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Whiteball, July 22.

home in the earlieft fhip that fails; which

we hear is to be complied with. One THE king has been pleased to grant of them.converses in tolerable Englifti.

to general the marquia Townhend, 'I hey all feem a very mild and inoffensive the office of governor and captain of the people. jsle of Jersey and cattle of Gouray, ali. When the royal family got into their as Montorgueil and Elizabeth. carriages at the garden gate, to depart

The king has also been pleased to to Kow, the Indian Sepoys were are constitute and appoint generai fir Wil. rarged in front of the carriages, for liam Fawcett, K B. to be governor of their inspection. The queen appeared the royal hospital at Chelsea, in the highly pleased with their appearance, room of general the marquis Towns and returned their obeisance, with marks hend.

of affable satisfaction. The princesses, Downing Street, July 23. The king as well as their majefties, bowed to them has been plealed to appoint Francis as they pasted by; whichi James Jackson, esq. to be his majesty's elated these firangers, who dreading the ambassador to the Ottoman Porte.

want of protection, feel forcibly the The marquis Cornwallis, mafter-ge- value of its influence. neral of the ordnance, continues still on It is this day ordered by his majesty, a survey of fortifications in different with the advice of his privy council, parts of the kingdom; an account of that an embargo be forth with laid upan which is to be laid before the king, pre-all ships and vessels now within the ports vious to his majesty's going to Wey of this kingdom, or which shall hereafter mouth.

come into any of the said ports, laden War-office, July 23. His majesty has with any goods or merchandise taken been pleäicd to appoivt colonel-com- on board in this kingdom, which are or mandant his royal highness the prince may be bound to any of the ports in the of Wales to be colonel of the 10th re- territories of the grand duke of Turgiment of light dragoons, vice sir Wild cany, or in the dominions of the eccleliam Pitt, appointed to the command of fattical ftate ; and that the said embar, the ift dragoon guards.

go do continue 'upon all fuch ships and The Eali India company are going to vessels until ihe further order of this enlarge their premises, from the present board. And the right honourable the building in Leadenhall-Street (the India- lords commillioners of his majefty's house) to Lime. Ireet. It will be a treasury, the lords commissioners of the building of magnificent dimensions, in admiralty, and the lord warden of the front about 400 feet,

cinque ports, are to give the necessary 27. As the company were passing to directions herein, as to them may refpecand from the levec, their attention was tively appertain. caught by the appearance in the king's 29. His majetty in council was this day presence chamber, of the five Sepoys pleased to order, that the parliament, in their new clothing, and the two which stands prorogued to Tuesday the Lafcars in their ordinary habits, as they 16th day of August next, should be furwere shown before the royal family at ther prorogued to Thursday the fifteenth Mr. Dundas's, at Wimbledon, a few day of September following; and that days since. They came for the purpole the convocations of Canterbury and ot presenting a memorial and petition York, which stand prorogued to Wed, 10 Mr. Dundas, praying to be conveyed ncsday the seventeenth of August next;



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should be further prorogued to Friday, fashion are at present arrived in thiş the fixteenth day of September following

Lord - and lady Calthorpe, lord Weymouth, Aug. 1. Their majesties Grandifon, and lady Gertrude Villiers, and all the princesses left Windsor, at a gen. fić William, and lady Pire'; ladies quarter before five this morning, at- Dundas, Lascelles, and Gwynne ; lord tended by ladies Caroline Waldegrave, Cathcart; earl of Uxbridge and family; Charlotte Bruce, and. Charlotte Bella lord and lady Paget; 'earl of Inchiquin fyse; major general Manners, colonel | and lady, and the hon. Mr. and Mrs. Greville, and Mr. Price ; on their way Orflow. down they breakfafted at the White His royal highness prince Ernest did Lion, at Hertford Bridge; from whence not come down with their majeftics, they proceed to Salisbury, where they but is expected soon. went to the council chamber, and were 3. Last week, as a boy was reaching met by the recorder of the city, lord from one veffel to another in Hull hare Radnor, and some of the magistrates; bour, he fell into the water, and would the royal family then visited the palace, inevitably have been drowned, had not and parrook of an elegant cold collation a Newfoundland dog jumped in, and provided by the bishop; after which taking hold of his arm, dragged him to they continued their route to this place, some timber that was floating near the where they arrived at half past fite in place, by which means the boy was , the evening.

