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Mr. Hughes has resumed operations at the tin exploitation in Tenasserim. Dr. Warth, on joining the Department, has been placed with Mr. Hughes.

Mr. Griesbach left Calcutta for the N. W. Frontier in November; but has since been posted as Geologist with the Miranzai Expeditionary Force.

Mr. Oldham succeeded in verifying the reported occurrence of oil at Mogulkot, in the Sherani country, before the withdrawal of the late Zhob Valley Expeditionary Force. The oil is of fairly good quality, and issues from the springs at about 10 gallons a day. The laboratory examinations of this oil, owing to uncertainty as to the procuring of the samples sent down before Mr. Oldham's visit, are still conflicting: so that a more thorough examination of the springs and their geological conditions will have to be made, when opportunity for further survey occurs.

List of Reports and Papers sent in to Ofice for publication or record

during November and December 1890, and January 1891.




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. Memoir on the Central Himalayas | Will be published imme

diately as Vol. XXIII, Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India.

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Memorandum on the occurrence will be published in next of Petroleum.


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Notes on the Structure of the Recorded.

Yenangyoung Oil-fields.
Salts of the Sambhar Lake. . Appears in current Rcords.
Analyses of Dolomite from the Salt Ditto ditto.


List of Assays and Examinations made in the Laboratory, Geological Survey of India, during the months of

November and December 1890, and January 1891.

For whom. .


Quartz, from Dhadka, for Geological Survey of Contains no gold.

Quartz, with hornblende. G. W. IRVING, Cal.

schist and pyrite, for cutta. Oligoclase, for determina. BURN & Co., Calcutta

tion. Malachite in chlorite-schist, G. R. CLARKE, Cal.

for copper.. Quartz, for gold .W. T. CARTER, Cal.

Quartz, for gold . .C. G. VANSITTART,

. ' Calcutta.
Coal, for assay . . R. R. Waller, Cal.

Chalcopyrite in schist, for JOHN HAY, Calcutta
Magnetite with quartz, for Do. do. .

Quartz, with pyrrhotite, R. R. Waller, Cal.

for gold.
Crushed quartz, for gold. C. G. VANSITTART,

Quartz, for gold , R. R. WALLER, Cal-

| cutta.
Quartz, for gold . . Col. R. WARBURTON, Contains no gold.

S.C., Political Officer,
Khyber, thro' D.
Panioty, Assistant
Private Secretary
to the Viceroy,






pyrite and chalcopyrite, cutta.


List of Assays and Exaininations made in the Laboratory, Geological Survey of India, during the months of

November and December 1890, and January 1891-continued.


For whom.


Quartz, for gold , ULLMANN, HIRSCH

HORN & Co., Cal.

Quartz, for gold . . C. G. VANSITTART,

Petroleum from i$ miles R. D. OLDHAM, Geo. Colour-deep yellow; liquid-begins to thicken at about 54° F.; solidifies at about 32° F.

above Mogulkot, Sher- logical Survey of Specific gravity (corrected to 60° F.) *831. Flashing point (Abel's Test), 128° F. On distillation it , ani country,


yielded :

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Pale yellowish white . | 10900

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Flashing point (Abel's

Test) 700 F.
Flashing point

point (Abel's
Test) 102° F..
| Flashing point (Abel's

Test) 1370 F.

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Brownish yellow.

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Begins to deposit paraffin

at about 50° F., solidities
at about 41° F.
Begins to deposit parallin
at about 240 F., solidifies
at about 58° F.
Solidified in condenser,

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508° F., 530


536° F. , 568° F.

568° F. 600° F.
Oil distill ng above 600° F.

Yellowish white

Pale yellow
Deep yellow



Paraffin "scale

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Mica.diorite, with veins | POSNER & · of calcite, plagioclase, Calcutta, quartz, hornblende, pyrite, pyrrhotite and

chalcopyrite, for gold.
Galeua, with decomposed | CAPT. K. M. Foss,

Pyrite, for gold and arsenic J. HORSFORD, Calcutta
Specular iron ore; pig-iron J. M. Stoney, Cal.

ed, for report.
Red clay and gravel ; and ( J. M, Stoney, Cal.

blue quartz, for gold. I cutta.
Impure graphite and gra- Capt. McLeod, Jhe-
"phitic slate, for report. lum.
Impure kaolin, for report BURN & Co., Calcutta.

Specimens with zinc. Womesh Chunder

blende, pyrrbotite, pyrite, Bose, High Court,
'chalcopyrite, calcite, Calcutta.
magnetite, quartz and
uraninite, for report.

Kaolin with large quantities Col. MARRIOTT,

felspar, for lead and Umballa.

manufactured from the cutta.
same; and gold nuggets,
and the gravel from
which they were obtain-

of carbonates of lime and Lucknow.
magnesia, partially de-
composed fragments of
felspar and grains of
quartz, for report.


List of Assays and Examinations made in the Laboratory, Geological Survey of India, during the months of

November and December 1890, and January 1891-continued.

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