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157, 161, 181.

viji. 459.

1837. Mar. Michigan admitted, vii. 287, 583. 1843, Prescott publishes his Conquest of Mex-
The U.S. refuses to annex Texas, vii. 551.

ico, ii. 425.
Treaty of the U. S. and Greece, vii. 503. Prescott's Peru published, ii. 577.
Rebellion in Canada (ending in 1838), viii. 1844. Feb. 27. The Spanish part of San Do-

mingo declared independent, viii. 288.
Dec. McLeod and the steamboat “Caro- Apr. 12. Calhoun's treaty for the annexa-
line," vii. 494.

tion of Texas; but it is rejected by the U. S.
Perry's first results with steam war-ships, Senate, vii. 506.
vii. 460.

July 3. Treaty of the U. S. with China, vii.
The publication of Force's American Ar- 509.
chives (stopped in 1853), viii. 425.

Treaties concluded for the U. S. by Whea.
Ternaux-Compans' Voyages, i. xxxvii, ii. vi. ton with the lesser German powers, vii. 512.
1838. Territory of Iowa created, vii. 543.

Roselly de Lorgues begins the movement to
Lower Canada set up, viii. 171.

procure the canonization of Columbus, ii. 69.
Dease and Simpson's Arctic discoveries, viii. Map of the Arctic regions, viii. 121.

The memorial of Tecpan-Atitlan discov.
English Public Record Office established, ered, i. 167.

1845. Mar. 3. Congress by a joint resolution
1839. The Liberty Party (United States) annexes Texas, and the President confirms the
formed, vii. 288.

action ; Texas annexed uly 4, vii. 506.
Marshall's collected decisions on constitu- Mar. 4. J. K. Polk President of the U. S.,
tional questions (U. S.) published, vii. 261.

vii. 291, 355.
Treaty of the U. S. with Ecuador, vii. 504. May 19. Sir John Franklin's Arctic expe-

S. G. Morton holds the American Indian to dition in the “Erebus” and “Terror" sails
be a distinct race, i. 372.

from England, viii. 89, 122, 127.
The so-called Aroostook War in Maine, vii. May 29. Treaty of France and Great

Britain, vii. 493.
Anti-rent troubles in N. York, lasting for July 4. Texas annexed, and in Dec. ad-
several years, vii. 353.

mitted as a State, vii. 291.
1840. Yuly 4. The Sub-Treasury Act; re. Florida admitted, vii. 291.
pealed in 1841, vii. 289.

The Naval Academy at Annapolis founded,
July 23
Upper and Lower Canada re-

vii. 460.
united, viii. 163, 177,

Garneau's Canada published originally
Sutter prominent in California, viii. 231. the book generally accepted by French Cana-
The Abolition party (U. S.) split, vii. 288.

dians, iv. 359.
The American and Foreign Anti-slavery 1846. March. The United States government
Society formed, vii. 288.

order Gen. Taylor to pass the Nueces River,
The “Tip and Ty” political campaign bringing on the war with Mexico, vii. 292, 408,
(U.S.) the first of the modern method, vii

. 289. 440.
Dr. Francia dies in Paraguay, viii. 360.

May 8. Battle of Palo Alto, vii. 408, 442.
1841. March 4. Harrison and Tyler admin- May 9. Battle of Resaca de la Palma, vii.
istration, vii. 290, 353; Harrison dies, and Ty-

408, 442.
ler becomes President, vii. 290.

May 13. Congress declares that war with
Case of the slaver “Creole,” vii. 494.

Mexico exists, vii. 292.
The U. S. steam vessels “Mississippi” and May 18. Gen. Taylor crosses the Rio
“ Missouri,” the earliest conspicuous steamı Grande, vii. 408.
war-vessels, vii. 460.

June. Com. Sloat and Fremont at Monte-
The Hudson Bay Co. colonize Vancouver's rey (California), vii. 410; viii. 232.
Island, viii. 52.

