon the question of the Trade Mark,

, D. Each party to the case paid their own costs. E. We appealed on the Trade Mark branch of the case.

F. The Lyman Bros. & Co., Limited, appealed against Judge Rose's injunction

G. The Court of Appeal dismissed BOTH appeals with cost.

In other words The Lyman Bros. & Co., Limited, paid the costs of their appeal and we paid the costs of ours.

Judge Rose's injunction restraining the Lyman Bros. & Co., Limited, from imitating our Fly Pads stands.

Archdale Wilson & Co.,

Wholesale Druggists,






Some Specialties.-Sandal Pure ; Sandal, 1-10 Cassia ;

Apiol; Wintergreen ; Terpinol ; Frigeron ;

Damiana, Saw Palmetto, Etc.


Encapsuling Private Formulas a Specialty. Correspondence solicited. IMPORTANT–We will gladly send Druggists or Physicians, on receipt of list price, direct by mail,

any of our Filled Capsules and Perloids. Specify PLANTEN'S on all orders. Send for samples.

H. PLANTEN & SON, Established 1836, NEW YORK.

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In Pint Bottles...

.$5.00 per doz. Winchester (72 Imp. Gal.)...... 2.00 each.

Imp. Gal., in 5-gal. lots and over, 3.50 per gal. With handsome lithograph labels, buyer's name promin

enlly printed on same, at following prices :
4-gross lots, and over.... -$60.00 per gross.

Packed in /-gross Cases.
We use a pure Sherry Wine in the manufacture of
This article, assuring a delicate flavor, and we guarantee
the quality to be equal to any in the niarket.

We invite comparison with other manufacturers, and will cheerfully furnish samples for that purpose.

Your early orders and enquiries solicited through Wholesale Jobbers or direct to us.

Very truly yours,

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Manufacturing Pharmacists, Canadian Branch: PHILADELPHIA, Pa. 36 & 38 Lombard St.,



Colborne St.,


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