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“ Nay more, he placed me in this bleft | But since she is fled from our eye, retreat,

(flame ; The pleasures are gone with the fair : And in my bosom raised religious The Atreamlet moves on with a ligh, He taught my heart with gratitude to And each grot seems a haunt of beat, (Hanway's nams,

despair. While he pronounced the virtuous

Oh bring her once more, to our plain! " Here now I taste of true content and Thou wilt find her where Innocence peace, , [hours employ;

roves ; Here guiltless pleasure doth my The Graces are all in her train, Revolving days do but my bliss increase, And her cot is the seat of the Loves. While oft to heav'n I raise the

hymn of joy.

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“ Here, when the fabbath claims our

Fancy and Hope.
Maker's praise, [attend :
The penitential band with joy

By a LADY.
We feel the warmth of sweet religious FANCY, wave thy airy pinions,

We praisé our God, the lonely mourn. Spread o'er all thy wide dominions

Vernal sweets and cloudless skics. " Before us, Thompson opes the facred And lo! on yonder vernal plain, page :

[given ; To him the flowers of eloquence are

A lovely youthful train appear ; He clears our doubts, does all our

Their gentle hearts have felt no pain,

Their guiltless bosoms know no fear. thoughts engage;

In cach gay scene some new delight And points the way to happiness and heaven.

they find,

Yer fancy gayer prospects still behind. “ With ardour filled, our utmost voice Where are the soft delusions fled ?

Muft wisdom teach the foul to we raise,

(love :

mourn ? To sing the mercies of our faviour's In notes of gladness tune his sacred Before my eyes your fairy visions spread!

Return ye days of ignorance, return": praile, (thoughts above.

Alas, those visions charm no more : And with our voices raise our

The pleasing dream of youth is o'er. “ Oh may the founder of this bleft

Far other thoughts must now the soul retreat,


[friend, The son of mercy, and the finner's It glows with other hope, it pants with

other joy.
In heav'nly regions find a glorious feat,
And know those joys that nevermore

will end !"

The firf physicians by debauch' were

[trade: Excess began and sloth fulains the TO CYNTHIA.

By chase our long-liv'd fathers earn'd

their food, By Dr. WALCOT.

(blood : Toil ftrung the nerves, and purified the

But we, their sons, a pamper'd race of Go,

Zephyr, and whisper the maid,
That I sigh at her cruel delay :


[and ten :

Are dwindled down to threescore years Go, tell her the song of the shade Is filent while she is away.

Better to hunt in fields for health unbought,

[draught. "Twas her beauty gave life to the vale, Than fee the doctor for a nauseous

And fill'd ev'ry Toain with delight ; The wise for cure on exercise depend; 'Twas her voice that enliven'd the gale; God never made his work for man to 'Twas her charms that gave Tufre

mend. to night.


[blocks in formation]

Heidelberg, Nov. 24.

all their ammunition, were obliged to

abandon the füid redoubts. LAST night 80 officers and 3.000 fola

Upon this success, the enemy de-, diers of the garrison of Manheim tached different columns to take pofa, arrived here. The remainder of the fession of the heights of Mologno, St. garrison are cantoned in the neighbour Jacques, and Sept Pains, which they ing villages. It was op the 15th that the readily effecked. 'On the left wing, our city began to be bombarded.

men supported, during the whole day, On the 16th, three magazines were not ouly the fire of the front of the fet on fire. On the 18th, a magazine' enemy, but likewise that of eight of gunpowder was blown up. On the armed boats, which kept up a conftant 19th, another magazine was blown up, firing on the flank with heavy cannon. and confiderable breaches were made in Although the enemy could not obtain the ramparts. On the zoth, four or any advantage against our left wing, as five buildings were set fire to. On the they had made a considerable impression ath, one wing of the electoral palace on the right, all the army received ortook fire, and in a few hours the phy. l ders, during the night, to retreat from fical cabinet, the opera-house, and the the position of Loano towards that of tennis court, were consumed by the Carrazoppa, and Pantaleone. fames.

