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And distinguishing those who hold Places, and who are dependant on

The present Administration;

• And also those who hold




Divided on during the Sessions of 1821 and 1822,



The Names of the Members corrected to the present time,

. (Being the only correct List extant.):

“ This is a very interesting and important production, containing more information than is usually found in a large volume, and is as intelligible as it is concise, deserving the deepest consideration of every Elector in the United Kingdom.”






returned from the several sections of the United Kingdom, in the following proportion, viz. The County of Cornwall, 44 ; of Wilts, 34; of York, 30...... 108

Sussex 28; Dorset 20 ; Suffolk 16 ; Stafford, 10 .. 74 The Counties of Devon and Hants, ............... each 26 52

Kent and Somerset,. .............. each 18
Bucks, Lancaster, and Surry, ......... each 14 42
Lincolo, Norfolk, and Salop, ......... each 12 36
Berks, Northampton Oxford, Worcester,. .each 9 36
Essex, Gloucester. Hereford, Middlesex, coche 20

Northumberland and Nottingham...i
Cambridge, Cumberland, Hertford & Warwick, 6 24
Bedford, Chester, Derby, Durham, Hun-,

each 4 28 tingdon, Leicester, and Westmorland, S

Monmouth, 3; Rutland, 2 .............. 5 Wales 24 ; Scotland 45; Ireland 100 ..................


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The following Changes have taken place since the 5th February. Vacated.

New Members. Bathurst, Right Hon. C...... Harwich ......... Canning, George Canning, Right Hon. G. .... Liverpool ........ Huskisson, Wm. Cole, Sir G. L. ........... Fermanagh Huskisson, Wm. ......... Chichester ........ Poyntz, Mr. Leigh, J. H............. Winchester ...... , East, Sir E, H. Taylor, Sir H............ Windsor ......... Disbrowe, E. C. Vansittart, Nicholas ....... Harwich ......... | Herries, J. C. Arbuthnot, Right Hon. C. ...St. Germains.... Robinson, F.J........... Rippon ........ All re-elected Scarlet, James .......... Peterboro' .... Ossulstop, Lord.......... Berwic Beresford, Sir J.P...

...... Coleraine Deceased. Blake, Robert ........... Arundel ......... Kemp, Mr. Concannon, Lucius ..... Winchelsea Portman, E. B. .......... Dorset County ..... Portman, Jun.

Sir J. P. Beresford vacated for Coleraine, with the view of being returned for Berwick, Lord Ossulstone having succeeded to the Peerage; Lord Corry, the Son of Earl of Belmore, is Cardidate for Fermanagh County; and Mr. Wm. Leader is we believe to be returned for Winchelsea. The new Member for Coleraine was not named at the time of our going to press.


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Column a Notes by a * 188 members who on the 6th February, 1821,

supported the motion of the Marquis of Tavistock, “ that his Majesty's ministers, in advising the measures against the Queen, were not justifiable,” &c.; and by a † 334 who opposed it. The same column also notes by the letter a 21 other members who, in addition to the 188, supported the motion of Lord Archibald Hamilton on the 26th January preceding, “that the omission of her Majesty's name from the Liturgy and accustomed prayers of the "Church was ill-advised and inexpedient,” who did not vote at all on the motion of the

Noble Marquis. b Notes by the letter c 253 members, who on the 28th Feb. 1821,

supported the motion of Mr. Plunkett “ For the appointment of a committee to consider of the laws affecting Roman Catholics,"

and by the letter p 247 who opposed it.. c Notes by a * 126-members who on the 9th May, 1821, sup

ported the motion of Lord John Russell “ For Parliamentary

Reform ;” and by a t 157 who opposed it. d Notes by a * 108 members who on the 11th February, 1822,

supported the motion of Mr. Brougham for “ A sensible Re-
duction of Taxes ;” and by a + 212 who opposed it.
Notes by a * 126 members who on the 21st February supported
a similar motion of Viscount Althorp; and by a † 234 who
opposed it.


Notes by a * 159 members who on the 13th March supported the motion of Viscount Normanby, “ For reducing one PostMaster General; and by a + 184 who opposed it. The same column also notes by the figure 2, 81 other members who on the 2nd May supported a similar motion by the same Noble

Viscount, who did not vote at all on the previous occasion. 9 Notes by a * 100 members who on the 25th June supported

the motion of the Hon. James Abercromby for “ An enquiry into the conduct of the Lord Advocate of Scotland;” and by a

+ 121 who opposed it. h Notes by a * 95 members who on the 3rd June supported the motion of Mr. Curwen, for “ A total Repeal of the Duty on

Salt;" and by a + 106 who opposed it. The same column also
notes by the letter c 99 other members in addition, who on the
28th February preceding supported the motion of Mr. Calcraft
for “ A gradual Reduction in the Duties on Salt;" who did not
support the motion of Mr. Curwen.
Notes by a * 65 members who on the 18th June supported
Sir J. Newport's amendment to Mr. Hume's motion, relating

to the Tythe System of Ireland; and by a † 72 who opposed it. k Notes by a * 175 members who on the 25th April supported the

motion of Lord John Russell, for “ A Reform in Parliament;" which was opposed by 269. The same column also notes by the letter r 77 other members, part of 185 who on the 1st March supported the motion of Sir Matthew White Ridley for The Reduction of Two Lords of the Admiralty.

The Notations in the margin imply as follow, viz.—The Nos. 12, &c. as 12 opposite the name of J. Abercrombie implies, that he voted 12 times in the minorities here subsequently stated. No. 27 opposite the name of Sir Geo. Anson, or 31 opposite that of A. Baring imply, that they voted in the minority on those questions so numbered in the said following statement. A voted in support of Lord Althorp's proposition in “ Committee on the Corn Laws.L for those of Sir Thomas Lethbridge. R for those of Mr. Ricardo. M implies those who opposed the propositions of the late Marquis of Londonderry, and contended for the “ Continuance of the Corn Law as it then stood." W implies those members who supported the resolutions of Mr. Western on the 12th June, relating “ To the aggravation of the Distresses of the Country, by the Alteration of the Currency."-See page [8.

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