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Página 32 - The twilight hours, like birds, flew by, As lightly and as free ; Ten thousand stars were in the sky, Ten thousand on the sea ; For every wave with dimpled face, That leaped upon the air, Had caught a star in its embrace, And held it trembling there.
Página 9 - The green earth was moist with the late-fallen showers, The breeze fluttered down and blew open the flowers; While a single white cloud to its haven of rest, On the white wing of peace floated off in the west.
Página 12 - All fluttering with pleasure, and fluttering with love. I know that each moment of rapture or pain But shortens the links in life's mystical chain ; I know that my form, like that bow from the wave...
Página 10 - Twas born in a moment, yet, quick as its birth, It has stretched to the uttermost ends of the earth, And, fair as an angel, it floated all free, With a wing on the earth and a wing on the sea. How calm was the ocean ! how gentle its swell! Like a woman's soft bosom, it rose and it fell...
Página 94 - To the child among the dewy flowers, To the sailor on the sea. We hear their thrilling voices In their swift and airy flight, And the inmost heart rejoices With a calm and pure delight. In the stillness of the starlight hours, When I am with the dead, O ! may they flutter mid the flowers, That blossom o'er my head, And pour their songs of gladness forth In one melodious strain, O'er lips, whose broken melody Shall never sing again.
Página 240 - The spirit oft oppressed with doubt, May strive to cast Thee from its thought, But who can shut thy presence out, Thou mighty Guest that com'st unsought ! In spite of all our cold resolves, Whate'er our thoughts, where'er we be, Still magnet-like the heart revolves, And points, all trembling, up to Thee ; * We cannot shield a troubled breast Beneath the confines of the blessed, THE PRESENCE OF GOD.
Página 110 - ... only five years old. I have not told you of our home, that in the summer hours, Stands in its simple modesty half hid among the flowers ; I have not said a single word about our mines of wealth — Our treasures are this little boy, contentment, peace, and health ; For even a lordly hall to us would be a voiceless place Without the gush of his glad voice, the gleams of his bright face; And many a courtly pair, I ween, would give their gems and gold For a noble happy boy like ours, some four or...
Página 23 - Tis ours alone, with sighs like odors shed. To hold them unforgot ! Thine is as sad a strain As if the spirit in thy hidden cell Pined to be with the many things, that dwell In the wild restless main. And yet there is no sound Upon the waters, whispered by the waves, But seemeth like a wail from many graves, Thrilling the air around.
Página 14 - Love, And her teeth were pure as pearls, While her forehead lay, like a snow-white dove, In a nest of nut-brown curls ; She was a thing unknown to fame — Melodia was her strange sweet name. I never saw an eye so bright And yet so soft as hers ; It sometimes swam in liquid light, And sometimes swam in tears ; It seemed a beauty, set apart For softness and for sighs...
Página 16 - Melodia ! 0, how soft thy darts, How tender and how sweet! Thy song enchained a thousand hearts, And drew them to thy feet; And, as thy bright lips sang, they caught So beautiful a ray, That, as I gazed, I almost thought The spirit of thy lay Had left, while melting on the air, Its sweet expression painted there.

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