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first time since their being elected bled, at all times deeply sensible of the heriffs.

paternal regard and folicitude manifestMr. alderman Watson was at court, ed by your majelty for the welfare of inverted with the civic chain, as 'lord your people, and the security of the mayor for the year ensuing.

honour and prosperity of the British · Plymouth, Oa. 22. This morning, empire, are at this time peculiarly deat four o'clock, a body floated up from sirous to express our sentiments of gratithe wreck of the Amphion, which tude for your molt gracious communiproved to be the remains of poor capt. cation to both houses of parliament in Swaffield. His uniform was entire, and the present most important conjuncture he had four guineas in his pocket, and of affairs. his watch. He was much bruised in “ Conscious as we are that no endeathe right fide of his face: his remains vours for setting on fool negotiations to were interred this evening at Stoke restore peace to Europe, and to secure church, attended by several naval officers' for the future the general tranquillity, in their uniforms.

have been omitted on the part of your Letters from Barbadoes, of August majesty; it is with the moft heartfelt 30, advise, that the brigands in St. Vin- satisfaction that we understand your cent's and Grenada were nearly sub- majesty's most gracious intention is to dued-but that our troops were fickly. lend immediately a person to Paris with

The black general Toussaint is re- full powers to treat for this object; and ported to have been defeated at Mire- we are impresled with the most fanguine balais, St. Domingo,, with a heavy loss, hopes that the success of that measure which has enabled the British to pene- may secure to Britain and her allies a trate forty miles farther into the coun- jult, honourable, and folid peace. try.

“ At the same time, molt gracious A large French fleet is reported to fire, much as we desire so great a blerhave arrived at Guadaloupe, and a ing, and feelingly as we deplore the smaller one at Cape François.

calamitous means which have hitherto 25. An unfortunate circumstance hap- retarded its attainment, yet, as Britons, pened this morning: two of our pack- we are not lo unmindful of the blessings ets had been ordered from Yarmouth to we really enjoy in this free and happy Dover, in order to be ready to convey country under the glorious conftitution our messengers to and from Calais. handed down to us by our ancestors, One of them, the Union, capt. Osborne, nor so careless of the consequences of in coming round, was driven on the endangering it by too fatal a fećurity, French coast, between Gravelines and as to deny, that, should the issue of the Calais, and was loft. The crew and negotiation be unfavourable, and prepassengers were saved. The French clude the possibility of restoring peace gave e very possible assistance to the un- at once honourable and fubftantial, it is fortunate iufferers.

the united determination of your maIn the house of lords, the royal affent jesty's faithful citizens of London, to was given by commission to a natura- Tupport and affit your majelly, in oplisation bill. The commissioners were, pofing, with increafed activity and vithe chancellor, the archbishop of Can. gour, the farther efforts with which the terbury, and the duke of Portland.

country may have to contend. 26. The lord mayor, aldermen, “ We sincerely congratulate your . fheriffs, and the other officers, with a majelty' on the general attachment of great number of the common council,met your people to the British constitution, at Guildha'l, and proceeded from thence and on the energy and wisdom of the to St. James's, to present the following laws, which have repressed the endea. address to his majesty; they were very vours of those who wilhed to indroduce graciously received, and had the honour anarchy and confusion into the land. of killing the king's hand.

“ We humbly beg leave to renew vur " Molt gracious Sovereign!

assurances of loyalty to your majesty's " We, your majesty's molt dutiful person and government, and pray that and loyal subjects, the lord mayor, al- the great disposer of all events will dermen, and commons of the city of long lecure to your majefly, the happy of London, in common council allem- and hom policfion of the illustrious


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trown of these realms, and the un- tion of mills on those parts of the banks thaken throne of your people's hearts. of the river Thames, in the peighhour. * Signed by order of court, hood of London, as a means of reduc.

“ WILLIAM RIX.” ing the price of four. His majesty was pleased to make the Nov.sih. A court of aldermen was following mort gracious answer. held at Guildhall, at which the lord.

