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There Fletcher, from her own Gwern- With smile triumphant over Death and heyled, beams,


(lublime. Fair as its ineada and liberal asirsltreams; Lifts the rapt eye, and rears the form The filter A, perlyst, in youth's loft Wrexham, for thee thus rose, by morn,

[adorn; mental pow'r, Wien riling charms the feftal feenes Fair modern Science o'er the arts of yore; And frien:ily Price I, as happy, free, and For thee exulting the entwines the 27,


[breathes, As when, in life and boauty's rosy May, | As Sculpture speaks, and heav'nly Mufic She hone, the Hebe of her green retreat, Since gicat Roubilliac decks thy facred Win hall the youth of Canoria at her


[divine *. fret

[ing ray,

And Genius wakes thy Randal's harp See-Cunline's ll eyes diffuse the gladden. And shed around her pleature's golden day;

THE MISER. Meridian 'ovrliness, majestic grace, Stream o'er her form, and lighten in her A Greedy wretch his patrimony fold, fae; Huence dart

And turn'd his fruitful land to barWhile sense ard virtue's blended in.

ren gold ; The look, the voice, refiitlefs to the heart. And, left the sum by using should decay,

Committed earth to earth, and clay to Noronly, Wrexnam, do thy circ'ling grives


[loves, Boalt the fair virtas, and the ra jant

His wealth thus bury'd in a secret hole, Their His man's ♡ fung, with its en

sind, with his bags, his very heart and charting powers,

foul, Floats through thy vales, thy mansions,

To their dear tomb he daily visits made,

And at that shrine his whole devotion and thy bowers; Her hallow'd templeinere religion Mows,

paid. That erit with ocaureous spajetty arose

A nee, 'y fellow, who obtiro'd his walk, In ancient days, when Gothica taiplay'd And guess’d the ghost did near some

treasure talk, Her fanes, in ai y elegance array d, Whose na selera charms the Dorian Came to the place; and, when he try'd claims efface,

the ground, Corir ehian splendor, and Ionic grace;

The rich deposituin, rejoicing, found :

Heblefs'd his fortune, and his booty bore, Then pied, ith curious kill, now rarely hown,


Tolpend it safely on a foreign shore.

The owner foon return'd to watch his Th’adorning chill-l, o'er the yielding Bus as those giaces which alone delight


(mine. With their tine tormsthecaptivated light,

But found another hand had digg'd the Must not aipire to emerlate the art

Sad sigris inform'd him his delight was That, while it charies the eye, pervades



His ye!ww.hammers from the neit were the hea I, See, Gothic elegance the palm resigns,

Sunk by this loss into profound despair, When art in intelectual greatnefs shines.

He beat and tore his guiltless brealt and Bright as in tlbion's q long-diitin

hair, fuith'd take,


Hisraging forrow in no bounds restrain d, Within theie holy walls, me tives, me

And gave convincing proofs it was not Her fainted maid', amid the bursting


A friend that saw him in this transtomh,

(gloom, Hears the last trumpet thrill its inurky

port rave, Bid him his grief for better purpose fave:

And faid, “ You vainly your loit hoard Mrs. Fiercner of Gwernheylid


(no more, Gwere oyled meau Sunny Alders.

Which, since you kept it hid, was yours + The two mts Apperlys.

| Mrs. Pairy Price, late of that neighbourhood.

son's monument by Ruubilliac, in the The lady of fic Foster Cunliffe, barvnet. chancel at Wrexhamn. Warkın Hayman, elq.

idr. Randal, organist of Wrexham ; I Weinvinitor.

an excellent performer on the pedal harp. ** Suinted Maid. Mrs. Mary Middle- He has been blind frum his infancy,






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Bury a stone where your dear idol lay, Who in the hay-time met the lany And there, as formerly, your visits pay:


(song, Imagination will effects produce, And with her Phare of labour jand her Of cqual value, since of equal use.” To the faint reapers bore the humming A. B T.

ale, Or jok d the thralher leaning on his flail; By vain ambition led at length to town, In queft of fortune, and suppos'd renown,


If there, the victim of some worthless A Poem. By Mr. MERRY. She chance its sickly pleasares to partake,

Mix'd with the pamper'd crowds whose DowN in yon glade, beside that glassy

looks disclaim [fhame; (village school;

The smile of virtue and the blush of There Rands, and long has food, the Hark! the gay murm'rings of the sport.

