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at which were prefent, the lord-mayor,, 12 aldermen, and near 150 commoners.

The court agreed to a memorial to the lords of the treafury, against the merchants' application for wet docks, &c. which was ordered to be prefented, together with the city's plans for improving the port of London; and alfo to open a negotiation for purchafing the mooring chains.

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4. The following new fhips of war are just contracted for, to be built in the private dock-yards: Renown, of 74 guns; Endymion, of 50 guns; Deucalion and Syrius, of 38 guns each; Termagant and Bittern floops.

4. This day intelligence was received at the India Houle of the death of the nabob of Arcot. He was fucceeded without any difficulty by his eldest fon.

By the fame channel, the directors have received an account of the capture of three very important Dutch fettlements, in the Eaft Indies, namely, Cochin, a fea-port of Travancore, in the Peninfula of Hindoftan; Malacca, a town on the Peninfula, which extends fouth of the kingdom of Siam; and Jafferapatam, a place, the third in point of importance, in the island of Ceylon. This intelligence was announced to the general court of proprietors. What renders it ftill more agreeable is, that we understand the capture was effected by our forces with very inconfiderable lofs. It was expected that Batavia would next fall inte our hands.

We alfo learn that the Barwell,

Welladvice; Princess Amelia, Millet; and Lanfdown, Grant, are arrived at Bombay; and alfo the Francis, Burrows, at Madras.

5. Government are bending their umoft attention to the improvement of our hips of war, with refpect to the mode and plan of building. The French have long furpaffed us in this refpect, though we fortunately have always furpaffed them in the mode of taking fhips.

Admiral Harvey's deftination is off Cape Clear, in Ireland, there to await the Dutch fleet, fhould it, as conjectured, be going north about.

A council was held at the council office, Whitehall, to inveftigate further into the high price of wheat. The duke of Portland, lord Chatham, Mr. Pitt, the right hon. the lord mayor, afifled at this mecting, which lasted two hours and a half.

The duke of York, it is faid, has given orders that no commiffion shall be held by perfons under the age of fixteen; and that, except for fome fignal fervice, no officer shall be promoted to a company, who has not been at least two years a fubaltern.

The model of the fmall hand machine, for purpose of grinding corn for household confumption, laid on Tuesday last upon the table of the house of commons, was brought from India by colonel Ironfide, who has prefented patterns of the fame to the Bath agricultural fociety, to fome gentlemen in the administration, and to several gentlemen of landed property.

A French refugee artificer from the yard of Toulon is to have the immediate conftruction of five new ships of the line and two frigates:-he is introduced under the patronage of the new fhipping board, who have laid his models before earl Spencer, which his lordship has approved of.

7. This day in the houfe of lords the royal affent was given by commiffion to the Vote of Credit Bill, the Newfoundland Judicature Bill, the Marine Mutiny Bill, the Exchequer Bills Bill, and further Exchequer Bills Bill, and to thirty-three others of a public and private nature.

The commiflioners were, the lord chancellor, the archbishop of Canterbury, and the duke of Dorfet.

7. A monument to the memory of the

the late earl of Mansfield is preparing for Weftminster Abbey, under the will of a perfon unknown to that learned lord, or any part of his family; the fum bequeathed for this purpose is 2,500l.

A cartel is now going on for the exchange of the British prifoners lately arrived at Rochelle from Guadaloupe. Captain Stovin, of the 17th regiment, who diftinguifhed himself so much when the British camp at Berville was attacked, is just arrived with letters from brigadier general Graham. He left Rochelle the 23 of February, and left at that place the following British officers, all well. Brigadier general Graham. Captains-Smith of the 9th, Dancer of the 40th, Thompson of the 43d, and Garfline of the 65th regiments of foot.

Cornet Garfide, of the 10th dragoons.

