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He spoke-and, fpeaking, launch'd the

ibaft of Fate, [sacred fre. VEIL'D in the hue that midnight aw And clos'd the lips that glow'd with ful throws

(repose, His timelels doom 'twas thus Politian O'er half the globe, that mortals may

Silence afTumes her solitary reign, Politian, master of th' Aufovian lyre!
Attended by a glorious starry train.

Hulh'd is the breeze
Among the trees ;

The feather'd choir
To reft retire;

Ceas'd is each warbling strain;

And I am left alone,
In grief to make my moan,

"ANDis he dead? - And is he dead?" And tenderly complain.

Wi' heart-fwoln grief he cry'd, Hail, balmy Sleep! the death of ev'ry

“ He's dead and gane!-He's dead and care ! A lover, forely preft with grief,

Sad Memory reply'd. Hails thee, and asks thy kind relief;

His grief to hide, could not abideO footh me in thy gentle arms,

He pu'd his bogner down

Aut o'er his face, where manly grace
With all thy winning lovely charms;
O let me in thy blefled comforts share!

Began to play the loon.

Then up he took his wee. hit book,
Nor longer let me ask thy aid in vain;

The Mavis' Neft was there;
With pity close my swollen eyes,
And sop with pleasing dreams my

He sat a while, and wept a while,

And drapt a tender rear. Display my fair one with a smile,

Nae mair we'll hear his fang fae dear ;

He had a heart to feel;
And ev'ry anxious fear heguile :
O ease my breaking heart of ev'ry pain! And that was a' that he cou'd ca'

His fortune and his weal.

E, S. J.


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LINES occafoned by a fall from a flair-cafe, as

SENT, WITH A MYRTLE, TO A YOUNG be was playing on his lute an elegy

LADY. that he had composed on the death of bis friend, Lorenzo de' Medici.

Go, thou sweet myrtle, deck my

Chloe's room,
HILST, borne in sable ftate, Loren. And in her presence breathe thy choice

zo's bier

(brings, Thou, in that envy'd, bless'd' retreat, Thetyrant Death his proudeft viumph

may'st stand,

(hand. He mark'd a bard in agony severe Saise with delirious hand the founding Bleft, envy'd plant! could I my soul

Cheer'd by her eye, and nourish'd by her ftrings.

transfufc He stopp’d-he gaz'd: the form of par. Into your form, and animate your boughs fion rag'd;

With joy I would the metamorphose try. And pray’rs with tears were mingled Live in her presence, in her ablence die. -- tears with grief.

E. S. J.
For loft Lorenzo war with Fate he wag'd;
And ev'ry god'd to bring re-

The tyrant smild, and mindful of the

[pheus led Two-thirds of what we daily do,When from the shades his confort Or. And what we all have got 'tis true; “ Rebellious, too, wouldīt thou usurp When, with a vowel, thele you've join'd.

my pow'r, [captive dead?" An able counsellor you'li End. And burst the chain that binds the


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Mentz, 08.10.

pears that the republicans are very

itrong there. YESTERDAY, the imperialists por- Milan, 17th Vendemiaire, O&ober 10.

Telled themselves by assault of Ro- The enemy having been disturbed chufberg, and, at two in the after- by the fire to which they were exposed noon, they entered, drums beating, into between our posts and the citadel, made Bingen, where they found several can- a sortie, with a design of taking some non and howitzers. The imperialists forage; they came by the way of the have also beaten a republican corps, citadel to Soave, and attacked the chanear Landau and Weissenbourg. reau of Prada, defended by the chief of Head-quarters at Milan, 176h Ven- battalion Dulons, at the head of three demiaire, 0.9ober 10.

