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The style also of these selections has been the subject of assiduous attention. Correctness and variety have been sought for. But, as this is a matter of taste, to be referred to the ultimate standard of taste, the common sense of the public, it would be unbecoming to say more, than that the compilers have used their best endeavors to guard against all reasonable objection on this score. The authors from whom they have selected, will generally be found to have already received the seal of public approbation, as classics of the English language.

It has been the aim of the compilers to give every lesson a degree of unity and completeness; so that it might be rather a whole, than a fragment. Mere detached sentences, the understanding of which presupposes an acquaintance with their preceding and subsequent connections, have been studiously rejected; for the obvious reason, that scholars cannot be expected to derive improvement from the reading of exercises they do not understand.

The above remarks will sufficiently show the character intended to be given to the work. How far that character has been attained, is, with feelings of profound deference, referred to the tribunal of public opinion.

Boston, Sept. 1833

B. D. E.


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N. Y. Mirror

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Exeter News Letter

T. Flint

National Recollections the Foundation of National Character E. Everett
Passage of the Potomac through the Blue Ridge


The Emigrant's Abode in Ohio

Mont Blanc in the Gleam of Sunset

Great Effects result from Little Causes

Mount Etna

The Ivy

The Pleasures of Religion

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London Encyclopædia


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Truth and Falsehood. An Allegory

The Escape

Escape from a Panther

The Dead Sea

Reception of Columbus on his Return from Spain
Extract from the Lives of the Apostles

Second Extract from the same

The Danger of a Military Spirit

The Mystery of Life -

The same concluded

Close of Mr. Brougham's Speech on the Reform Bill
Revolutionary Anecdote -


The Poetry of Ossian

The Pleasures of Science

Heroism of a Physician
Stop a Moment

Funeral at Sea

Imlac's Description of a Poet

The Three Kingdoms of Nature -

Reflections on the Moslem Dominion in Spain

Surrender of Grenada by the Moors to Ferdinand and Isabella

Early Recollections
The American in England

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Brougham 179
Gannett 181

Female Influence

An Address to a Young Student

Knox 184

Studies of Nature

Mudie 190


The Love of our Country strengthened by the Observation of Nature Ibid.
Hannah Lamond



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