Bear Flag insurrection in California, vii.
John L. Stephens first published his Yuca- 445.
tan Studies, i. 176.

July. Com. Stockton takes Los Angeles,
Santarem's Atlas (finished 1853), iii. 217. and California made a territory of the U. S.,
Oil. 7. Santa Anna enters Mexico, viii. 229.
The Russians abandon California, viii. 231. Aug. 18. Gen. Kearney at Santa Fé, vii.
Paredes' revolt in Mexico, viii. 229.

1842. Aug. 9. Webster-Ashburton Treaty and Aug “ Wilmot's Proviso" to prevent slav-

the N E. boundary, vii. 179, 292, 493, 525, ery in territory acquired of Mexico, vii. 292.
554; viii. 231.

Sept. 21-23. Battle of Monterey, vii. 409.
New tariff passed, vii. 290, 355.

The Sub-Treasury Act reënacted, vii. 289.
Dorr Rebellion in Rhode Island, vii. 355.

Non-protective tariff, vii. 293.
Fremont's explorations through the Rocky Iowa admitted, vii. 291.
Mountains and to the Pacific coast, continued Treaty of the U. S. and New Grenada, vii.
in later years, vii. 558; viii. 260.

Margry begins his researches in early French Treaty of the U. S. and Great Britain as to
American history, and at last (1873) is aided the Oregon boundary, vii. 559; viii. 52.
by the United States government, iv. 242.

Maj. Emory's explorations to the Pacific,
Gold first found in California in the Los
Angeles district, viii. 231.

Dr. Rae's overland Arctic exped., viii. 121.
1843. Boyer deposed (Hayti), viii. 288.

Smithsonian Institution founded, i. 439.
Frémont's second expedition, viii. 260.

Dr. O'Callaghan publishes his New Nether.
Treaties of extradition between the L. S.

land, iv. 431.
and France, vii. 497.

The New Mexico and California campaigns
Annexation of Texas agitated, vii. 291.

in this and the next year, vii. 444.

vii. 410.

vii. 558.

vii. 412.

vii. 412.

99, 122.

1847. Jan. 8 and 9. Stockton, by two fights, 1850. The first V. S. Grinnell Arctic exped. again takes Los Angeles, vii. 410.

under De Haven, with Dr. Kane as surgeon ; Feb. 22–23. Battle of Buena Vista, vii. 409, discover Grinnell Land, viii. 95. 442.

Collinson and McClure's Behring's Straits Mar. 2.

Col. Doniphan at Chihuahua, vii. exped., viii. 92, connecting by McClure's foot 410.

journey with Parry's earlier discoveries on the Mar. 29. Gen. Scott captures Vera Cruz, Atlantic side, showing water all the way and vii. 411, 442.

proving the existence of a northwest passage April 18. Battle of Cerro Gordo, vii. 411. (Oit.). May. N. P. Trist at Scott's headquarters Life and Works of John Adams published with power to make a treaty with Mexico, vii. (finished in 1856), viii. 427. 506; but negotiations fail, vii. 506.

San Martin dies in Europe, viii. 336. June and July. Gen. Scott in Puebla, vii. 1851. Kennedy in the Arctic regions, viii. 96. 411.

Dr. Rae descends the Coppermine River Aug: 19, 20, 21. Battles of Contreras, in the Franklin search, viii. 96. Cherubusco, and San Antonio, vii. 411.

Francis Parkman's first studies of Indian Aug. 23-Sept. 7. The armistice between character in his Pontiac, i. 317. the American and Mexican armies, vii. 412. L. H. Morgan's League of the Iroquois, i. Sept. 8. Scott again defeats Santa Anna, 325.

The Sparks-Mahon controversy, lasting three Sept. 13. Scott attacks Chapultepec, and on years, viii. 418. the 16th the City of Mexico is possessed, B. J. Lossing publishes his Pictorial Field

book of the Revolution, viii. 480. Wisconsin proposed, vii. 543.