On the 24th, the enemy who had The French ceafed firing, and it was likewise got poffeffion of Cazenova, ftated that general Montaign had de

advanced from that pass, and again termined to capitulate. In the evening attacked our right. In confequence, the Auftrians discontinued the bom all the’army in the night from the 24th bardment, and on the 22d, the garrison to the 25th, made their retreat to the surrendered.

second position of Vado and Madonna, Savona, Nov. 25. On the 23d, at where they are now posted. break of day, the French, in consider- We are as yet ignorant of our lofa able force, attacked with so much vi in men, artillery, and ammunition ; the gour the position of general Ar. 'difficulty of the roads across the moungenteau, that they obliged him to tains has prevented us from bringing fall back. By this fuccels the enemy off a great number of articles, which were enabled to occupy Mount St. muft of consequence have fallen into Pierre, from which they began to ha, the hands of the enemy. The lots of rass in flank, and across the right wing, the enemy is also unknown, but it must the Auftrian army. At the same time be considerable, from the length and the French commenced an attack on obftinacy of the conteft. all the front of the imperial army, who

Manheim, Nov. 25. The capture of in every quarter made the most vigo Manheim rendered it necesary to trace rous reäftance. The engagement lafied the causes

which put that fortress into for several hours with the greatelt obfti- the possession of the enemy. It was nacy : at laft, about mid-day, and af. in consequence of a requifition which ter five succeflive attacks, our troops,

was made by gen. Clairfayt, that on who occupied the two redoubts No. 2, the day before yesterday, when the and s, and that called Caftellaro, were

French evacuated the place, general forced to yield to an enemy greatly fu.

Wurmser arrested the minister Obernperior in auraber, and having exhausted dorff, the abbé Salibert, the chancellor


of regency, Arwans, and the secretary / garrison of Manheim confifted of 30 Schmitz. The seals were put on their battalions, and one regiment of artilpap“ 6.

lery), and the half of the foidiers are Yesterday 600 Palatine soldiers, who barefooted, and in want of every remained in the place after the capture thing. As to the cavalry there is no of it by the French, were escorted by comparison between the French and a detachment to the glacis, after having Auftrians, either in point of number, been disarmed.

or the goodnefs of their horses ; the The artillery found in Manheim French have scarcely a fixth of the amounts to 394 pieces.

number that the Austrians have, and The day was celebrated under a triple their horses have had no oats for the discharge of artillery from the garrison last six months, and are in a most and the camp.

deplorable condition ; they are belides It appears that general Clairfayt has in want of horses for the artillery, promade a movement towards the Hunde- / visions and forage. These wants have ruch, and that Coblenz will soon be greatly discouraged the army of the in our poffe lion.

Rhine and Moselle ; both officers and Ratisbon, Nov. 27. The decree of soldiers are heartily tired of the war. ratification of the imperial court upon altona, Dec. 1. Letters from the the approbation of the empire of the Upper Rhine mention that Manheim 7th of October, respecting a peace with has surrendered. Four generals, 387 France, came this day under the con- officers, and 9,949 privates were taken fideration of the diet, and its contents prisoners of war. are very remarkable : it begins with an Dec. 3. We have received the arample retrospect of the origin and pro- ticles of the capitulation of Mangress of the hostile acts committed by heiin. They are ten in number. The the French against Germany; of the eighth is most worthy of attention. It different offences against the rights of is this :-“ General Montaign proposes nations ; and of the laudable object of that the magistrates and inhabitants of the war which was forced upon the Manheim Mall not be molefted in any empire, and undertaken in conformity manner on account of the capitulation to the decrees of the diet.

