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3. The Governor shall nominate to the Senate, and with its 2 consent, shall appoint a Superintendent of Public Works, who 3 shall hold office for five years, and whose salary shall be deter4 mined by the Legislature. He shall be charged with the 5 execution of all laws relating to the repairs and naviga6 tion of the canals, and of any improvement that may 7 be authorized by law; and he shall make the rules and regu8 lations for the government of the navigation of the canals. 9 He may be suspended from office and removed by the 10 Governor, on the recommendation of the Commissioners of the 11 Canal Fund, for incompetency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in 12 office; but no such removal shall be made unless he shall have 13 been previously served with a copy of the charges preferred 14 against him, and shall have had an opportunity of being heard 15 in his defense. In case of the suspension, removal from office, 16 vacation, or inability to serve, from any cause, of the Superintend 17 ent of Public Works, during the recess of the Senate, the Senior 18 Assistant Superintendent of Public Works shall act in his place 19 and stead; but not for a period beyond the end of the session of 20 the Senate next after such suspension, removal, vacation, or ina21 bility to serve. The Governor, upon the recommendation of 22 the Superintendent of Public Works, may nominate, and with 23 the consent of the Senate, appoint four Assistant Superintend24 ents of Public Works, who shall hold their office five years, at 25 an annual salary to be fixed by law; the said Assistant Superin

26 tendents shall be subject to the authority and control of the 27 Superintendent of Public Works, and may be removed by him. 28 for cause; all other officers and employees necessary for the care 29 and management of the canals, other than financial officers, may 30 be appointed by the Superintendent of Public Works, subject to 31 removal by him, and he may have such other powers and duties, 32 not inconsistent with this article, as may be prescribed by law.

1 84. The Canal Board and the Contracting Board are abro2 gated; the office of Canal Commissioner and Canal Appraiser 3 are hereby abolished, to take effect on the first day of Janu4 ary, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight. Until the appointment 5 of a Superintendent of Public Works, as herein provided, and 6 the organization of a Court of Claims, as provided for by this Con7 stitution, the canals of this State shall remain in charge of the 8 officers now in charge of the same, whose powers and duties in 9 relation thereto shall be continued until such Superintendent 10 shall enter upon the duties of his office.

1 $5. No money shall be appropriated or paid by the State, 2 or out of the canal revenues, for the construction or maintenance 3 of any bridge, except for the use of the State, over any 4 of the completed State canals or feeders connected there5 with, atany point where a bridge was not ocated and main · 6 tained at the expense of the State prior to the first day of Janu-7 ary, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven. Nor for any damages,

8 or injury sustained in the navigation or use of any of the canals 9 of this State, or feeders or structures connected therewith. Nor

10 for any extra allowance or compensation to any person, for 11 or upon any contract after the services shall have been ren12 dered, or contract entered into. The immunity of the State, 13 as above provided, shall not at any time be waived by the 14 Legislature, or any public officer or body. No claim for damages 15 not growing out of the maintenance of the canals or feeders. 16 connected therewith, shall be heard or allowed, except the same. 17 shall be made within two years after the claim shall arise, unless 18 the party claimant shall be under legal disability, and in such 19 case the claim shall be made within two years after the removal 20 of such disability.


§ 6. In all contracts for materials or for work done or to be 2 executed upon the canals of this State, no informal bid shall be 3 rejected until the party or parties making the same shall have + had notice of privilege to amend or correct the same; and no 5 alteration of the plan or any specification shall be made before 6 or after the execution of the contract, except with the consent

7 of the Commissioners of the Canal Fund and of the Superin8 tendent of Public Works, or a majority of the same.

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