saved.' On the royal family passing through 6 The last arch of the grand aqueDorchefter, the troops at the camp duct bridge over the river Luyne, near were drawn up on Monktun-hill; they Preston, was closed. This bridge is almade a very nine appearance; their lowed to be one of the most magnificent line reacbed as far as kidgeway, in the pieces of masonry in the kingdom. It parish of Upway; they confift of the consists of five femi-circular arches, of firft and third regiments of dragoons, 70 feet span each, the foundations of the or Scotch greys: in the centre were piers and abutments are 20 free below the royal Lancashire and Staffordshire the surface of the river at low water, militia, with the sith, 15th, and 16th the water in general being so feet deep, light dragoons,

and subject to exceffive land floods : unThe royal Anglesea and Weymouth der all disadvantages, the whole founvolunteers received their majefties on dations were complered, and the piers their alighting from their carriages, a• above water, in about twelve months ; midst a vatt concourse of people, who and it is only three years since the first teftified their joy, by their repeated ac- Itone was laid. clamations of Long live the king and Falmouth. Aug. 7. Sir John Borlafe queen! long live the royal family!” As Warren's iquadron came in here' this foon as their majetties entered Glou. norning; they have been cruising on celter lodge, a grand falute was tired the French coast for several days; and from the St. Fiorenzo, La Nymph, and though they have taken nothing, yet Aftræa frigates; after dinner, the royal they have destroyed eight of the enefamily and their attendants walked on the my's vefsels, having burnt two, and Esplanade till dark, when a general il- | drove fix on the rocke. They even atlumination took place through the town. rempred to go into Brest water, and

On Tuesday morning his majetty and went so far as to cut and destroy the attendants walked on the Esplanade a buoys. cor fiderable time before breakfatt, after 10. This morning the eleven men which, the royal family took an ex- with one arm, and eleven men with but curfion to the camp, and returned to one leg, were again brought by three the lodge at two o'clock to dinner, to Greenwich Atages, engaged for that which, the 'duke and duchess of Leeds, purpose, to the new cricket ground, the marquis of Caermarthen, lord and lady back of the Montpe jer tea.gardens, Beigrave, and earl Paulett, were invita Walworth, when the match was played.

ed out, and the men with one leg beat The following nobility and persons of the one arms by 103 runnings. After



the match was finished, the eleven one- ribs in St. Vincent who hold out, have lugged men ran a sweep-stakes of one occafioned much fatigue to our troops; hundred yards distance for 20 guineas, but they have been surrounded in fucha and the three first had prizes.

manner, as to render their speedy sub11. A court of aldermen was held at jugation or death certain. Guildhall-present the lord mayor,

Admiral Chriftian, with his fquadron, twelve aidermen, and about loventy and that under the command of admiral

Harvey, continue at Martinique. The A report from the committee for im. crews of the several vessels were tolera proving the navigation of the river' bly healthy. At St. Lucia, from whence Thames, was read, Itating that the pro- we have feen letters of the 6th of July, prietors of the grand junction canal re- the remains of the brigands continued fused to liquidate the city's clains on to keep the island in a Date of alarm them, unleis the tolls to Brentford were and confulion : they occasionally fally allowed to be deducted.--the considera- from the woods, to plunder and deftroy tion was postponed.

the neighbouring plantations. The nuMr. alderman Clark, as chairman of merous faftnesses which the country the port committee, laid before the furnishes to these marauders, and the court a report with plans for extending extreme rigour of the climate, present the accommodation to commerce in the great impediments to our troops in their port of London, by forming quays at endeavours to repress them. St. Katherine's, and the Bridge-yard, 17. A heavy cannonading was heard and embarking-the frontage of the legal | laft night; the Afræa frigate failed in quays: which being read-the draught quest of a French privateer, which was of a weinorial to the lords of the treasury seen to take a brig

and a floop off St. thereon were also read. Debates en- Alhan's Head.