which put the garrison in the possession After this are enumerated the appro of the French." bation of the empire of the 22d of De- General Wurmser replied, that this cember 1994, as well as the feveral ap- article depended entirely upon the will probations of the empire of the 3d of of his imperial majesty. July, 211t of August, and 7th of Q&to- Nantes, Dec. s. Sapineau the royalift ber, all produced or occasioned by the general has been defeated: and Chaimperial court decrec of the 19th of rette has been twice engaged and de. May laft, namely, that the empire feated on the 19th of November laft. fincerely wished and defired the return According to a letter from Rochefort, of peace expressed in all the several it is. Nated, that or the division from approbations directed to his imperial the coast of Africa," composed of the majesty, under the condition only of Experiment man of war, the Vigilante its being a juft and honourable peace ; frigate, three corveltes, a gabare (lightfounded upon the indivisibility of the er), and some prizes, entered the road empire, and the preservation of the of Rochefort on the 7th current. They conftitution.

are richly loaded with gold.duit, pias. Manheim, Nov. 29. On Monday | ters, muslin, ivory, &c. The lowest the 23d the imperial army under ge- į failor, it is said, will have merchandise neral Wurmler began to file off to the to the value of 25,000 livres in fpecie. left lore of the Rhine, and took the This divifon has burnt the two richest way to Neustadt. The day before facturies belonging to the English on yetterday several regiments of cavalry the coast of Africa, and seventy-two and infantry passed through here. All vessels with rich cargoes. The loss of these troops are in high difcipline and the English, at the moft moderate calorder; they form a striking contrast culation, is estimated' at so snillions. with the French troops, cach battalion Madrid, Dec. 7. Gardoqui, we of which confifts of only 300 men, (the understand, is about to be dismiffed,


1 - The French buffars gone from hence

und to be replaced by two minifters, the, Gouda, Leyden, Delft, Brill and Gor. one for European, and the other for cum-and, last week, those of the adIndian finance, as was the case in the miralty of the Meuse and Amsterdam, timc of Galves and Merquez.,

as well as those of the East India com. A change was lately made in the ma. pany, were publicly sold. The second sine department, the minifter Valdiz lale of the effects in the hereditary, being dismissed, and succeeded in his

stadeholderian palace will commence on office by Varcla, a Gallician. In fact, the 14th inft. The very trees in the a total change is expected to take place garden of the old court, in which was throughout the adminiftration, which a public walk, will be sold ; and a mowill be filled in the noinination of the tion was yesterday made in the club prince of peace, who 'engrosses exclu- here, for the sale of the well-known fively the whole of the royal favour. | wood near this town, and to plant the The' marquis de Campel Angel, mi- spot with potatoes. nister of war, is on the point of dying. The French courier, fent from the

The conversation here, notwithstand-army of the Rhine to the French aming all the restraints upon it, turns bassador (M. Noel) here, was yesterday principally on the arrefts which have drowned at Utrecht. Lately taken place, and those which are with some reason expected. Malespina, are to join general Lauront on the a major general of marine, is caken Lower Rhine. They have been re. up, and detained in a ftate prison, as placed by others from Wertland. is also the gallant Gravina, very well We have some folks here who actual. known in London, and lately f-cond inly doubt the surrender of the Cape of command in the Mediterranean. So Good Hope, the capitulation not being also is the lady of the Spanish envoy signed by our governor. to Venice. Where these arrests, and Barracks are to be built for the their consequences will end, time only French. The advanced guard of the can determine. Many causes are al- troops coming from the interior of figned for the proceedings , but as they France, on their aarch to the Rhine, arc vague and uncertain, I shall trouble have reached Brussels ; their number you with none of them.

will amount to 30,000 men.

All'the Allen, Dec. 7. The French ftill oc. courts of justice in Belgium are abo. cupy the pofition they took in conse. lished; among which is the council of quence of the late action ; hitherto the Brabant, one of the oldeft courts in Germans have not been sufficiently nu- Europe. merous to form any further attempts ; Madrid, Dec. 10. Lord Bute is now bur they have been lately considerably pronounced out of danger, which has reinforced, and by all appearances an given great joy to all the English in attack will take place this day, or dur this country. Some days, however, ing the night. The enemy have set muft elapse, before he will be able to fire to the village of Allens, belonging transact business. to the prince of Weilbourg, because Furfeld, Dec. 10. Since the attack they could not maintain their position made on the ift of this month on our on that fide of the river of that same. pofts on the left bank of the Nahe,