hundred men of the 69th demi-bri« Five hundred men of the garrison gade. of Mantua made a fortie, on the 8th, at A battalion of the demi-brigade, and ten o'clock of the morning, from the one piece of cannon, having arrived to place, having passed the Po at Borgo reinforce the post, the enemy havirg forte for the purpose of seeking forage. been routed and pursued to the glacis In the mean time, at five in the after- of the citadel, the republicans have noon wè blockaded Mantua, and made made about 200 prisoners, and have ourselves masters of the posts of Pra- killed fifty men and horses. On the della and of Cerise. This detachment fide of the French fome men have been finding itself feparated from Mantua, wounded. wished to retreat to Florence. On its Among the officers who have diftin. arrival at Reggio, the inhabitants were guithed themselves, we must mention inftructed of what had happened, ran to citizen Magne, captain of the 69th dearms, and prevented it from paffing, mi-brigade, who has made 117 prifonand obliged 'it to retreat into the cha- ers, with a small detachment of his deteau of Montecieroglo, upon the estates mi-brigade. of the duke of Parma. The brave in- Turin, Sunday, Odober 16. “On the habitants of Reggio pursued them, in- night of Thurfday the 13th inftant, his vefted them, and made them prisoners Sardinian majesty was feized with anapoby 'capitulation. In the cannonade plectic fit, which for fome time deprived which has taken place, the national him of speech. The immediate appliguards of Reggio have had two men cation of blisters and bleeding brought killed. They are the first who have his majesty to his lenses the next mornshed their blood for the liberty of their ing. During this interval "The facracountry.”

were administered. Towards Frankfort, 08. 10. It is certain the evening alarming fymptoms rethat the imperialists surround Landau, turned, and recourse was had to a third near which place there is a continual bleeding in the foot, which not proving firing. They have advanced into Al. «fficacious, the extreme unction was ado face, where, in the manner of the ministered. French, they demand contributions, His majesty'lay speechlefs, and with and take hottages for the payment of one fide wholly' palled during the them. In the Hunfdruck, the Au- night. At five yesterday morning he Atrians threaten Kreutznach; but it apo was pronounced to be à l'agonie, and VOL. XXVII.




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it was not imagined he could outlive ( Lorrach. The army is well disposed, the day. His majelly, however, lin- and in a formidable situation. gered till near noon this day, when he Paris, 08. 20. The court of Ma. expired, as fincerely lamented by all drid ordered, on the sth of October, his subjects as he had constantly lived the English ambassador to quit the Spa. beloved and respected by them, during nish territory. a reign of upwards of twenty-three Letters from Cadiz inform us, that years.

there failed from that port, on the 26th This melancholy event has plunged September, a fleet composed of 19 ships all the royal family into che deepeft of the line, 10 frigates, 4 corvettes, beaffliction..

lides xebecs. It is presumed that this Paris, 29th Vendemiaire, October 11. Squadron will go to Carthagena, to be

We hope soon to receive the news of joined by 12 other thips and 8 frigates ; the furrender of Mantua, as the nume- and that it will go immediately to open rous garrison of that place is said to be the harbour of Toulon, and join the nain want of provisions.

yal force of the republic. Brigadier general Reyner gives an The army of the Sambre and Meuse, account of the anterior operations of and that of ihe north, united, form, it is the army of the Rhine and Moselle, said, a corps of 80,000 men, well dis. in a letter dared Waldfacten, Sept. ciplined-thanks to the firmness of ge23.-" The retreat,” says he, “ we neral Beur nonville. are now effecting, in order to approach They ftate from Italy that general our frong places, by no means difpi- | Buonaparte and the commissioners of rits our foldiers. Let the army of the the directory have published a procla. Sambre and Meuse but resume offensive mation, by which they declare that the operations, and all will be well. The duke of Modena has lost the confidence diverfion which general Dellaix was or- of the French republic, and that, in condered to make in Franconia, towards sequence, the people of Modena are put Nuremberg, at the head of 10,000 men, under its protection. The motives for was chiefly intended to prevent the this declaration are not ftated. archduke's army, from receiving fup- We are assured that the directory plies from that quarter. But this expe bave abandoned their pretensions upon dition was too late, as the archduke the conscience of the pope, and they had already ordered the faid fupplies to consent that he hall remain the head reach him by another road than that of a government, but not of a religie of Nuremberg. General DeMaix has, aus association. There is no doubt nox therefore, rejoined the army."

but that peace with the court of Rome The first report, fent in by general will be shortly concluded. Bournonville, commander in chief of| If we believe letters from Venice, the army of the Sambre and Meuse, l 13,000 Croats are marching from Caconcerns the known affair near Meniz, rinthia to reinforce the army of Wurmon the 27th of September.

set. We are aflared that Buonaparte Strafourgh, 23d Vendemiaire, 08. 16. demande reinforcements..