Treaty of the U. S. with Costa Rica, vii. The Isbister movement against the Hudson 504. Bay Co., viii. 48.

1852. Sir Edw. Belcher's Arctic expedition, Hakluyt Society publications begun, i. p. when the “Resolute” is abandoned, May 15, xxxvii.

1854, but subsequently found, Sept., 1855, in 1848. C. M. Bustamante dies, viii. 268.

Davis' Straits, and the next year is restored Jan. 13.

The Hudson Bay Co. acquire by the U. S. government to the Queen, viii. 97– rights at Vancouver's Island, viii. 9, 52, 73, 74, 8o.

Geo. Bancroft's volumes covering the RevoFeb. 2. The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo lutionary war published between this date and signed by Trist and the Mexican commission- 1875, viii. 475. ers; ratified by the U. S. Mar. 10, and the 1853. Dr. Kane in the “Advance" again goes treaty settled May 30, vii. 412, 507, 535, 553. to the Arctic regions, viii. 99, reaching nearly Wisconsin admitted, vii. 291.

79° N. lat. — the highest yet — and discoverFreesoil party (U. S.) formed, vij. 293. ing Washington Land; but the vessel is

The New York “Barnburners ” allied with abandoned May 17, 1855, viii. 99, 100, 125, the Abolitionists, vii. 293.

Dr. Rae in the Arctic regions finds (Apr., Sir John Richardson's Franklin Search Ex- 1854) articles in the hands of Eskimos which pedition by way of the Mackenzie River, viii. had belonged to Franklin, viii. 100, J26. 91, 121.

The Gadsden Purchase by the First expedition under Sir James Clarke

U, S., vii. 553: Ross in search for Sir John Franklin, viii. 91. Schoolcraft's Indian Tribes published, i.

Kellett and Moore's Franklin Search Expe. 376. dition by way of Behring's Straits, lasting three 1854. Dr. Hayes' Arctic boat journey, viii. 125. years, viii. 91, 121.

Varnhagen publishes his Historia do Brazil, Arthur Helps begins to publish his studies of Spanish American history, iv. 428.

Reciprocity treaty of the U. S. and Canada, American Asso. for the Advancement of

viji. 167 Science begins to publish, i. 437.

The New Republican party in the U. S. Brasseur de Bourbourg begins his researches formed, vii. 282. in Mexico, i. 170.

Curtis' Hist. of the Constitution (vol. i.) pub1849. Simpson announces his discovery of cliff lished, vii. 263. houses in the Colorado region, i. 395.

1855. Freesoil party (U. S.) formed, vii. 288. Treaty of the U. S. with Guatemala, vii. Hartstein searching for Kane in the Arctic 504.

regions, viii. 100. Richard Hildreth's United States originally 1856. Gov. Bradford's History of Plymouth published, with a second series in 1851, viii. Plantation published, iii. 293. 479.

C. R. Markham begins his publication of his 1850. The Democratic policy of “popular Peruvian studies, ii. 578. sovereignty and “Squatter sovereignty The English Calendar of State Papers begun, (U. S.), vii. 293.

Sept. 9 (Dec. 13). Congressional boundary E. G. Squier publishes his Nicaragua react determines the upper bounds of Texas, vii. searches, i. 197. 553

Geo. Tucker's United States published, one Seven expeditions engaged in searching for of the earliest sustained Southern views of the Sir John Franklin, viii. 92.

U. S. history, viii. 480. Austin and Ommanney's Arctic expedition 1857. Parliamentary inquiry into the affairs of through Lancaster Sound, viii. 94.

the Hudson Bay Co., viii. 53. Capt. Wm. Penny's Arctic exped., viii. 95, McClintock in the “Fox" in the Arctic re

gions, and finds, May, 1859, a written record

Dec. 30.

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viii. 350.