The telegraph was fued for some time, on an amandment hoisted on the hill beyond Lulworth, as proposed by alderman Picket, that the a fignal; but being unperceived by the fuggestion made by the commissioners frigates, a man and horse were dispatch. of the customs to their lordships, reia- ed with the intelligence; it was report. tive to Tower wharf, should be juclud- ed this morning, that the privateer, with ed; which being negatived, the memo. her prizes, is captured. rial was agreed to, and ordered to be 20. Very presling orders have been presented by the committee.

fent to all the dock yards of the king12. By an official letter from his ma- dom, for government work to be projesty's ship the Inconftant, Leghorn Road, ceeded on with all possible dispatch, and June 27, it appears that capt. Freeman. for every ship of war to be completed tle, the commander, saved every Eng. as fast as possible. lish ship in the Mole, twenty-three in We have received a letter from St.

number, together with great part of the Kittis, dated the 8th of July, which 1.valuable effects in the warehouses, and fates a French frigate of 44 guns, and about two hundred and forty oxen for corvette of 18 guns, to have been cruisthe use of his majesty's fleet, in the ing for some days to the leeward of that course of two days and nights, from the island. The Ariadne, British frigate, hands of the French when they entered, and Le Petro, armed vefiel, had seen Leghorn.

the enemy, but, unable to cope with so Being the anniversary of the birth-day ) fuperior a force, were fatisfied with a of his royal highness the prince of cursory obfervation, and reached St. Wales, when he entered his 35th year, Kitt's on the fih. The same day the was kept as an holiday. In the even- Beaver likewife arrived there, with a ing there were illuminations displayed number of transports; having goo folat the houses of his royal highness's diers, and Lico prisoners on board, from tradesmen, and at the places of public St. Vincent, under convoy. The amusement.

packet, unable to proceed to Tortola 13. The mail from the Leeward for want of fufficient efcort, was obliged Illands brought the agreeable intelli- to leave the mail for that ifland at Sra gence of our troops, &c. in that quarter Kitt's. The Ariadne failed for Antibçing in general healthy. The few Ca- gua, from whence, in the event of her , '



meeting with his majefty's thip Veteran, esq. to miss Alice Baker, daughter-inthey would proceed in queft of the ene- law to the rev. Mr. Cross, of that place. my.

William Wingfield, of SherborneSir Alan Gardner's fquadron is gone castle, esq. co the right hon. lady Char. to cruise off Ireland, for the protection lotre Digby, fifter to the present earl.! of our homeward-bound fleets from the 25. John Winfloe, of Twickenham, West Indies, which may be expected efq. to miss Hodges, daughter of John in the course of the next week.

Hodges, of Trelage, esq. The prince of Wales has taken Crit- 28. M. A. Jennings, of Jamaica, chill-house, the feat of Charles Sturt, efq. to miss Simpson, of Gower-street. erg. member for Bridport, at a rent of 29. Stewart Spalding, of Edinburgh, 1300l. per annum. His royal highness esq. to mifs Ann Spalding, daughter of has also taken Dean Farm, contiguous the late Charles Spalding, of the same to it, at zool. a year.

place, esq. Critchill-house is beautifully situated, The rev. Mr. Stitchall to mila about eight miles from Blandford, in the Greenwood, both of Kentish-Town. midst of a fine park ; and the extensive Aug. 1. John Helyar Rock, of Wells, manors that surround it abound with efq. to miss Ann Lukin, daughter of patridges, pheafants, and every kind of Mr. Lionel Lukin, of Long-Acre. game. It is perhaps the finet fitua. Edward Rowlands, of Coalbrooke Lion in the kingdom for a sportsman. Dale, esq. to miss Baycott, of Liliet


3. Frederick Keppel, esq. only son of BIRTHS.

the hon. Mr. Keppel, io mifs Clive.

5. Sir William Ramsay, of Banff,

barc. to miss Biscoe, of Edward Street, July 7. Mrs. Norton, of Edinburgh, Portman-square. lady of the hon. Baron Norton, of a

The rev. George Henry Storie, recfon.

tor of Stowe, Erlex, to mufs Ellen 2r. The countess of Plymouth, of a

Jekyl Chalmers, youngest daughter of fon.

lieutenant colonel Chalmers, of Chel24. The lady of James Musgrave, fea. of Wimpole- ftreet, esq. of a fon.

James Milner, of Kingston uponThe lady of the hon. Henry Lascelles,

Hull, esq. to niiss Mary Hay, daughter of Harwood - house, M.P. for the cour.

of James Hay, of Hopes, near Edinty of York, of a son.

burgh, clo Aug. 4. The viscountess of Milan

Lieutenant Stransham, of his matown, of a fon

jefty's marine forces, to miss Bidwell, of s. The lady of Dr. Bourne, of Ox

Antingham, Norfolk. ford, of a daughter.