“ I thank you for these fresh and mayor, lord-mayor elect, recorder, cordial assurances of your attachment common ferjeant, cleven aldermen, and to my person and government. the two sheriffs were present, when

“ Should my endeavours for the re-William Hearnc,'e.q. citizen and riet foration of general peace, on just and ner, attending, was called into coart, honourable terms, not meet with success, and his election being attested by the I contidently trust that the spirit and deputy and inhabitants, he was sworn firmness of 'my councils, supported by into office as alderman of the ward of the bravery of my fleets and armies, Caftle Bayward, and took his feat in the and the united efforts of my people, court accordingly. will, under the blessing of Providence, 9. Dispatches were received at the enable me to maintain the safety, ho- from rear-admiral Harnour and interests of my kingdoms a- vey, commander in chief of the Britif gainst all attempts of the enemy. feet on the leeward island Aation.

" My loyal city of London may re- They contain the agreeable intelligence ly upon my unremitting attention to its of the arrival of rear-admiral Bligh, in welfare and happiness.

the Brunswick, of 74 guns, and the o27. d court of common council was ther ships of his squadron, with the held at Guildhall, at which the lord merchant fleet which failed from Porifmayor, eleven aldermen, and a great mouth on the uth of August, at Mare number of commoners, were present. tinique, all well. Previous to the date

The proceedings of the last court of these dispatches, the Iris and La were read and confirmed.

Victoire French privateers bad been The inhabitants of Great Tower-hill captured by his majesty's fhips l'Aima. and parts adjacent presented a petition ble and Zebra. to the court, Aaring that great incon- The Expedition frigate, of 44 guns, venience and danger has been sustained captain Allen, which brought the a by a number of idle and dissolute per- bove advices, failed from Martinique fons assembling on the said hill, as also towards the latter end of September. by the bad Rate of the different paths At that time our troops and feamen at leading over the fime; that they have the several islands enjoyed a better ftare cauled a plan and estimate to be made of health than they had done for a conhy Mr. Wyatt, for inclosing the centre liderable time before. thereof with iron rails, and paving a This day, about twelve o'clock Brook regular and fusicient foot-path and car. Watson, efq. the new lord-mayor, and nage-way round the fame; which they John Curtis, esq. the late lord mayor, conceived would be an effectual remedy together with feveral aldermen, the shes for the evil complained of; that the riffs, recorder, remembrancer, tows. marquis Cornwallis, confiable of the clerk, and other city officers, attended tower, had given his approbation to in the council-chamber at Guildhall, and the plan, and that the estimate of the proceeded in proceslion to the Three expen'e amounted to 2,5001. which Cranes. They embarked there ca must be raised by subscription; and board the city and other barges, and therefore prayed the affillance of the went to Westminfter-bridge, where court, in granting fuch fum as they they landed, and proceeded from hould think meet. The court referred thence to Weftminster-hall, which the the fime to the committee for the city procession entered about two o'clock. lands.

The utual ceremonies took place in the The committee appointed to inquire court of exchequer; the new ford maya into the causes of the present high price was sworn into office before the barods of flour, &c. presented a report, with of the exchequer; after which the rethe evidence produced to them annexed, corder, as utual, adoreffed the cotton by way of appendix; in which report the occasion, and the chief baron replied bé commitiee recoinmended the crec- l'in a neat and appolite speech.


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John Thomas Stanley, ofeq.

to the hon. Maria Holroyd. 08. 16. The lady of fir Montague 20. The rev. James Ward, A. M. Burgoyne, of Sutton, Bedfordshire, fellow of Queen's college, Cambridge, bart. of a son.

to miss Burroughes. 19. The lady of Robert Trevor of The rev. William Walford, A. M. Flitwick, Bedfordshire, esq. of a fon.

to miss Diana Burroughes. 20. The lady of Willian Macgeorge, Capt. Scarth of the prince of Wales's of Bond-ftreet, efq. of a daughter. light dragoons, to miss Eliza Johnstone,

29. The lady of Chaloner Arce- of Dumfries. deckne, of Upper Harley-ftreet, esq. of a 21. Dr. Gregory, physician, in Edinfon.

burgh, to miss Isabella Macleod, second The lady of George Tollet, of Great daughter of Donald Macleod, of GeaGeorge-ftreet, Weftminfter, efq. of a

nies, esq. fon.