The general in chief, Moreau, is ar. The treaty of peace with the king of rived here to night; he comes from Naples was ratified by the council of Fribourg. He has passed with the di- tive hundred on the 16th of O&ober. vifions commanded by general St. Cyr, Hamburgh, Ok. 21. The minifters which have forced their way through of the German princes who lately rethe valley of Enfer, and beaten the turned to Ratisbon, have defired that enemy, over whom they have obtain the deliberations of the dier be reed very important succeties.

fumed. The general is this moment at Kehl. The elector palatine has appointed The polition of prince Charles is cona. prince Frederic of Ylenburg, tempoderably worse, an t he proposes to night rary governor-general of the territories to return to Fribourg.

of Bavaria and the upper palatinate. We are allured that general Deflaix Rutisbon, 08. 11. On the 17th, the occupies the back of the mountains; first fitting of the diet took place, when thar general Ferino is belde the forelt a letter of thanks and congratulation Lowes, and that head quarters are as was proposed to the emperor, for the


glorious progress of his arms, and the whom is the brother of lord Gower, happy effects which that event pro

and the orber Mr. Ellis. Two of duced in the empire.

these arrived the day before at Paris. The French have now been three Hamburgh, Nov. t. From Nicc, we monchs in pofleflion of the Brisgaw. learn that the French general Gaurier Generals Labonde, Ferinot, Mangot, had arrived there with a detachment of and Tipolme, who successively had the troope, and had superseded general Cacommand there, observed the strictest sabianca in the command of the coaft.discipline, and the inhabitants speak It seems that the frontiers are infested much in their praise; but the case is with numerous angs of robbers, that different with the countries adjacent to lay the country under contribution. Balle, subject to the command of gene- The new general having ordered a ral Tuncq. They have suffered fe. cordon to be formed, a part of the naverely from the depredations and acts tional guards were to be ready for of violence committed and tolerated by marching at the shortest' notice. that Vendéan general. He has been Paris, Nov. 3. A letter from Tou. calhiered, and a letter from the minil- lon announces that the Spanish fleet, ter at war 20 M. Bacher, dated Au- confiling of 29 fail, 25 of which are gust 25 Itates, that the arbitrary or- ships of war, has passed Toulon, steerders of general Tunca mall doubtless ing eastward. be the last of which the inhabitants of Another letter from Barcelona, of the the conquered countries thall have to the zoth of Vendemiaire, lates that the complain.

English squadron of seven sail of the line Vienna, 08. 22. The reigning prince and two frigates were feen off the Cape of Esterhazy, who has 90,000 lubjects de Gates, and that the Spanish flect was in Hungary and Sclavonia, has preleni- in pursuit of them. General Jourdan ed a corps of 1800 husfars, ready e- is at Paris. quipped, to the emperor, to be main | The military council of the Temple is tained at the prince's expense during at length diffolved. They have passed the war.

judgment on all the conspirators of Frankfort, 02. 22. We have juft Grenelle. The last who appeared bereceived intelligence that general Mo- fore them were ordered alinoft all for Teau has given battle to general Pe. transportation. trasch, who had established himself be- There were denounced in the last tween Offenburg and Friburgh, and secret council seven general officers of cut off the communication between the Rhine and Moselle, charged with Kehl and the French army. The ad- having contributed to the disorders of vantage was with the republicaos, who are said to have taken all the baggage It appears from the report made by and the artillery of general Petralch. the minifter of war to the directory,

This engagement must have happen that the reforms and economies introed on the 20th. However, at the de- duced into his department had reduced parture of the messenger, the arch. the expenses to forty millions per duke's head-quarters were still at Of. morith. fenburgh, but Moreau's army was ad- Porto Ferrajo is, it is said, to be a, vancing towards Kehl.

that army.

handoned as well as Corsica. The Eng. Letters from Augiburgh, of the 18th, lifh thus abandon the Mediterranean, announce that general Buon aparte and proceed, we hear, against the caused :o be arretted at Modena the Spanih colonies. privy counsellors Feiti, Prati, Hippo- Lord Malmesbury and his fuite were liti and Leperoni, who were conducted three days ago at the theatre de la Rue to the prisons of Milan.