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viii. 459.


vii. 555.

viii. 129.

of the progress of the Franklin exped. of Apr. 1867. July 1. The Dominion of Canada be26, 1848, by which it appears that Franklin gins its life, viii. 170. had died June 11, 1847, viii. 102, 127.

The Hudson Bay Co. surrender their charter, 1857. Movement begun in France, under the viji. 64.

direction of Aubin, Brasseur, and others, to 1869. Royal Historical MSS. commission es. study American archæology, i. 441.

tablished (England), viii. 460. New Grenada becomes the United States of Lossing publishes his Pictorial Field-book of Colombia, viii. 339.

the War of 1812, viii. 480. The Historical Magazine begun, viii. 480. 1872. The German Emperor gives an award

Brasseur de Bourbourg's Nations Civilisées favorable to the Americans in the De Haro published, ii. 418.

controversy, vii. 562. 1858. Icazbalceta publishes his Coleccion de The U. S. boundary line from the Lake of documentos (the last volume in 1866), ii. 397. the Woods westerly run,

Charnay begins his Mexican studies, i. 176. The Reports of the Dominion (Canada) Photography, first used in delineating the archivist begin, viii. 464. Yucatan ruins by Charnay, i. 195.

Richard Frothingham's Rise of the Republic Right of search at sea abandoned by Great published, viii. 480. Britain, vii. 493.

1873. Dr. C. C. Abbott's earliest announce1859. Kunstmann's Atlas, iii. 217.

ment of human implements being found in the San Juan Island in Washington Sound Trenton gravels, i. 333. jointly occupied by American and British Map of the Arctic regions, viii. 109. forces, vii. 560.

Von Holst begins his publications on the Map of the Northwest Passage, viii. 124. Constitutional History of the United States, 1860. Léon de Rosny's studies in Mexican vii. 264 ; viii. 507. hieroglyphics first attracted notice, i. 201. 1875. Las Casas' Historia first printed, ii. 340.

Dr. Hayes' Arctic explorations, viii. 125; First session of the Congrès des Amériand his map of his supposed open Polar Sea, canistes, i. 442. viii. 126.

H. H. Bancroft begins the publication of his Capt. C. F. Hall's Arctic voyages (the last series of historical works, i. 415. in 1871), reaching 82° 16', with the “ Polaris," Nares' Arctic exped., when A. H. Markham

with sledges reaches 83° 20' 264 N. lat., viii. Civil war in the United States, viii. 169.

129. 1863. Squier's explorations in Peru, i. 272.

Allen Young in the "Pandora" in the ArcBrasseur discovers Landa's Relacion, i. tic seas, viii. 129.

1876. Le Plongeon discovers the statue of Brasseur develops his new theories about Chackmool at Chichen Itza, i. 190. early Mexican history, i. 165.

Count Circourt publishes a translation, with October. Conference at Quebec to consider comments, of Bancroft's Chapters on the the consolidation of Canada, viii. 170.

French Alliance in 1777, viii. 506. The Documentos inéditos of Pacheco, etc., 1877. The Cartas de Indias published, ii. p. begun, ij. p. vii.

viii. C. C. Rafn dies, i. 193.

Maj. Powell begins to publish the Contribu1865. Faillon begins his record of the Sulpitian tions to Ethnology, i. 440.

labors in Montreal in his Colonie Française 1879. Archæological Institute of America en Canada, iv. 360.

founded, i. 438. Reciprocity treaty between U. S. and Can- Map recording attempts to reach the North ada ended, viii. 167.

Pole, viji. 128. Life and Public Services of Samuel Adams 1880. The publication of James Schouler's published, viii. 428.

Hist. of the United States begun, viii. 481. 1866. Jomard's Monuments de la géographie, 1881. The Bureau of Ethnology begins to

publish, i. 439. Henry Harrisse begins his publications with Greely's Arctic expedition attains the highhis Notes on Columbus, ii. p. viii.

est latitude yet, 83° 24', viii. 129. Feb. The Calaveras skull found, i. 351, 1882. Bancroft's Hist. of the Constitution, vii. 384.