24. Thomas John Parker, of CanThe lady of John Plumptre, of Fred- bury-house, Kingiton, Surry, esq. to ville, Kent, efq. of a fon.

miss Palmer, of Whitton-place, Mid23. The lady of John Marsh, of dlesex. Berner's-ftreet, esq. of a son.

Capt. Orange, of the 86th regiment, The lady of Robert Charnock, of to mils Eliza Phillipfon, daughter of the Gower-street, Bedford-Square, efq. of rev. Burton Phillipfon. a fon.

30. John Stokes, of Hampstead, efq. 26. The Countess of Breadalbane, of to mils Margaret Morrison, youngest

daughter of James Morrison, of the 28. The lady of Andrew Burnside, of Tower, esq. Bourne House, Kent, efq of twins. Nov. 1. Thomas C. Warren, of

31. The lady of Peter Eldaile, of Ca- | Cornhill, esq. to miss King, daughter vendith-Square, efq. of a son.

of Thomas King, of Maze Hill, GreenNov. 1. The lady of the rev. Dr.

wich, esq. Chandler, of Baling borne-hall, Herts, George Herbert, erg. of the first reof a daughter.

giment of life guards, to miss Harriet 2. The lady of capt. T.C. Bramston, Jones, of Rochester. of Skreens, Ellex, of a fon.

The rev. D. B. Allen, of Matlock, 3. The lady of the right hon. the to mifs Jullian. speaker of the house of commons, of a 5. Henry Garret, efq. of the navy, to daughter.

miss Mary Raikes, lecond daughter of The lady of capt. Robert Montague, Robert Raikes, of Gloucester, elq. of his majesty's thip Hector, of a 8. William Hobbs, of Waterforil, daughter.,

esq. to mifs Flyn, daughter of Deria 6. The lady of Francis Fownes Lut- Plyn, of Flynville, near Waterford, efq. trel, of Powis place, efq. commissioner James Bolge, of Lincoln's Inn, erg. of the customs, of a daughter.

to miss Winter, df Pilgrim's Harch, 8. The lady of William Manning, Effex. of Billiter square, esq. member for - Carr, of Leeds, efq. to miss Lymington, of a daughter,

Erskine, eldest daughter of the late lord 51. The lady of Colonel Wood, of Alva. Portland-place, M. P. of a daughter. James Allardice, of Dundee, e'q. to

'The lady of Sir Charles Oakley, of miss Susanna Keith, eldest daughter of Shrewsbury, Bart. of a fon.

James Keith, esq. of the same place.

Charles Pierce, of Exeter, esq. to mifs of the late Ausin Foreft, of Cowes; Isle Mrs. Blake, of, of Wight, ela.

Arabella Neale, daughter of late rev. MARRIAGES.

Mr. Neale, of Ipplepon, Devon.

14. William Olivant, of Manchester, 09. 13. Daniel Spurge, jun. of Wel- esq. to miss Langston, daughter of fie wyn, of Herts, efq. to miss Harriet Stephen Langfongalderman, of BreadGrove, second daughter of Silvanus street Ward, and theriff of London and Grove, nf Woodford, Ellex, esq. Middlesex.

18. James Stewart, of Carron, esq. Lieut. Adelbert Frankenet, of the to miss Sword, of Glafgow

royal rangers, to miss Forest, daughter elo.

formerly Mrs. Mills, of Hampstead.

The rev. Samuel Perrot, of Cork. DEATHS.

The earl of Eglingtrun.

Nov. 1. The rev. Dr. Wake, pre08. 15. Capt. Hugh Canıpbell, of bend of Weftminfter, and curate of St. the second battalion of the fourth fen- ' Margaret's church.. cible regiment.

John Kenrick, jun. of Blechingly, Sir Edward Bannerman, of Kincar esq. dine-lodge, bart.

