Vocational Guidance: Papers Presented at the Organization Meeting of the Vocational Guidance Association, Grand Rapids, Mich., October 21-24, 1913, Edições 14-19

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914 - 94 páginas

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Página 8 - Current educational topics, No. I. tNo. 12. Dutch schools of New Netherland and colonial New York. William H. Kilpatrick. *No. 13. Influences tending to improve the work of the teacher of mathematics.
Página 25 - Statistics of State universities and other institutions of higher education partially supported by the State 1907-8.
Página 5 - Ethnographical Survey of the Miskito and Sumu Indians of Honduras and Nicaragua," by Eduard Conzemius, and to recommend that it be published as a bulletin of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Very respectfully yours, MW STIRLING, Chief.
Página iii - Pension systems in Great Britain. Raymond W. Sies. 10 cts. •No. 35. A list of books suited to a high-school library. 15 cts. •No. 36. Report on the work of the Bureau of Education for the natives of Alaska, 1911-12.
Página 47 - BULLETIN OF THE BUREAU OF EDUCATION. [NOTE.— With the exceptions indicated, the documents named below will be sent free of charge upon application to the Commissioner of Education, Washington, DC Those marked with an asterisk (•) are no longer available for free distribution, but may be had of the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC, upon payment of the price stated. Remittances should be made In coin, currency, or money order.
Página 61 - No. 53. Monthly record of current educational publications, December, 1913. No. 54. Consular reports on industrial education in Germany. No. 55. Legislation and judicial decisions relating to education, October 1, 1909, to October 1, 1912.
Página iii - Brooks. 10 cts. *No. 44. Organized health work in schools. EB Hoag. 10 cts. No. 45. Monthly record of current educational publications, November, 1913. *No. 46. Educational directory, 1913. 15 cts. *No. 47. Teaching material in Government publications. FK Noyes. 10 cts. *No. 48. School hygiene. W. Carson Ryan, jr. 15 cts. No. 49. The Farragut School, a Tennessee country-life high school. AC Monahan and Adams Phillips.
Página iii - Sipe. 10 cts. •No. 27. Prison schools. AC Hill. 10 cts. •No. 28. Expressions on education by American statesmen and publicists. 5 cts. •No. 29. Accredited secondary schools in the United States. Kendric C. Babcock. 10 cts.
Página 10 - ... leaving no time for intellectual culture, must impair all those high qualities which have made our country great. Your overworked boys will become a feeble and ignoble race of men, the parents of a more feeble...

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