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fine are ordered immediately to fea, un- The lady of William Smith, of der she ommand of admiral lord Hugh Park-ftreet, efq. M. P. of a son. Seymour.

Thę lady of Jonathan MickicIt is reported that the Dutch Hect are thwaite, of Warbrook Houte, Hants;. at sea in considerable strength.

efq of a fon, Horse-Guards, April 23, 1796. Let- 26. The lady of Francis Burdett, of ters, of which the following is an ex- Piccadilly, elq. of a lon. tract, have been received by the right 29. The lady of Claud Russell, of hon. Henry Dundas, one of his ma- Upper W mpole-ftreet, era of a fon. jesty's principal secretaries of late, from May 8. The lady of Air Hugh major.general the earl' of Balcarras, Pallifer Walters, of Greenwich, Kent, lieutenant-governor of the island of bart, of a fon. Jamaica

9. The lady of Henry Gregg, of Castle Wemys, January 30, 1796. Beatord-Square, el q. of a daughter. Sir,

11. The lady of John Eldaile, of I had the honour to inform you, hy | Harley-Itreet, ciq. of a fan. my dispatch of the zoth of December, 1795, ihat I had enicied into a treaty of peace with the Trelawney Maroons. MARRIAGE S. Two of the articles were very impor, tant, namely; the furrender of them felves and arms, and their giving up April 9. Major Thomas, of the 28th all the runaway Daves who had joined regiment of fout, to mils Mary Bulthem in rebellion Notwithitanding mer, ot Lymington, Hante. the treaty I had not the smallelt conti- Willian Barnell, of York, esq. to dence in their fincerity, and every pre

miss Elizabeth Catharine Markham, paration was made to con inue the war daughter of the archbishop of York. with unabated vigour.

14. John Coleman, elą of the royal Three weeks biaving elapsed without Lancalhire regiment of malitia, to miss any apparent intention, on the part of Douglas, of St. Thomas's Hill, near the Maroons, to fulfil the treaty, lor. Canterbury. dered the honourable major general Enlign Nodin, of the 9th regiraent, Walpole to move forward, on the of foot, to mils Elizabeth Lloyd Lyttle13th instant, with a fronz column of regular troops.

Thomas Askew, esq. of the new He had only advanced some yards, Rumney light diagoons, to miss Lucy

clage was delivered from the Elizabeth Cary, of Wintpole itreet. Maroon chief, begging that no fur- 19. The rev. Mr. Ripley, vicar af ther hostile Itep Thould be taken. Kelvedon, to miss Mary Marret, of

As we had experienced much 'dup Fulham. licity and evaliud, it was judged expe- George Nathaniel Belt, of the Midldient to move Nowly on, and the line dle Temple, elg. barrilter at law, o of march was to arranged as to give mifs Elizabeth Wood, tecond daughter the Maroons an opportunity of coming of the late colonel Wood, io wick safety. This had the delireu The rev. Charles Holden, of Baker: effect. The Maroons, to the number itreer, Portman Square, to mifs Rolde of soo, surrendered themseives, and mond Amelia Denne, of Lansdownwere conducted within our posts. 19. square, Bath. cluding those whom I had formerly fe- 20. Earl Temple, io roiss Ann Liza. cured, I have in my possesion near tix beth Brydges. hundred.

Capt. i albot, to the hon. lady

Elizabeth Strangways, eldelt daughter BIRTHS.

of the earl of Ilcheiter.

Edward Wilbraham Bootle, of RodeApril 12. The lady of James Morris, hall, Cheshire, elq. M. P. for Weltof Wimpole-Atreet, Cavendish-Square, bury, to miss Taylor, eldest daughter efq. of a lon

of the rev. Edward Taylor, of Bitrons, 23. The lady of John Gribble, of Kent. Suho-Square csg. of a ton.

Frederick Prescott, of Upper Grof


when a me

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venor-freet, esq. to miss Sarah Grete, George Douglas, of the Calton of the same place.

Hill, Scotland, eiq. - Lord Porchester, to miss Acland,

-Yates, of Pimlico, efq. niece to the earl of Ilchester.

formerly a celebrated comedian. Robert Jamieson, of Erinburgh, esq. The lady of the late James Booth, writer to the fignet, to mils Chriltie. of Lincoln's Inn, esq.

27. Robert Sharbourne, of Raven. The rev. William Seagrove, D. D. head, Lancashire, esq. to miss Caler, of master of Pembroke College, Oxford, Kemptonebury, Bedfordshire.

and prebendary of Gloucetter. Ensign Samuel Townshend, of the 24. David Aldis Rebello, of Hack. firft foot guards, only son of the late ney, esq. general Townthend, to miss Thomas, The rev. St. George Molesworth, daughter of David Thomas, of Wei- vicar of North Fleet, Kent. field, Radnorshire, esq.