1. John Enson, of Dublin, esq. to The lady of fir Digby Mackworth, of

mils Mapes, eldest daughter of Edmund Oxford, bárt. of a daughter. 8. The lady of John Gibbons, of. Mapes, of Rolefby, efq. major of the

East Norfolk militia. Manchester-square, esq. of a daughter. John Lyney, jun. of Limehouse, ela. 13. The lady of William Baker, of

to miss Dorothy Coverdale, of the same Hill-ftreet, esq. M. P. of a daughter.


Robert Battifcombe, of Windfor, esq.

to miss Griffinhouse, of the same place. MARRIAGE S.

The rev. William Kay, vice provoit

of King's College, Cambridge, and recJuly 22. The rev. Wollaston Pym, tor of Mitton, in the same county, to of Radwell, Herts, to miss Mary Cart: mils Driffieid, of Fering, Encx. wright, second daughter of the late Tho. Denzil Onslow, efq. lieutenant-colomas Cartwright, of Aynho, Northamp- nel in his majesty's service, to the hon. tonshire, efq.

mifs Petre, daughter of lord Petre. 23. John Buxton, of Northampton, 16. Colonel Stephen Poyntz, of the efq. to miss Gardener, of the same first regi'nent of life guards, to Mrs. place.

Whitfield, widow of the late John John Hammond, of Trinity. Atreet, / Whitfields of Watford, Herts, esq.


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Aug. i.


Codrington, era to the hon. Mrs. Catharine Campbell, rellet of mil Foley, niece to lord Clanbrafil. Daniel Campbell, late of Glasgow, efq.

29. Miss Cofway, daughter of Rich.

ard Cosway, of Stratford-place, csq. DEATHS.

William Lloyd, of,

csq. admiral of the white Bag. Fuly s. The dowager viscountess Constantine. Crobrow, of Wales, Strathallan.

formerly of Bath, esq. 6. George Bruce, of North Glasr.

Orrock, of St. Mar. mount, esq.

garet's Bank, Rochefter, esq. a captain in g.' Major Andrew Rutherford, late the royal navy, of ihe 16th infantry.

General fir Robert Pigot, of Parish. 8 John Gahan, of Cork, esq. late old, Staffordshire, bart. surveyor general of Munfter.

William Wynne, of Wein, CaernarMrs. Fuilfort, of Brackley, vonshiré, efq. Northamptonshire,' reliet of the late 2. Alexander Blair, esq. lieutenant James Puilfort, of Chester, efq. in the 74th regiment of foot.

16. Field marshal the right hon. for Thomas Appleford Woolls, of Kirk George Howard, colonel of the firft re- nock's-house, Hants, esq. giment of dragoon guards, governor of s. Lady Gordon, wife of fir William Jer.ey, and KB.

Gordon, of Curzon-street, K. B. 19. Dr. Thomas Sanders Dupuis, of Sir Robert Moftyns of Mostyn-hall

, King's-row, Park, lane, organist and Flintshire, bart. M. P. for the fame composer to his majesty.

county Mrs. D'Arcy, lady of Thomas Lieutenant Henry Gordon, of the 69th D'Arcy, efq. captain in the Somerset regiment of foot. militia.

Robert Darbey, 'of Manchefer, Mrs. Brady, of Ernis, in the county M. D. of Clare, relist of the late capr. Brady, 8. The hon. Mrs. Markham, of of the royal Irish artillery.

Boxley-house, Kent, filter of the late William Lindsay, erg. governor of lord Romney. the island of Tobagò.

William Brake, of Grosvenor-Square, David Robinson, of Lower Merrion erą. Itreet, Dublin, esq. senior captain of the Peter Johnson, esq. commiffary of royal Irish regiment of artillery. the prerogative court of York, and re21. Rear admiral Carteret.

corder of that city, Mr. Robert Burns, of Dumfries, the James Collis, of Enfield, erg. celebrated poet of Scotland.

in. The countess of Iraquair, William Butler, of Cornift, Flint- daughter of the late George Ravensthire, esq. late lieutenant-colonel of 38th croft, earl of Lincolashire. regimeni of foot.

14. Mafter Griffith Pare, second son Mils Helen Dickson, eldeft daughter of major John Pare, of Wilford-house, of the late fir Robert Dickson, of Edin - Wilts. burgh.

Robert Beckford, of Piccadilly, esq. 26. William Maxwell, of Knightf- 17. Jeremiah Watfon, of Great Portbridge, late of Dallwinton, crg. land-ftreet, csa.

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