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infinite wrong and damage to our own souls; by our sins we have spoiled and destroyed ourselves; but it is not in us, O Lord, to recover and save ourselves; in thee, O heavenly Father, in thee alone is all our help. Yea, thou hast laid help upon One that is mighty, and that is able to save to the uttermost all that come to thee through him. Through him thou hast encouraged us to come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. In him, therefore, we beg, o Lord, that thou wilt be reconciled to us, and make thyself known to us as a Father of mercies, and a God of all consolation.

For his sake enable us also, we beseech thee, to live as becomes the children of God, and the members and followers of Christ. O put such principles of grace and holiness into our hearts, as may make us to hate all iniquity, and to abhor every false way. Put thy Spirit within us, causing us to walk in thy statutes, and to keep thy judgments, and to do them. Not only lay thy commands upon us, but be pleased, O Lord, to enable us to perforin them. And so quicken us by thy grace, that we may make it our meat and drink to do thy will, and may run the way of thy commandments with enlarged hearts. O make our services acceptable to thee while we live, and our souls ready for thee when we die. And as long as we are in this world, keep us, O Lord our God, from the evil of it, and from the snares and dangers to which thou k'no west we are continually exposed. O make our passage safe through all the changes, troubles, and temptations of this mortal life, and bring

us finally to the unchangeable glories and felicities of the eternal world.

Be merciful to us, good Lord, and bless us, and keep us this day in all our ways. 0 let us be in the fear of the Lord all the day long; let thy fear be ever before our eyes, to restrain is from the things which are displeasing to thee, and destructive to our own souls. And let thy love abound in our hearts, and sweetly and powerfully constrain us to perform whatever is 'acceptable in thy sight, through him that hath loved and redeemed us, even the Lord our righteousness, in whose blessed name and words we continue praying-Our Father, &c.

The blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, be with us, and with all that belong to us, this day and for evermore. Amen.


For more than one person.

O LORD our God! thou art infinitely great, and infinitely good. Thy glory is above all our thoughts, and thy mercies are more than can be numbered. O what cause have we to admire, and bless, and praise thee, for making us the objects of thy love, and the living monuments of thy goodness! When we survey thy glorious perfections, especially as they shine forth in the person of Jesus Christ, we are encouraged to come unto thee, we are emboldened to call thee Father. And though we have great and many sins to confess, we look up with confidence, trusting that

thou wilt pardon them, and give us power from on high to mortify and subdue them.

Thou didst create us, O Lord, after thine own blessed image, in a holy and happy estate; but we have made ourselves vile and miserable; we are no longer upright, but have sought out many inventions; we are become averse to good, and prone to evil. But thou hast declared thy willingness to be reconciled even to thine enemies; yea, thou hast sent thine only Son into the world for this very end; thou hast sent him, that all might believe in him, and that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. O Lord, we believe; help our unbelief, and give us true repentance towards God, and right faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, that we may

be of the number of those who repent and believe to the saving of their souls.

And save us, o good Lord, from the love and course of this present evil world, and from every selfdestroying way which we are tempted to follow. Make us a way to escape out of all the snares of temptation which pertain to our present calling, and so show us the bitterness of sin and the excellence of thy ways, that we may never regard either the allurements or discouragements of this sinful world. Establish, strengthen, settle us, O Lord, that going forth in thy strength, we may do thy will to all wellpleasing, and continue in thy fear to our lives' end.

While we supplicate thy mercy for ourselves, we would humbly implore thy blessing, O Lord, on all those whom we ought to remember in our prayer. O bring nigh unto thee all those that are yet afar off,

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and make manifest the savour of thy knowledge in every place. Let such as yet sit in darkness and the shadow of death, behold the light of thy truth, and the joy of thy salvation. . O that all who name the name of Christ may depart from iniquity, and so live up to their profession, as to give no just occasion for thine enemies to blaspheme.

Be gracious and favourable, O Lord, to thy Church and especially to that part of it which thou hast planted in our land. Arise, O God, and plead thine own cause, and maintain thy holy religion, which thou hast so long established amongst us. O let not the enemies of thy Church ever have cause to say that they have prevailed against thy people; but let those that espouse thy cause, and stand up for the defence of thy truth, go on and prosper, and ever have cause to say, Lord be magnified, who hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servants."

Bless our government, our army, and our navy. Give to all magistrates wisdom and courage to defend thy truth, and to do right to all. Make all ministers to be ensamples to the flock in all righteousness and holiness of living, and establish all of us to be a holy people to thyself, granting us one heart, and one way, that we may fear thee for ever, for the good of us and of our children after us.

Comfort all'who want the comforts which we enjoy, and relieve the necessities of all thine afflicted people throughout the world. Remember all our friends and benefactors, our kindred after the flesh, and all who are near and dear unto us; remember them with the favour which thou bearest to thy people. Make

them, O Lord, such as thou wouldest have them to be, and such as thou wilt mercifully accept to thy favour here, and to thy kingdom hereafter. Look also upon our enemies; forgive them, and turn their hearts; and enable us to forgive them as we hope for forgiveness at thy hands. Enable us to overcome their evil with good; and so to please thee in all our ways, that thou mayest make our enemies to be at peace with us.

Hear us, O God of the spirits of all flesh. Hear us both for ourselves and others; above all, o hear the Son of thy love, pleading for us at thy right hand; hear his all-prevailing intercessions for us, and for all the members of his mystical body. To him we commit our cause, and to thee through him; trusting in thy tender mercy, and ascribing to him, to thyself, and to thy blessed Spirit, all possible honour, might, majesty, and dominion, both now and ever. Amen.


For more than one person.

0 LORD God, that hearest prayer, and art nigh to all that call upon thee in truth, we are moved by our own necessities, and encouraged by thy daily mercies, to renew our supplications at the throne of thy grace. And we beg of thee, who fashionest all the hearts of the sons of men, to prepare our hearts, that we may now come into thy holy presence, and call upon thy blessed name in an acceptable manner. O pour upon us the Spirit of grace and of supplications; let thy good Spirit help our infirmities; and teach us to ask such

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