John lord Ballenden, heritable ofer Duncan Forbes Mitchell, of Thains of the exchequer in Scotland. ton, Aberdeen, esq. third son of the late Sir Benjamin Sinclair, of Dunbeath, fir Arthur Forbes, of Craigievat, bart,

bart. Sir John Stuart, of Allanbank, bart. The lady of Richard Thomas Streat

William Withycombe, of Bickhart, field of the Róoks, Sussex, efq. Somersetshire, esq.

Mrs. Vaughan, mother of Felix The rev. Daniel Turner, of Wool. Vaughan, ca. barrifter at law. wich, D. D.

4. Kenneth Mackenzie, of CromarMiss R. Newman, of Ripley, Surry. ty, csq.

19. William Davis, of Tower hill, The lady of James Trower, eq. esq. one of the elder brothers' of the barrifler at law, corporation of Trinity-house.

The rev. John Sherman, of Batb, The Jady of Richard Davenport, of M. A., Bucks, esq.

The lady of John Charles MiddleThe lady of William Hall, of Bril-ton, of Frome, efq. tol, efq..

5. John Bower JoddreM, of Henbu. Edward Butler, of Bath, esq.- ry, Cheshire, esq.

Williams, of Greenwich, The rev. Mr. Towpsend, vicar of Kent, erg.

Modbury, Devon. 20. The lady of Charles Smith, of 8. The lady of William Strong, of Sutton, near Ongar, Essex, efq. Great Ormond-fireet, esq. Patrick Love, of Bath, efq.

Solomon Matthews, of Killare, in Richard Phillips, of Woodlands, near the county of Westmeath, esq. Swansea, esq.

Edward Baker,, of Hythe, near The lady of Dr. Burney, of Chelsea- Southampton, efq. college.

Thomas Wilkes, of Overreal, in the 21. Capt. Richard Powell, late of the county of Larcathire, efq. fifty-fourth regiment of foot.

10. Mrs. Littlehales, relict of the late 22. The lady of John Paterson, of Baker John Littlehales, of Reading, efq. Fareham, Hanis, esq.

James Robertton, of Balgarvie, Fifc. 24. Mrs. Robinson, of Stanmore, re- fhire, esq. lia of William Robinson, of the same Archibald Govan, of Copthal-buildplace, esq. and aunt of fir George Ro. ings, efq. binson, bart.

Mrs. Fletcher, of Knaresborough, 26. The countess of Abergavenny. fifter of the late fir Hugh Palliser, bart.

James Digby, of Northallerton, Waffel Briscoe, of Wimpole-ftreet Yorkshire, clo.

Lady's Magazine ;


Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, appro

priated solely to their Use and Amusement.

For DECEMBER, 1796.

This NUMBER contains,

536 536

i Charity repaid by Grati!ude; a Tale,

531 2 Origin of " The grey Mare's being the better Horse,'

535 3 Numerical Coiucidences, 4 Anecdote,

Essay on Delicacy of Sentiment, 537
The Nightingale's Nest,

539 7 Derwent Priory; a Novel, S A Novel, from the Italian, 550 9 Gräsville Abbey; a Romance, 555 10 Account of the Town and Castle

of Harlech, in Mcrionechshire, North-Wales,

562 II Account of a Dramatic Entertainment in the East-Indies,

563 12 Fashions for December, 564


13 Answer to Enigmatical List, 564 14 Enigmatical Liit,

564 ,15 Poetical Essays. ---Epilogue to the

Comedy of Fortune's Fool.-
Songs in the new Opera of Abroad
and at Home. - Laura; a Bullád.
-Lines sent to a young Lady
The Beauties of Walton upori-
Thanies, Surry.-Answer to the
Charady by Frances — The Old
Maid's Petition. - The Death of a

565–568 16 Foreign News,

569 17 Home News,

57% 18 Births,

575 19 Marriages,

575 20 Deaths,


This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz. 1. A new Pattern for å Winter Shawl.–2. Charity repaid hy Gratitude.-3. A

View of Harlech Castle, in Merionethshire; and, 4. The Complaint; Music by R, Hudson.

London, Printed for G, G. and J. Robinson, No. 25, Pater

nofter Row, where Favours from Correspondents will be received.

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