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hey, is in a moft diftreffed fituation. quarters are atufand then Itrong,



The pay-offices have
have been shut for a
there is neither fpecie nor
mandats for the officers. They com-
per them to remain at Breff, and do
not even give them wherewithal to
liye. The refolution, ordering them,
as well as the land troops, to be paid a
fourth of their falaries in cafh, is not
executed for want of means.




lumn is fifteen°7 among whom is the army of Conde, Paris, Nov. 17. Nock has fent to the Batavian convention in the nime of the directory, to inform it, that the negotiations, commenced with ford Malmesbury appear to lead to a generaf pacification. The directory thought it proper to make the Batavian repubSome officers, dying for hunger, aflic equally an object of its folicitude as ter r having fold every thing for their that of France; in confequence of own fupport, waited on the intendant, which it invited them to felect to requeft perpayment of the arrears fon, charged with full powers, fupwhich had been long due to them; port the intereft of the republic in the they defired that, if he would not pay courfe of the negotiation, and to fend them, he would give them a refufal in him immediately to Paris. The cftiwriting. The intendant replied, that zens named for this purpofe are Leitethis was unneceffary, as their request venon, Pafteur, and Meyr, who are had not been made in writing. The of actually at Paris. sicers figned a petition; and all rhofe who fubfcribed it ba e been put under an arrest.





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Hamburgh, Nev. 17. Three Rur fian fhips of the line, and as many y frigates, have received orders to return to England. They will fhortly be followed by 16 other men of war

upon the enormous fum rates. Thefe new meaf


The directory have yielded to the general remonftrances which have been made which the gratuitous diftribution of or fifteen thousand copies of the twelfe of Redacteur cofts the public; in confequence of which it will be no longer circulated in the adminiftrations and amcnz the public functionaries.




The efforts of the Austrian army are particularly directed at this mo ment against the fort of Kehl, oppofite Strafburg, There was lately a harp action in that quarter. สม We made ourselves mafters of feveray of the Auftrian intrenchments; but we were again driven back to our firft pofition. We have taken an hundred prifoners; our lots is from thirty to torty wounded. the enl For fome time back no official ac-arrival of the French; that the viceroy counts have been published from the was, by capitulation, to remain as a army of the Sambre and Meufe, nor holtage with the Corficans, until the the Rhine and Molelle. arrival of general Gentili, whom they


from the letters from Huninguen, had fent for from Leghorn."



By dated 13th Brumaire, we learn, that for fix days there has not been a fhot fired. Our troops are ftill in poffeffion of the ifland and the head of the bridge; the Auftrians have erected batteries upon the heights.

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The general quarters of Ferino are fill at Blozheim, oppofite to the Auftrian left wing, commanded by the prince of Furflenberg, whofe general




have been occafioned by the declaration of war on the part of Spain against England.


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Toulon, 17. There arrived in our harbour, the day before yefte?days. a Leghorn fhip, having on board 146 French prifoners from Corfica, from whence they fet out on the 23d of laft month. They relate, that at their departure from Baftia, the Corlicans were generally in a ftate of infurrection against the English, and that they had got poffeffion of the viceroy, and the principal chiefs; that the English had been enabled to retire on board two of their fhips which were at Baftia, where they embarked all the enrigrants, and thofe who were in apprehention

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Two other Leghorn fhips arrived laft night, having on board 200 other prifoners, who confirm the above account. Paris, Nov. 21. Aubert Dubiyet, a commiffioner from France, has arrived at Conftantinople, where he has carried with him a great number of French officers to organise an Ottoman militia. 4 D2HOME ST

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Cove of Cork, Now, 12.

THIS moment advice has been re-
ceived, that the Cerberus, capt.
Drew, is now off the harbour with
three prizes, viz. a French privateer,
of 12 guns; a large Jamaica thip of
a large
from the Cape of Good Hope, both
bourd to London, taken by the French,
and re-taken by the Cerberus: the
chafed another brig privateer into fir
John Warren's fquadron, which we
learn was taken by them, and fent
into Falmouth.

Admiral Kingfmill's cruifers, being conftantly at fea, meet the success they are fo juftly entitled to. No farther particulars are yet known; the Cerberus failed from hence the 29th ult. in company with the fquadron under command of capt. Falknor, of the


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The commiffioners of the navy have just made contracts with private shipbuilders, for building fix new frigates, of so guns each, for his majefty's fer. vice, directly, on a very large fcale.

