Norfolk County Manual, and Year Book for 1876

H.O. Hildreth, 1877 - 156 páginas

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Página 111 - the Clerk of the Court of the General Sessions of the Peace, in the said...
Página 111 - District, or so many of them as are or shall be limited in the Commission of the Peace, who shall hear and determine all matters relative to the Conservation of the Peace, and whatsoever is by them cognizable, according to the Laws of England, and the Ordinances of the Governor and Legislative Council of the Province. The...
Página 115 - Except so far as modified by the provisions of this act, all existing laws relating to townships s'hall continue in force until changed, modified or repealed, as to either of townships, by legislation relating expressly thereto.
Página 124 - Countryman," on the importance of military discipline and skill in the use of arms. He was a member of the General Court in 1761 and in 1771-74, engaged with zeal in the Revolutionary contest, was a delegate to the 'Provincial Congresses of 1774-75, and was...
Página 110 - Bill having had two several readings, passed to be enacted. SAMUEL PHILLIPS, President. By the Governor approved. ' JOHN HANCOCK. True copy. Attest, JOHN AVERY, JUN., Secretary.
Página 113 - Commonwealth ; and any two of them shall be a court with original jurisdiction of all civil actions . . (excepting only such actions, wherein the Supreme Judicial Court or where justices of the peace now have original jurisdiction) ; and shall also have jurisdiction of all such offences, crimes and misdemeanors, as before the passage of this act were cognizable by the respective Courts of Common Pleas.
Página 75 - to young women opportunities for education equivalent to those usually provided in colleges for young men.* The charter was obtained in 1870, and the college first opened to students in 1875.
Página 113 - There shall be held and kept in each county, in the several circuits aforesaid, at such times and places as are now by law appointed for holding the Courts of Common Pleas in...
Página 110 - And be it further enacted, that if it shall so happen that...
Página 124 - ... He rendered great service in the pursuit of the British troops from Concord, April 19, 1775, and in organizing the rude and undisciplined army around Boston; and with his brigade was stationed at Roxbury during the siege of Boston. After its evacuation, he accompanied the army to New York...

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