Rear-admiral Chriftian hoifted his flag on board the Thunderer, of 74 guns, captain Bowen, on Friday evening, at Spithead, and is expected to fail in a day or two with the remainder of the Weft-India fleet, and the convoy of transports, with troops and ftores on board, for that quarter.

A report was current on Saturday, that the Diana Hamburgh packet, captain Deane, with the mails of the 23d inftant on board, was loit; but no confirmation of this event has been received at the general post-office.

16. We have the fatisfaction of being able to flate, that admiral Duncan faillighted with his fquadron, confifting of fix fhips of the line and a frigate, for the North Sea. The wind having been favourable ever fince, there can be no doubt of his having been joined, off Yarmouth, by admiral Pringle, with the ships under his command; and as the Dutch fleet, we now find, have never ventured far from the coaft of Holland, there is every reason to hope, that he will be able to bring them to action; in which cafe, from the fuperiority of his force, the most complete fuccefs may be expected.

Lieutenants-Carft of the 15th, Keating of the 330, Strickland of the 35th, Barkley of the 38th, Dale of the 39th, Holewell of the 40th, Cameron and Tidy of the 43d, Phillips and Miller of 44th, Dixon and Hamilton of the 55th, Barkley and Johnftone, of the 56th, Bullock, Bates, and Symes, of the 65th regiments of foot.

Enfigns-Holmes of the 35th, Delifle and Defhon of the 43d, and Paris of the 65th regiments of foot.

Lieutenant-colonel Magan of the 39th, captain Cameron of the 43d, and lieutenant Durnford of the engineers, are arrived with captain Stovin, toge ther with 248 prifoners.

Dover, March 8. A cartel from Dunkirk is just arrived, and has landed about fifty prifoners, amongst whom are feven captains of veifels; one belonging to the Roxburgh packet, who is overjoyed to find his veffel here before him.

9. The inhabitants of Yarmouth are preparing their harbour for the reception of all kind of naval flores from the Baltic, for the use of Great Britain and foreign countries. For this ufeful purpofe, the harbour is to be deepened, and the bar removed by fome powerfu! operation of fleam engines. I his will make it the beft fea-port in England.

the fleet under his command, had failed at eight o'clock that morning,, for the purpofe of joining the fquadron of rear admiral Pringle, with which he is to cruife in the North Seas.

11. Intelligence was received at the Admiralty, from Deal, by means of the telegraph, that admiral Duncan, with

By a letter from Yarmouth, dated Sunday, we learn that admiral Pringle got under weigh, and flood out to meet admiral Duncan, who, by a letter from, Harwich yesterday, paffed that port, ftanding to the northward, to form a junction with the former.

17. We understand that the court of Madrid has yielded to the remonfrances made by the noble lord, and has removed the fufpicions entertained of its political conduct. The Spanish miniftry have fent orders to difmantle 20 fail of the line, lying in that port; and a French privateer which was at Alicant, and had taken fome of our veffels, has been ordered from thence to Toulon.'

Out of forty-three fhips, taken up by the directors for the enfuing feafon, eleven have cleared out at the customhouse, the commanders of which have already taken leave of the court, and are on the point of being dispatched.


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Feb. 23. The lady of capt. Home Popham, of Margaret-fireet, Cavendifh-fquare, of a daughter.

26. The right hon. lady Margaret Cameron, of a fon.

The lady of Jofeph Shawe, efq. brother to the member for Prefton, of a daughter.

Pitt, of

The lady of George Lovibond, of Somerset-ftreet, efq. of a fon. 28. The lady of Thomas Wimpole-ftreet, efq. of a fon. March 9. The lady of fir J. B. Bur-freet, Bath, efq. ges, of Dartmouth-fireet, bart. of a fon.

The lady of lord Kilmaine, of a daughter.

16. The lady of John Brady, of Crafton-hall, Kent, efq. of a daughter.

The lady of William Bofanquet, of Upper Harley ftreet, efq. of a daugh



The earl of Powerscourt, to mifs Brownlow.


to mifs Mary Ann Shubrick, of St. Anne's Soho.