Feydeau. The day betore yesterday he Paris, Oa. 23. Lord Malmesbury, went to see the pictures in the Louminifter plenipotentiary from the ca. vre;- It is not true that the Spanith ambinet of St. James's, made his entry ballador lives with his lordship at the into Paris. He had a very numerous hotel Grange Bateliere. The marquis and brilliant attendance. He has with del Campo lives in the grand hotel of him four secretaries of embaily, one of the Tuilleries, Rue St. Honoré,


3 X2


Dover, O&ober 18.

the mails to and from Yarmouth and

Cuxhaven, as the vessels at present em. LO ORD Malmesbury, with his attend. ployed on that station are found too

ants, failed this morning at half Imall to encounter the very boisterous past ten for Cala's, where it is proba- feas of the north, in the winter. ble, from the state of the weather, that 25. This morning the king, accompa. he would arrive in the course of the af- nied by the prince of Wales, duke of ternoon. His lordship was dispatched York, prince Erneft, general Lake, his with the best wishes, and three times majefty's aides-de-camp,general officers, three cheers from the pier. The em and a numerous assemblage of lpectators, bargo in the French ports seems fill to reviewed, on Wimbledon Common, be in force. No vestel has now arrived the royal regiment of Oxford Blues, for the laft ten days from Calais, or any commanded hy the duke of Richmond, other part of France.

who gave the word of command ; the 19. This evening, about half past corps, who have merited the reward of feven o'clock, as col. Congreve, of the their country from their services in Gerroyal artillery at Portsmouth, was many, went through their evolutions returning to that place in a post-chaise, with that veteran spirit which has accompanied by his son, the carriage gained them the respect of their love. was ftopped on Fair Hill by three foot- reign and officers: their maneuvres gave. pads, two of whom came to the doors, great fatisfaction. When the review was while the other food by the horses' ) over, the duke of York in his curricles heads. Col. Congreve's son imme. followed his majesty to the queen's diately discharged a piltol at the fellow house, and had a long interview. who came to his side of the chaise, and At two o'clock, the queen, and three which, it is supposed, wounded him, elder priocelics, entered the prince's as he lodged the contents of his piftol chambers, St. James's; the duke ef entirely in the door pannel of the chaise, Clarence, prince Erneft, the foreign and did not appear again. The post- envoys, and several of the cabinet miniboy was defending himself at this time fters, the sheriffs of London, the genwiih a broad sword againft the man Hemen who were present with the king who stopped him, and who, after firing on Wedoelday, with a small circic of his pistol without effect, drew a cutlal's female nobility, attended on this occaand was making furiously at him when fion. col. Congreve seizing the opportunity, The gentlemen, confifting of general discharged a pistol, the ball of which, Simcoe, &c. were the same as thole in all probability, took place, as he who were prefented to the king on the made off, though, at the same moment, preceding day, in addition to whom, the third robber returned to the chaise, were and attempted to discharge a pistol close Mrs. King, the American minifer's to the colonel's breast, which fortunate- lady, introduced to the queen hy lady ly only flashed in the pan, and he then Grenville ; her dress was white and file retreated. The fellow who attacked ver, tastefully worked in bunches of the post-boy is supposed to have seen roses, hyacinths, and pomegranates; very much cut, as the sword of the lac- and her attire received additional fplenter was very bloody.

dour by the elegance and beauty of her 20. Four new packet-boats for the person. Poft Office departiment are nearly fi. Messrs. Langhone , and Staines paid pilded in the river, destined to convey their respects to her majesty, for the

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