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Plymouth, Nov. 16. This morning came into Catwater the fhip Friendship, of London, captain Thomas Black, from the Cape of Good Hope, laden® with wheat, for London. She failed from thence on the 24 of Auguft, previously to the capture of the Batch fquadron; but faw them fleeting for the Cape a few days after the left it On the 26th of October, in lat, je, re the Friendship fell in with the Venture French privateer, of 14 guns, and 100 men, commanded by citizen Vandome, which the engaged upwards of half an hour. Having, howevery bur few men on board, fhe was obliged t fubmit to the great fuperiority of the French. Unfortunately, lieutenant Fitzgerald, of the 95th regiment, paffenger on board, was killed in the action, by a ball paffing through his head: two of the crew were allo wounded. The Friendship had di fpatches from admiral Elphinstone, and a great number of letters, which were thrown overboard and funk in the action. After the Friendship was ta ken poffeffion of, the Frenchman fhape ed her courfe for Bourdeaux, but on the 4th of November, in Tat. 46. the Cerberus, of 32 guns, captain Drew,

The evening of the 17th of laft month was the time fixed at Gibraltar, for commencing a fire from 350 pieces of heavy artillery againft the works which the Spaniards have beGeneral O'Hara, in gun to raise. Arict difcipline and attention to the garrifon, emulates the conduct of his predeceffor lord Heathfield. The fleet under the command of admiral Mann are, as we before ftated, drawn up in line of battle under Rofca battery; but were expected, when the above accounts came away, to fail in a few

days, to intercept a large fleet of mer-fell in with and recaptured the Friendchantmen expected at Cadiz. fhip, and fent her for this port. Cap tains Alexander Rowe and W. Dor

14. A military waggon has been





ouɔ sienuriot ww bus ; YONA" conftructed, the plan of which has re ceived the approbation of the duke of York and other general officers, for the more fpeedy conveyance of the foldiery from one part of the kingdom to the other. There are three rows of benches, which will hold forty-ught men; and underneath is a box to carry the provifions. It is extremely light. and well fuited to the purpofes for EN SIT which it is intended.

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glas, of the 84th regiment, Mr. Dal-
ton, and Mr. Allan, who came paffen-
gers, from the Cape, in the Friendship,
landed here this morning captain
Black was kept on board the priva-
teer, and is supposed to have reached

17. Captain fir Richard Strachan,
of the Melampus frigate, fell in with
the frigate and two corvettes of the
failing of which on Friday evening last,
we had accounts by the American ship
Nancy; and was fortunate enough to
drive one of the corvettes on the rock,
at half ebb, and to capture the other
corvette, which arrived at Portmouth
company with the Melampas vefters
day. She is loaded with naval ftores,
a very fine veffel, and mounts 18 guns,
nine-pounders,led low


* 300

The committee of the court of aldermen met at the manfion-houfe, to finifh alderman, Skinner's regulating bill. The bill contains claufes, that the bakers hall give an account of their flock of flour from time to time, that all the flour and wheat fold in or out of the market shall be fairly entered in a book or books; and from the average upon, this account, the meal-weighers are to draw the medium price. A glaufe likewife respects the ftock of the millers and the warehousemen, with many others, which feem likely to be beneficial to the community nose po 30


197 A few days ago was opened, clofe to Mrs. Nightingale's, in Westminfter-abbey, a monument to the memory of the late fir George Pocock, K. Ba YMCA


The defign is the fimpleft poffible: Britannia is embracing with her left arm a medallion of the admiral, and in her right hand wields a thunderbolt, doubtless in conformity to the figurative mode of expreffing the force of the English maritime power, by calling it the British thunder.

The monument is from the chifel of Bacon whofe various works decorate the principal repositories of fculpture in the kingdom; and we are of opinion that this his laft performance will not diminish his reputation.

It is erced at the expenfe of his fon George Pocock, efq. and the infcription, which does great juftice to the admiral's character, comes from

the pen of the rey. Dr. Jones, archIdeacon of Hereford.


Nov. 19. His majefly's ship Trusty, of 50 guns, capt. Ofborn, now Sheernels, is under orders to fail for the Cape of Good Hope, with lord Macartney and his fuite. His lordship has completed every neceflary arrangement for his departure, and is expected to fet out in a few days.