28. The earl of Guilford, to miss Coutts, eldest daughter of Thomas Coutts, of the Strand, efq.

The rev. Dr. Knox, on to lord Northland, to mifs Anna Hefketh, grand-daughter to fir Robet Juxon, of Rufford-Hall, Laneafhire, bart."

Alexander Hamilton, of Hampton, in Ireland, efq. M. P. for Carrickfergus, to mifs Catharine Bligh, fecond daughter of the late Robert Bligh, efq.

Thomas Tring, of Vauxhail, efq. to mifs Taylor, of Halfmoon-street, Piccadilly.

March 1. Ralph Montague, jun. of Park-ftreet, Briftol, efq. to mils Bernard, eldest daughter of William Rhodes Bernard, of Great Pultney

Samuel Powell, of Walcot, efq. to mifs Richmond, daughter of Dr. Richmond, M. D.

Mrs. Gibbon, of the Belvidere, Bath,

Thomas Biggs, of Dover, efq. ftore-mother of the celebrated hiftorian. keeper of the ordnance at that port, to mifs Bradley, daughter of admiral Bradley.

Thomas Stratton, of the Grove, Hackney, efq.

Felix Ladbroke, of

The rev. Samuel Pegge, of Whittington, Derbyshire, LL. D.


26. Nathaniel Phillips of Slobothhall, in the county of Pembroke, to mifs Phillips, eldeft daughter of the late rev. Edward Phillips, of Lampeter, in the fame county.

Charles Samuel Milward, of Bromley, Middle fex, efq. to 'mifs Sufannah Maria Bond, daughter of John Bond, of Hendon, efq.


Feb. 23. Thomas Corbett, efq. high bailiff of Westminster.

The rev. St. John Stone, rector of Slimbridge, Gloucefterfhire.

John Wright, of Hatfield Priory, Effex, efq.

Mar. 1. James M'Pherfon, of Balville, in Badenoch, Invernefs- fhire, M. P. for Camelford.

22. Lieutenant colonel Bennet, of the guards, to mifs King, daughter of admiral fir Richard King, bart.

John White, efq. of the navy, to mils Lofack, only daughter of Richard H. Lofack, of the Ifland of St. Kitt's, efq. and lieutenant general of the Lee-Stonebridge, efq. ward

The rev. Michael Baxter, vicar of Tamworth, Warwickshire.

relict of the

Mrs. Dodgfon, of Bath bishop of Elphin. Thomas Lloyd, of Clente, near

Sir William Chambers, knight of the Polar Star, furveyor general of his maefq.jefty's board of works, treafurer of the royal academy, and F. R. S. and A. 13. Charles Heberden, of Pall-mall,



Lady's Magazine;


Entertaining Companion for the FAIR SEX, appropriated folely to their Ufe and Amusement.

For APRIL, 1796..

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This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

1. A New Pattern for a Gown or Ap on.-2. A View of the City of Prague.3. Maria Theresa Charlotta, late Princess Royal of France; and 4. The Refolution. Mulic by the ap: Mr. Howard.

LONDON, Printed for G. G. and J. Robinfon, No. 25, Paternofter Row, where Favours from Correfpondents will be received.

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The remainder of Derwent Priory is received, and our thanks are due to the ingenious author.

The Anecdotes of the rev. Langfton Freeman appear to us not fuffici ently pointed and ftriking. Our correfpondent may poffibly recollect others, as he appears to have been well acquainted with this fingular character; if he does, we fhould be obliged to him for the communication of them. His other anecdotes fhall be inferted.

T. Lacey will fee that his contributions are not forgotten.

Ifabella's Effay is under confideration,

Received, The Avaricious Couple, a Tale.-Letter to Selima.-Effay on Female Modesty by T. Lacey.-The Times, a Poem.-Spring, a Foem. -Recantation addressed to a young lady.

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