263 Peabody Museum of Amer. Archæology and 1883. The publication of J. B. McMaster's Ethnology founded, i. 439.

Hist. of the People of the United States begun, Jared Sparks dies, viii. 475.

viii. 481. 1867. The United States secure the right of George Bancroft's United States in its final

transit across the isthmus by treaty with Nica- revision appears, viii. 477. ragua, vii. 504.

1886. Feb. 28. Henry Stevens dies, i. p. xv. May 27. Alaska purchased by the U. S., 1887. H. T. Cresson's first announcement of

supposed prehistoric pile dwellings found in British North America Act, viii. 172.

the Delaware River, i. 341, 363.


iii. 217

vii. 559

This History was intended to close at about the middle of the present century; but in the record of the several countries some convenient stonping place has been found, without strict attention to that common purpose. The scanty entries in this Conspectus for the last forty years show that the events of these later days have been only incidentally touched upon in the work.

[blocks in formation]


This index, as respects the present volume, is itemized as the indexes of the previous volumes have been ; but it
is also comprehensive and grouped as respects the entire work. In the more general parts of it the names of persons,
places, events, etc., are grouped under comprehensive heads, instead of being placed in their alphabetical position, in
order to show by such grouping the scope of the work in its main phases. In such cases a volume number only is often
given, so that the index of the volume thus referred to must be consulted for details and pages. For a large number of
minor entries the separate indexes must also be used, since these entries are not repeated in the present index.

In this and previous indexes the titles of works cited have been italicized, so that the sources of the work can be
picked out by this distinction of type. If more than a single reference is given to a book, it is because something distinc.
tive about the book is presented. No attempt has been made to record all references to any book.

The principal comprehensive headings employed, beside those of countries, are AMERICANA, ARCHÆOLOGY, Discovo
TRAITISTS, Religious Bodies, Rivers, SOCIETIES, TREATIES. The greatest subdivision is under UNITED STATES.

ABASCAL, J. F., viii, 323, 342; in Peru, to his wife, viii, 428 ; Familiar Brit. Amer. Provinces, viii, 184;

viii, 350.


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cordia, viii, 328.

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dence, viii, 482. Cf. vii.

viii, 460; on the speeches in Con- Albany, viii, 445.
Abbot, G. D., Mexico and the U.S., gress during the Amer. Revolution, Albemarle, Duke of, viii, 5; captures
vii, 225.
CI. vii.

viii, 468; on the material for a his- Havana, viii, 272.
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S., viii, 482.

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485. See United States.

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Academies. See Societies.

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Ci. ii.

viii, 460; hurt at Gordon's intima- Alfonso, Simão, viii, 384.
Aculco, viii, 218.

tion of his enmity to Washington, Alaman, Lucas, acc. of, viii, 267;
Adam, G. M., viii, 169 : Toronto, viii, viii, 471; as orator, viii, 485. See Repub. Me ricana, viii, 267; Méjico,
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Corresp., viii, 414 ; edits yohn Africa, its position in the history of Alien Act (1804) in Canada, viii, 143.
Adams's Works, viii, 427; 7. Q. discovery and in the spread of pop- Allan, Col. John, plan for attacking
Adams, viri, 427 ; on Sparks's ulations, i; discoveries along its Nova Scotia, viii. 464.

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viii, 434; Gallatin, viii, 446. CI.

Sierra Leone receives negro settlers United States.
jji; vii.

from Nova Scotia, vii, 140; com- Allen, Ira, papers, viii, 440.
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C. ;

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vi: vii.
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CÍ. v.

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The introduction of volume i. con-

tains a detailed account of the
earlier collections of travels and

voyages respecting America.
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American Revolution, viii.

United States
Americana, including Bibliographies

and Libraries.
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