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unseen; and for the comforts of all thy good creatures. But above all, we bless thee for thy mercies and blessings relating to the world to come; for Jesus Christ, and all spiritual blessings in heavenly things in him; for remembering us in our low estate, and sending eternal redemption to us by the hands of thy dear Son; for the light and direction of thy word; for the teachings and strivings, the aids and consolations of thy Spirit; for all the means and helps which we have to do us good; for all thy grace wrought in us, and bestowed upon us; and for all the discoveries and hopes of eternal glory, which thou hast given to us. O how infinitely indebted are we to the kindness and love of God our Saviour! O that we may ever be sensible and thankful as we ought! And with all that thou hast given us, blessed Lord, give us hearts filled with thy love, and lifted up in thy praise, and devoted to thy service.

We can only acknowledge the debt, which we can never pay. We cannot praise thee according to the riches of thy grace, and the multitude of thy mercies, but we desire to bless and praise with all the capacities and abilities where with thou hast blessed us. And help us, O Lord our God, to glorify thy name, not only in speaking to thy praise, but in so entirely devoting ourselves to thy service, that we may be thine in faithfulness and in the sincerity of our hearts, even all the days of our lives.

O make us truly penitent and humbled for all which this day we have done amiss; and make us unfeignedly thankful for all the good that we have received, and for all which thou hast, in any manner or measure,

enabled us to do aright. The evil is from ourselves alone, and to us belong shame and confusion of face for it; but all the good is of thy free grace, and of thy mere mercy; and to thy blessed name, O Lord our God, be all the praise and glory rendered, with the most feeling and grateful hearts, now and for evermore, Amen.



ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, we kneel down to thank thee for thy merciful care and protection during the past night; and we beseech thee now to let thy blessing rest' upon us. Help us to begin the day with the solemn dedication of ourselves to thy service; and then to go to the duties of our several stations, with an earnest desire to do every thing in thy fear, and with a view to thy glory.

We beseech thee, O Lord, to establish ús in the great doctrines of thy gospel; may we be grounded in the faith of Christ crucified for us: may that history which we read in thy holy word, of our Saviour's coming down from heaven, to live as our example, and, to die as the atonement for our sins, affect us deeply, and have its full influence upon us: may it excite our warmest gratitude to him who died for us: may it inspire us with hatred against sin: may it elevate us above the fear of wicked men; and may we learn to take part with our suffering and despised Lord. May that zeal to save us, which he showed, awaken, in each of us a concern for our own salva

tion; and may it be the chief desire of our hearts to be made partakers of all the benefits both of his death and of his glorious resurrection.

But since we are by nature so prone to evil, and so little disposed to spiritual things, we pray thee, O God, to purify our minds from all sinful and vain desires, by the powerful efficacy of thy grace. O Lord, grant unto us thy Holy Spirit. May he dwell within us, as a spirit of purity and holiness, a spirit of truth and of wisdom, of peace, and love, and of holy joy, and consolation. May we pass this day in the thankful remembrance of thy mercies, and in the diligent performance of thy commandments. May no evil thoughts, no angry tempers, no distressing doubts or fears disturb us. May we serve thee our God; and live peaceably with all men. May we be kind,

, and humble; patient and thankful; and sober-minded, and temperate in all things. May we fulfil the duties of the day; and may we lie down at night, praising thee again for all thy goodness, and committing ourselves with holy confidence to thy mercy.

We ask these blessings in the name of Jesus Christ, our only Mediator. Amen.


CIRCLE. O Lord, our heavenly Father, Almighty and most merciful God, we are met together to offer our united prayers and supplications unto thee. Thou understandest the secrets of all our hearts. Thou hast known all the circumstances of our past lives; and

art acquainted with the present disposition of all our minds. Thou knowest whether we are of the number of those who live in thoughtlessness and forgetfulness of thee, and persist in their impenitence, not seeing their danger; or whether we are of that happy number who have embraced thy gospel with true contrition of heart; and have obeyed its solemn call to repentance and newness of life.

O Lord, suffer not that any of us should harden our hearts against thee. May we fear lest death should overtake us in our sins; and if we are yet negligent of the things which make for our everlasting peace, may we begin to seek the salvation of our souls with earnestness and anxiety. But if any of us have already received thy truth in the love of it; if any of us have already repented truly of our sins, and begin to lead a new life, and to walk in the way of thy commandments, we pray that we may be enabled to persevere to the end.

O Lord, how great is the privilege of those who can thus look up with holy confidence unto thee! How blessed, are they who have Him for their friend, who made heaven and earth, and hath all things under his government! We pray thee to receive us into thy favour; to adopt us into thy family, and to make all things work together for our good.

Having sought, first, the kingdom of God and his righteousness, may all other things be added unto us. May thy merciful providence direct the events of our lives. May thine arm be stretched out to protect us. May thy Spirit sustain and strengthen us; and if it should please thee to visit us with trials and affic

tions, may thy grace sanctify all our sorrows; and cause them to be instrumental to our eternal benefit.

We now commit ourselves to thee for this night; earnestly beseeching thee to pardon our sins, and to take us under thy gracious protection. May we rise in the morning with every good desire growing up in us; and go to the duties of the following day, remembering that we are candidates for a heavenly prize, and looking beyond these temporal things, to a better and more enduring inheritance.

We offer up these our imperfect prayers in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.




O Lord God of hosts! who hast all the creatures, in heaven and in earth, ever ready to fight thy battles, and to execute thy commands! thou didst not sow any seeds of enmity in our nature; but didst create man in thine own image, endued with all the principles of love and dispositions to peace. It is from our lusts alone that wars and fightings have come amongst us. We first, by transgression, made ourselves enenies to thee; and have therefore been justly left by

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