Will she not oft regret the chearful day, ive train,

[the plain;

When sport and freedom hail'd th' ap. Freed from reftraint, that gambol o'er

proach of May, Lift their frill voices, and their bursts of

And many a rural pair beguild the hour, glee!

With ev'ning dance beneath the moon. Will future years recal their eclasy?

light bow'r?


Or to her fad fate left, condemn'd to Perchance, fome one, hereafter, of the band,


The lawless paths of desultory love, From the brown summit of that jutting

Will not her tortur'd bofom throb the

[fore, Shall eye the well-known spot, the selfsame scene,

Whene'er she thinks on what she was be

(between; And the thin fpire that peeps those groves

And onds, recoiling from th' io Gidious Shall mark the peasant plodding as before,

joy, And the trim house wife at the cottage

A secret canker every rose destroy; door;

While all that memory's forcery can disShall hear the pausing bell's pathetic toll, shall add new pangs to loss of innocence ?

pente, Borne on the gale, announce the parting foul

(hood kind, Of some old friend, who, to his childPrepar'd the kite, and stream'd it to the ODE TO VENUS. Some buly dame, for cakes and cultards Q'Ever blooming, young, and gay [known,

mile! Who gave him credit when his pence were gone;

(toil, We, subjects of thy fav'rite ile, Some truant ploughboy, who, neglecting To thee the grateful tribute pay. Join'd him to feize the tempting or- Sovereign of the human breast !

Tamer of wild paffion's rage ! Or, in defpite of peril, spread the snare,

Thou lull'lt the troubled soul to reft, As through the thicket pass'd the nightly And ev'ry discord canft assuage. hare;

[life, Then Ihall he think on all the woes of | As, after winter's storms, the spring His thankless children, or his faithless

Blithsome comes, to deck the year, wife,

So dost thou to mortals bring
His fortune wasted, or his wishes croft,

Thy lightfome joys, to banith care.
His tender brother, fister, parents, loft, Without thee, this motiled life
Till, every object finking into fade, Would be all a dcfert drear :-
He ligh, and call oblivion to his aid. Ceaseless tumult, ceaseless Arife,
The buxomlass, who late secure from Would await the Imiling year.

(the farm; In vain would spring her beauties spread With gay importance bufled through

O'er the mead, and glad the air : Tended her dairy at the break of dawn,

Without thee, those jnys are dead, Or fed her circling poultry on the lawn;

Light of pleasure! heavenly fair! O'er the walh'd floor the cleanly fand let fall,

(the wall; | Lambeth. And bruth'd th’ unseemly cobweb from



chard's spoil;

J. A.

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Frankfort, July 19.

flexible; but general Jourdan, on the

contrary, received the deputies with AFTER the archduke Charles had great politeness, and testified his regret

quitted the Lower Rhine, to pro- at being forced to have recourse to such ceed to the army of the Upper Rhine, disastrous measures. The capitulation after the abandonment of ibe position did not take place; and the alarm of of Friedberg, general Wartensleben re- the inhabitants became only deeper and ceived orders to occupy the poft, of Ber- 'more juftly founded. The commandgen, and to maintain himself in it till the ant resolved to defend the city to the main body of the army bad entirely last extremity, and prepared fire-engincs passed the Mein ; but, fearing that he in all parts. Thould be turned by the French, who The next day, at eleven at night, the might proceed from Friedberg to Ha- French recommenced the bombardment nau, Wartensleben thought proper not from three batteries, which they had to obey the order, and retired also be- between the gate of Echeiheim and All yond the Mein towards Neuisenbourg, Saints. A shower of balls destroyed the after having thrown 4000 men into buildings that were in the direction of Frankfort, whole defence of it might the batteries, and the fames burft forth protect his retreat.

in several parts. We hould have been On the 12th, at five in the evening, buried under the ruins of the buildings, the troops showed themselves near the if humanity had not induced the French city. The batteries of the ramparts themselves to suspend the bombardment, fired a few shots, to which the befiegers The French general Kleber carried even replied from their howitzers. A short his generosity so far, as to send three time afterwards the city was fummon-fire-engines which he had taken in the ed: the commandant refused. A fe- environs, with 120 men without arms, cond fummons followed the first :-a in order to aslift in extinguishing the fire; fimilar refusal on the part of the com- but they were not fuffered to enter the mándant,

city. The bombardment commenced at At length general Wartensieben sufo two o'clock in the afternoon : several fered himielf to be prevailed upon, and parts of the city were set fire to, and asked leave to surrender; and the next many of the inhabitants were killed in day, the 14th, the capitulation was their beds.