The depot for Eaft India recruits, we understand, will not be at Carifbrook Castle, as the neceffary buildings to make that decayed fortress tenable, would render the undertaking too expensive,

There was a very arduous p prefs for feamen on the river: the gallies were, very numerous, which vifited every veffel from London-bridge to Wool' wich, from which a few ufeful Wands were procured, and fent to the receiving fhip at the Tower.


22. One of the most gallant actors achieved during this war, or perhaps in the long and brilliant annals of British glory, has been lately fought in the Welt Indies, between his majcity's bring Pelican, of 18 guns, commanded by captain J. C. Searle, and the French frigate the Medea, of



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Thefe veffels falling in fes, to windward of Guadaloupe, the Pelican, fecing the Freuchman of fuch fuperior force, made all fail away from him. The latter, however, had as great a fuperiority in failing, as in force, and foon, came alongside the English brig.. The captain of the latter, with that fpirit and heroifm which fo pre-eminently diftinguifh Britifh feamen, determined to fight to the laft; a warm action immediately commenced, which lafted for an hour and a half, during which the Frenchman was fo feverely handled, that he made for Guadaloupe, the Pelican in purfuit of him; and nothing prevented, the English heroes from making a prize of their enemy, but the vicinity of the latter to his own port. It is to be mentioned, kewife, that the Pelican took a yell! enfer convoy of the Medea, but was unfortunately retaken by fome and d boats fent out from Guadaloupe.


As a proof that the Cape of Good Hope is not one of our conquefte which it is meant to furrender on re event of reciprocal conceffions, the in


dia company gave a great dinner to lord Macartney and his fuite laft week, preparatory to his going out governor of that fettlement.

Nov. 3. The tide in every part of the river was very high. In TooleyStreet the inhabitants were taken out in boats; and a large quantity of foreign wheat, which was upon the groundfloors of the warehoufes, was fo much damaged that it must immediately go to the diflillery.

3. Soon after 11 o'clock, the subfeription for eighteen millions fterling, for the fervices of the enfuing year, clofed at the bank; and fuch was the general defire to funfcribe, that the court room was a fcene of the utmoft confusion. Many gentlemen were altogether disappointed; and thofe who could get near the books to put down their names, did fo with the utmost difficulty. There was very little remaining to be fubfcribed; for a great number of orders had been received by Mr. Newland in the morning from the country, which claimed a preference; and accordingly the doors were fhut fome time until thefe commiffions were written down. There is no doubt but

many millions more would have been fubfcribed, if the public fervice had required it.

Dec 7. The marquis of Bute arriv. ed at his house in Hill-ftreet, Berkeley. fquare, from Lifbon.

The Cirencefter, arrived at Crookhaven, left Canton 21ft March, 1795, and brings forme magnificent prefents for his majesty, accompanied by a moft gracious letter from the late emperor Kien Long, who has refigned his throne to his fifteenth fon. This prince affumed the reins of government on the gth of February, the Chinese new year's day, with the title of emperor Kia fing.

The old emperor has taken the new appellation of Tai Tehang Hoang Ti, or the VERY GREAT emperor.

This veffel was reckoned one of the fwifteft failing tips in his majefty's navy; he was taken from the French the zoth of Odober, 1793, by the Crefcent frigate, commanded by capt. fir James Saumarez, which, after a fmart engagement ftruck, on the Circe, of 18 guns, appearing in fight.

A new floop of war, of 16 guns, tó be called the Stock, is ordered to be built in the king's-yard, at Deptford. As he is intended for a voyage of furveys and difcoveries, her conftruction is to be on an enlarged scale, and the model very different from any in prefent use.

Admiral Vandeput's fquadron has captured the Adriana, bound from the Havannah to Barcelona. She is a valuable prize, laden with fugar and fpecie, and is now on her pallage to England, under convoy of the Ada.

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13. Admiral Bligh has, at the requëft of the merchants, fiationed a man of war off the land of Cuba, for the protection of our trade.


An awful and fingular hail-florm occurred at Norwich laft week. Two very vivid flathes of lightning illumin ed the fouthern and northern hemifpheres, fucceeded by heavy peals of the profufely, appeared impregnated with the fire.

