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and out, whither I would, at my pleasure. But now that I am under restraint and confined to this place, O how much sore'affliction ought I with patience to endure, for turning my liberty into licentiousness, and for wandering (as I have done) from thee, and wearying myself in the ways of wickedness! This I acknowledge to be but a light correction, indeed, to one who deserves to be shut up in the eternal prison, from whence there is no redemption. But, for thy dear Son, my blessed Saviour's sake, I beg, Lord, that this restraint may be, not in judgment, but in mercy to me; that it may bring me to timely consideration, and to a deep repentance for all those sinful liberties which I have taken, in living after my own foolish and hurtful lusts: let it remove me out of the way of temptations, and engage me more closely and dutifully to attend upon thee; that in thy service I may find a better freedom than that which is now suspended : let me obtain by means of it a freer access into thy presence, and power to tread down the enemies of my soul, whensoever they rise up against me.

O that now I am sequestered from the world, I may be also crucified unto it; and may leave it in affection, as I am shut out from its conversation. Let me in heart and mind ascend and dwell above, and have my conversation in heaven, and enjoy such fellowship with thee my God and Saviour, as shall be infinitely preferable to all the society and enjoyments of the world. If the Son of God shall make me free, I shall be free indeed. O pity me, tied as I am, and bound with the chain of my sins. Bring my soul out of the hands of my worst enemies, that I may give thanks

unto thy name. Set my feet in a large room, that I may be at liberty to run the way of thy commandments. Then, however confined as to my body, and however separated from my companions and my country, I should be a prisoner of hope; looking for that blessed hope, to be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. I ask this for the sake of him, who was apprehended and confined, and put to death for us, and now liveth and reigneth with the eternal Father, and Holy Spirit, over all, God blessed for evermore. Amen.


O God of peace, who makest wars to cease to the ends of the earth; who breakest the bow and cuttest the spear asunder, and burnest the chariot in the fire; thou hast in mercy put a stop to the effusion of blood, and made peace in our borders; thou hast rebuked the nations, and caused them to beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; that every man might sit under his own vine and fig. tree, none making him afraid. O how sweet is thy mercy, and reviving, even as life from the dead! And thou, Lord, who hast given us peace, 0 give us also grace to use it to thy glory, and to walk the more freely and cheerfully in thy holy ways. And let us not only have peace with men, but also with thee, our God; even that peace which passeth all understanding, which shall keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. And forgive, we beseech thee,

every breach of the law of love, of which we have been guilty, whether in public service, or in our private capacity.

O that we may be sensible of the kindness and love of God our Saviour, and ever give thee thanks with all our souls! Dear Father of mercies! rather take all our good things from us, than leave us in a state of base ingratitude and stupid indifference. O let our hearts be enlarged in thy love, and be lifted up in the celebration of thy praises! and may all thy works, and all thy servants bless thee, and praise thee for ever! And may we have grace to express the thankfulness of our hearts in the whole conduct of our lives; devoting ourselves to thee in faithfulness, as long as we have any being. Confirm thy blessing to our country, our governors, our army and our navy, and all our companions and our enemies; for Christ's sake. Amen and Amen.

PRAYER FOR ABSENT FRIENDS. O thou, whose eyes are everywhere, who art God over all, blessed for ever, I adore thee as my protector and guide in all my wanderings; and I beseech thee to guard and save those beloved friends and relations, from whom I am now separated. More especially look in mercy on (my dear wife and children, and] all the members of my absent household. Watch over them for good. Preserve them from danger both of body and soul. Keep them in thy faith and fear. Draw them, and me, each day more near to thee, that so we may be more near to each other, in the bonds

of the gospel of peace. Manifest thyself to their souls. Give them an abundant measure of thy Holy Spirit. Teach them to live less for the world, and more with a single eye to thy glory. If it be thy holy will, so order our pilgrimage, that we may once more meet. one another in peace, after continued experience of thy goodness. And that it might please thee to make our very trials, and this our distance from each other, the means or occasion of great spiritual good. Let no one of our number remain unreconciled to thee. [Give thy guardian care and fatherly blessing, to the house which thou hast made my home. At this very moment, may it please thee, to shed thy rich favours on its inmates, whether old or young.] Cover us all with the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ, in which is our only hope of justification. And however separated here below, keep us rejoicing in the prospect of the glory which is to be revealed; when all thy scattered children shall meet in the city of their God, to sin, to weep, to part no more: for Christ's sake. Amen.


ALMIGHTY LORD, the most high God, by whom kings reign, and princes decree justice! Thou puttest down one, and settest up another; and there are no powers but of thee; the powers that be are ordained of God. Thy word directs us to pray for our country, for all that are in authority. And both in duty and inclination I become a petitioner to thy heavenly Majesty for thy servant, the President of the

United States, and for all our governors and superiors. Give them thy judgments, O God, that they may judge thy people righteously, and break in pieces their oppressors. Give them the spirit of government, and wisdom to discern between good and evil; make them rulers after thine own heart, in all things' excellent and praiseworthy. O make them obedient to thee; and rule their hearts in thy fear and love, that they may rule thy people to thy honour and glory. In our days let the righteous flourish, and enjoy abundance of peace, with the liberty of thy gospel, and the free profession of thy true and holy religion. Bless our arms with good success and victory; and our government with all happiness and prosperity. O keep us as the apple of thine eye; hide us under the shadow of thy wings; that no mischief may befall us.

Give, Lord, unto all our rulers a mind and spirit suitable to their situations. Make them a terror only to evil-doers, and a praise to them that do well. 0 that they may use for thee all the power which they have received from thee, not bearing the sword in vain ; but curbing and suppressing all vice and ungodliness; and defending and encouraging whatever is holy, just and good. O give them wisdom to understand, and hearts to consider, and abilities to redress the grievances of thy people; that under their protection we may lead quiet and peaceable lives, in all godliness and honesty.

And grant, O Lord, that I, and all my fellow-citizens may submit to every ordinance of man, for thy sake; and in conscience towards God, yield obedience to the powers which thou hast ordained. Let the fear of

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