figned at Bornheim, by general Brady The alarm depicted on the counte- and general Kleber. nances of the citizens wandering through A public notice has been given to the the Atreets, and the dispositions of de- citizens here, that the French gereralin fence which the Auftrians continued to chief of the army of the Sainbre and make, formed a striking and terrible Meuse has imposed on this city'a con. scene. At three o'clock the firing ceaf. tribution of fix millions of livres in ed, and one deputation of the magi- ready money, and two millions in kind; frates went to general Wartensleben, to be paid at three payments; the first while another deputation proceeded to payment of one third to be made with. general Jourdan; the former was solicited in three days; the second third to be to capitulate, and the latter to spare the paid by the 27th inft. and the last third city.' General Wartensleben was in- by the lixth of Auguft; under pain of


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increase of the sum, and military exe- on the 16th of July, and occupied all cution.

the important pofts which the eneiny It was fortunate, that,'during the had abandoned. They were well re• bombardment of this city, the wind was ceived at Haltingen, Wiel. Laffach, calm, otherwise the whole city would and other places in the Margra viate of "have been defroyed.

Baden. The general pushed his ad. This morning at two o'clock, we vaneed guard farther. heard an extremely heavy cannonade, On the 7th of July he arrived at which continued till seven, and was di- Rheinfelden, where were considerable rected against the fortress of Kaning- magazines. The fame day he occupied ftein, into which 600 Austrians have Seckingen and Lauffenbourg. On the thrown themselves.

18th he pursued the enemy; and drove. Mentz is now formally blockaded on their rear guard from Waldshut. The all sides, and we no longer receive any Austrians retreated, without ftriking a intelligence from that city. It is said blow, towards Constance. the Austrians have withdrawn the great- Vienna, July 21. This day, the peo. er part of their troops from the garri- ple of this capital having assembled in fon, and supplied their place with troops different parts of the city, repaired to of the enpire.

the hotel of the baron de Thuguit, cryo Marseilles, July 20. Yeflerday was, ing, “ Peace! peace !” It became pes to our unhappy city, a day of horror ceilary to call in the aid of the military. and defolation. Every honest citizen to disperse the crowd. expected that his last hour was arrived. Beingjaug, Head-quarters of General m a few words, the following affairs Jourdan, 5 Thermidor (July, 22.) occurred:

The army has, this day, taken its po, The hangmen, asalias, &c. all pro- fition on the Werem, to the right of fiting of the amnelly, armed, like the Caristadt, and to the left of Schwenfort, robbers they are, in bands, went into all both situated on the Mein. We yesterthe sections, where they cut down all day took poffeffioe of this latt place, who did not fly. They alTiflinated after having driven away the enemy. eight or nine citizens, and mortally General Bernadotte occopies, in dewounded about thirty.

tached parties, all the country situated In the number of the murdered is the on the right bank of the Mein, as far as urhappy fon of Bourguignon, whose Mitelbourg, and secures our communia father and brother were guillotined. cation wiih Frankfort. This body Savon is reported to have a fallinated will join the army the moment of our him, by stabbing him in the back, as he marching against Wurtzbourg. went out of his section, No. I..

Frankfort, Offenback, and AschafIn the afternoon there infamous fenbourgh, we found abundantly fupwretches, marching always in bands, plied with magazines. Respecting the and vociferating again't every thing amunition and artillery found in Frank good; palled a door where fat an old tort,'- there were about one hundred and man, aged 74 years, whom they also af- fixty mortar-pieces, chiefly brass, and faslinated. As I hear, his name was about fifteen hundred thousand musquetFabrice, a painter by profession. In cartridges of our own bore. At Zemthe suburbs, the fame horfors have been mender, twelve boats were intercepted, committed. Ac Mazargues along, two laden with bombs. Between fifteen citizens were killed and eight or ten hundred and two thousand deserters have wounded,