29. Erasmus Edwin, late of WickWilliam Evans, of Buckland, esq. to bam, Bucks, esq. miss Brewster, eldest daughter of John Mirs. Rees ot Richmond, Surry, lady Brewiter, of Prurlton Court, Hereford- of capt. James Kecs, of the Northumthire, efq.

berland East Indiaman. 30. Capt. Stnvin, of the oth infan. Thomas Wailon, of Arleigh, Effex, try, to miss Aclaud, of Harlegrove, efq. Sumerfetfire.

30. George Anderson, M. A. ac, May 2. Colonel Schutz, late of the comptant to the right hon. commis. coldtream regiment of guards, to miss Lopers for the affairs of India. Sophia Schutz, of Welbeckstreet. Samuel Beachcroft, of Little St.

Charles Betts, of Hants, esq to Mrs. Helen's, esq. a director of the bank of Charlotte Matikla Betts, widow of co- England. lonel Thomas Lewis Betts.

Muy 1. Robert Pate, of Epsom, 5. Young, efq. son of admiral esq. fir Gerge Young, to mifs Emily Ba William Turnbull, M. D. phyfician ring, daughter of Charles Baring, of to the eastern dispensary. Devonshire, esq.

Jsaac Preston, of Lincoln's Inn, esq. Ir. Sir Edmund Had, bart. to mils barrister at law. Weltern, of Cokethorp, Oxford Mire. 5. The right hon. lady Gertrude

Edward Kenfington, of Lombard - Cromie. Atreer, efq. to mils Brown, of Toot- The right hon. Spencer Compton,

carl of Northampton. 17. The rev. Henry P.imley, of John Pardoe, jun. of Bedford-row, Fir sbury-square, to miss Porter, of esq. M. P. Hoathly, Suiiex.

The lady of Francis Fretling, efq.

of the general poft-office. DEATH S.

7. Sir Thomas Blackhall, knt. one April 12. Miss Wright, of Panton- f of the alderren of Dublin. square.

9. The lady of the late Thomas Al. The Hon. Thomas Francis Wen-len, of Finchley, esq. ham, of Oxford, LL.D.

Miss Wight, daughter of the rev. 13. Mrs. Knapp, the relict of Je- Osborne Wight, of New Bridge-treet, rome Knapp, of Haberdasher's Hall, Black-friars. cfg.

13. Miss Amelia Sophia Perkins, 14. Lazarus Jacobs, of Bristol, esq. only daughter of John Perkins, of

16. Edward Lilly, of Southampton, Park-ftreet, Southwark, efq. efq.

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Lady's Magazine ;


Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, appro

priated folely to their Use and Amusement.

For JUNE, 1796.

This NUMBER contains,

i On the Anniversary Meeting of the Charity Children,

243 2 'The Healing Surprise. A Tale,



3 Anecdote of Dr. Cary!, 245 4 D script on of the City of Frankfort on the Maine,

247 $ Auecioies,

248 Scury of the Exploits and Death of Captain Raggado and his bravos,

249 7 Anecdotes of Gwinn the Painter,

253 8 Letters between Charles Wailer,

chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, and Frances, one of the Protector's favourite daughters,

254 . Grasville Abbey,

259 10 Acconne of the Life and Writings of Pliny the Elder

262 11 Female Fathions in Paris, 264 12 The Dongler. No. II. 205 13 Derwent Priory,

268 14 Ladies Dresses on his Mjesty's Birth-day,


15 Account of the Ball on his Majesty's

Birth-day, 16 Somc Acount of the late Mr.

Robert Rubinson, 17 Enigmaticah Liat of. B.Z. Wor thies,

276 18 Poctical Essays. -Ode on his Ma

jesty's Birth day.--Serret.--Sot. net to the Wood Robin. Thes on hearing the Notes of Mary's Drean.-Epitaph on a favourite little Dog.-Epitaph on Margas et Scott. - Recantation. Impromptu by G. Dyer, B. A. - A Rebus. - Champion Hill, near Camberwell.-Pastoral Baila. The old Spaniel.-- The Sailor's Petition,

277--280 19 Foreign News,

281 20 Home News, 21 Births,

287 22 Marriages,

287 23 Deaths,



This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz. 1. A new Pattern of Sprigs for a Gown, &c.—2. The Ple fing Surprise.—3. A

View of the City of Frankfort on the Maine; and H. Rosalind. A Song. Music by R. Hudiun, M. B.

LONDON, Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, No. 25, Pater.

nofter Row, where Favours from Currespondents will be received.


The Letter on the fingular Character of the Rev. Mr. Harvest, in ouļ next.

The Essay on Patience is too prolix, and might exercise too much the patience of the reader.

The Continuation of the Remarks on Mrs. Inchbald's Nature and Art, in our next.

The Continuation of De Courville Castle is requested.

Received, Lines to a departed Lover-Verses to Miss R. W. by Eugenius - The Deserted Daughter by T. Lacey-Hymn to Venus--Sonnet to Miss L. C. Elegy by M.-An Epistle to W.M.-Enigmas by T.V.Rebus by L. T. &c.

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