17. Lieutenant Hammerline, of the navy, arrived at the admiralty-office, from the Mediterranean, with di fpatches from admiral fir John Jervis, K. B. He left the English fquadron cruifing in the Mediterranean, and confilling of 14 fail of the line, without the appearance of either a French or Spanish Tquadron to oppofe it. This officer brings alfo the agreeable advice, that the garrifon of Gibraltar was in high health and fpirits, Lieutenant Hammerline left Gibraltar on the eth of November.

The captain of a Portuguefe velle! arrived at Lifbon, from the coaft of Braßl, reports, that on the 15th of Ju

laft, the Fame fetter of maique, captain Wheldon, of 16 guns, and so men, bound to London, arrived at Rio Janeiro, from the coaft of América; entirely difmatted, having, on the oth of that month, beat off Le Terrible, French privateer, of 22 guns, and full" of men.


16. An exprefs was received at the admiralty, ftating that his majefty'sly hip Es Reunion, of 36 guns, in her pallage from Sheernels for Yarmouth, jad ftruck on a fand-bank in the Swin, and was totally loft; we have, however, the pleature to add, that capt. Bainton, and all the crew, except three, are faved.

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The two hips were engaged two fhaw, to Anne Jefferys, late countess hours and in which time of Westmeath. the French made three attempts to board the Fame, but were repulfed with great flaughter, The Fame had feven men killed and nine wounded; among the latter are the captain and chief



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bebrorni al edi Nov. 11. The lady of capt. Browning, of the Cambridge light dragoons, of a fon

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15. The lady of fir Samuel Egerton Leigh, of Edinburgh, of a fon,

20. The lady of W. F. Hammond, of Berner's-ftreet, efq. of a fon,

23. The lady off. C. Cotton, cf Wallifcote, Oxfordinire, clq. of a fon.

The lady of William Briftow, of the royal navy efq. of a daughter.

The lady of colonel Wood, of Portland-place, M. P, of a daughter.


Dec. 8. The lady of T Lockwood, of Upper Grofvenor-fireet, efq. of a fon.

lady of William Milbank, of Cavendith quare, cig of a daugh.



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ɔd misLUN

The lady of Auguftus Pechell, of
Portman fquare, efq. of a daughter,
The lady of Richard Sumner, of
Devonshire place, elg. of a daughter.

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No. 15. Ralph Anthony Ironfide, of Haughton-le- Spring, in the county of Durham, efg to mifs Dunn, fecond daughter of the late John Dunn, of Tennochfide, efq.

16. Colonel Forfer, of the Somerfet fentible infantry, to mifs Coles, daughter of James Coles, of Taunton, efq..

17. Capt. 1. C. Mitchell, of the Eaft India company's Bengal military establishment, to mils Harriet Vaughan. 21. Robert Wilfon, jun, of Hackney, elg. to inil's Coullinaker.

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Thomas Pollett, of Bardheid -lodge, Effex, efq, to mifs Elizabeth Clutton.


Lieutenant Slade, of royal navy,› to, mis Cheney Rofe, of Porifmouth.

John Pope, of Eridge, Kent, efq. to mifs Harnett, of Canterbury.


Sir Henry Goodricke, of Kibston, Yorkshire, bart. to mifs Charlotte Fortescue, fecond daughter of the late, right hon. James Fortefcue.


8. William Stanley, of Bellvee. houfe, efq, to mifs Rennell, of Suffolk -' ftreet, Middlefex-hofpital.


The rev, H. A. Hole, chaplain to, the prince of Wales, to mifs Sarah Horne, youngest daughter of the late bifnop of Norwich.

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10. The hon. Copicy Ashley, bro ther to the earl of Shaftesbury, to lady Anne Spencer, daughter to the duke of Marlborough.


Capt. Lofack, of the Jupiter man of war, to mifs Story, daughter of George Story, efq.


Major Shee, of the thirty-third regiment, to mifs St, Charles.

23.Thomas Spencer Phelps, of The rey, Charles Powlett, chaplain Bahol College, Oxford, efq. to mifs to his royal highness the prince of Mary Tucker of Axminster, Devon-Wales, to mifs Temple, daughter of mire! the late rev. W. J. Temple, car of **The Lion. Apguftus Cavendish Brad St. Gluvias, Cornwall,

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