Confront!: Resistance in Nazi Germany

John J. Michalczyk
Peter Lang, 2004 - 251 páginas
Many critics and some historians consider resistance in Nazi Germany as too little and too late. Few Germans were willing to take risks, and others began to oppose the Third Reich only when the end was in sight. However, despite the threat of prison, concentration camp, or death, there were many diverse groups from the academic, military, and spiritual sectors of society that challenged the Reich's harsh, unjust policies. This book represents the spectrum of these forms of resistance and illustrates the courage of those who dared to confront the Nazi government.

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A Continuing of the Resistance?
Adaptation and Resistance
Jehovahs Witnesses
One Persons Account of Spiritual Resistance
The German Armys
The Nazis Must Go the Tyrant Must Die1938
The German Resistance and the Holocaust
You see it too Simply Freya von Molkte Looks
The Red Orchestra and Cato Bontjes Van Beek
Civil Courage of Ordinary Persons in Nazi Germany
A Commitment
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The Editor: John J. Michalczyk is Chair of the Fine Arts Department as well as Co-Director and Professor in the Film Studies Program at Boston College. He received his Ph.D. in art, film, and propaganda in the Spanish Civil War from Harvard University. To date, Professor Michalczyk has published seven books on the relationship of politics to literature and film. Over the past ten years, he has produced twelve documentary films, most of which were broadcast nationally on PBS television, and several internationally. His most recent films document narratives of international conflict resolution and personal stories of the disabled.

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