come over to us fince we passed the Balle, July 21. After the defeat of Lahn. No action has taken place subI the Austrian arniy under the command lequently to the capture of Frankfort, of generals Trobach and Klengliog, and The light troops of the enemy baye alof the corps of emigrants, general ways, after the exchange of a few.pifWolffe, who had fixed his head-quar. tot Muis, retreated at our approach. ters at Larrach, though fit to retreat in Paris, July 22. From Switzerland the greatef hale, in order to avoid be- we learn, by advices dated the gth of ing petween two fires. Our troops, July, that the princes of the empire have commanded by general Deborde, part. demanded a peace of Barthelemi, ax ed the Rhine at Kuning yen ånd Kembs, those of Italy did of Buonaparte. A


deputation from the city of Stutgard is enormous quantity of mortars of a large arrived there, headed by the duke of calibre are employed night and day to Wirtemburg's mimster.

bombard this rock, one of the lirongot Head-quarters at Frankfort, 4th Ther places in Europe. midor (July 22.)

As there have been placed some batThe fort of Koenigstein, which kept teries on the left bank of the Rhine to the Prussian troops before it for four attack Ehrenbreitstein, and as the bemonths when we occupied it in 1793, lieged direct their fire particularly on has capitulated. The garrison, confitt - this point, the inhabitants of Coblentz ing of 600 men, prisoners of war, are dread a renewal of those horrid scenes released upon their parole, not to serve which took place lalt year. In confefor a year against us or our allies. We quence of this, ar arrangement has taken found in the fort twenty pieces of can- piace between the French and Auflrian non, three mortars, artillery, stores and generals, by which it is-agreed to ceale provisions for fix months. This fort, all firing on this town. situated at the entrance of a defile of the Paris, July 27. The directory are mountains of Weteravia, renc'ered our taking such neu?ures in the cou quered communications very difficult, and ob- provinces of Germany, as by no means liged us to make long detours by al- indicate that intention of giviug then most impassable roads; its possession is up upon the conclusion of the peace; avery important to us.

mong these is the farming of the faltArmy of the Sambre, Schwenfort, 8 works, in the coursies of Bliefcastle and Thermidor (July 2'5.)

Momplegard, and those of the emigrat, This morning the troops in the ser ed baron Baude. vice of the republic took posession of The French national institution of the city and citadel of Wurtzbourg. arts and sciences having fent a deputaThe garrison consisted of the militia o: :ion to prince Henry of Prullia, io rethécountry. We found here considerable quest a manuscript of Grellet's, fuppofed magazines, about two hundred pieces of to have been in his possession, --the canton, and a great quantity of ammu- prince's anfwer allured them that if it bition.

had been in his collection, he would Hanau, July 26. Every thing is pre- have parted with it, with the greatest pared at Wilhelmstadt for the recep- pleasure, to a fociety of fo laudible a tion of bis Pruslian majesty, where a description, requesting their acceptance congress will be held of the princes ot of one written by Dideros in its room. the circles of the Rhine, Franconia, and 31, It is not only at Marseilles that other states ; and negotiations for peace jacobinisin has lignalised its fury; the set on foot under the mentiation of his town of Aix has allo been a prey to it, Pruffian majetty. All foreigners and | Thorommissary of the directory fell the fugitives are therefore ordered to leave firil victim. the town within three days. His Pruf- Hug: : Oor armies continue to fian majesty is expected this day from march into the heart of Germany, anh Pyrmont in Cafici.

terror is in their van. They are fait Bruffels, July 26. The siege of the approaching to l'ienna. Orders have fort of Ehrenbreitllein has commenced been given to fortify t!, at capisal. We with the greatest vigour. The bom-thall soon be there, to aik the emperor bardment of Thal, in tront of this place, whether he will consent to ask for has been carried on with such violence, peace. that the greatest part of the magazines

General Buonaparte has sent to the and houses within have been reduced to directory 100 fine black hories. They athes.

arrived yesterday morning in Paris. Nevertheless the enemy has returned A decree of the directory, dated 12 this fring with such activity, that the Thermidor, ordains that the departhesieged lufier very confiderably. Seven merits of the went, heretofise over-run batteries are directed against Ehren- by the Ciruans, shall be no longer conbreitfein; these batteries are composed fidered a: in a flate of liege, but thall of fixty pieces of cannon, which fire participate in all the advantages of the without interruption ; besides this, an new cusfition.



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