Hague, Dec. 8. The convocation of the enemy have reinforced themselves a national convention has great influ- daily in the neighbourhood of that rience upon many other institutions; thus, ver, and they have carried their right on the one fide, things are abol.thed, wing to the Glahn, and to Allenz. while on tke other, new ones are crect. So foon as a part of the bigade of ed. This is the reason that, now, as Naundorff was arrived from Kaiserslauall distinction of sovereignty, and the Isrn, it was resolved to drive the enepoffeffion of property of the provinces my from Allenz and the Glahn, and and colleges will disappear, in order to advancing then on Oberflein and Kirn, be reinftated by a lingle sovereignty, to force them to entirely abandon the meaning the national convention, the neighbourhood of the Nahe. buildings and estates of the towns and In consequence of the orders which colleges may be disposed of. Having he received on that subject, general made the beginning with the town Kray, united with generai Naundorff, yachts, the houses of the deputies of at break of day on the 8rh,' attacked

Gm thc

the division of general Marceau near and the other hy Bocchetta, have efMeisenheim,-and general Hoditz at fectuated their retreat from the river. tacked the enemy's advanced posts at The regiment of Reiski, which formed Allenz, Oberheim, and Lettweiler, the rear guard, fupported with diftinThese différent attacks were so well guished valour, in the forts erected at executed, that the enemy was obliged | Vado, the repeated attacks of the eneto give way and to fly to Kirn. my, till the poft had been entirely

We have made about fix hundred evacuated by the imperial troops, who prisoners, among whom are many offi- were stationed there. eers of the etat major, and other su. Hamburgb, Yan. 4. The three perior officers. We have also taken princesses of Saxe Cobourg have arfive pieces of cannon, and about forty rived at the court of St Petersburgh : ammunition waggons, besides one the choice of the grand duke Conftan. stand of colours ; and we have posted tine Paulowitz has fallen on the young. ourselves on the Glabn, from whence eft, the prince's Julienne Henriette we do not expect to be enabled to ad Urrique, for his future spouse. Tbe. vance very speedily, as the country is celebration of the nuptia's is fixed for full of licep mountains, is without some time in the course of next sumroads, is interested by a great many mer. Major general Budberg, who rivers, and as the season is very un- conducted the three princesses into favourable.

Ruffia, has been honoured with the Generals Kray and Naundorff, to Order of St. Anne whom we owe this eminent and im- The Austrians mean to continue their portant advantage, cannot fufficiently offensive operations during the winter. praise the courage, the ardour, and the Paris, Jan. 8, We are informed by good disposition of the imperial troops. a letter from Strasbourg, dated oth

Our loss is very small; but that of Nivose, that the headquarters of gethe enemy is very confiderable in killed neral Pichegru arrived on the preceding and wounded.

evening at Hikiach, a league from Jourdan is retired behind the Nahe, Strasbourg, but the staff is ftill at from whence we will foon endeavour Kercheim. Several regiments of caval. to drive him.

ry have taken up their winter quarters Genon, Dec. 28. The imperial ar- in the neighbourhood. Thus it appears my, divided into two columns, one of that the suspension of hoftilities will which proceeded by Voltri and Moron, bé of short duration.

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Plymouth, Dec. 19.

Moyseys, fen. and jun. fail-makers,

which it also totally destroyed, together LAST evening between five and fix with almoft the whole of the furniture,

o'clock, a dreadful fire broke out fails, fail.cloth, cordage, and various in the loft of Mr. Douglas, sail. maker, other stores. in Southside. Street, in this town, occa- In the warehouses of Mr. Douglas fioned by a candie falling into a pot of was deposited the cargo of the Danish tar ; which raged with such uncommon fhip Galia and Elizabeth, a Deucral fury, that in a short time the house was vessel, consisting of bales of muslin, completely in flames, and notwithstand- camphire, china, &c. to the amount of ing every afliflance that could be ren- feveral thoufand pounds, nearly the dered, it communicated to the two ad- whole of which was totally consumed. joining houses occupied by Messrs. Several houses adjoining were also ma.


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