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national convention, the province of payment of which Austria, Prussia and Overyfsel being against the measure, Russia, have undertaken, are climatid proposed the inftitution of a commission at three ipiliions of fiorins. at Amsterdam, to unite the various They write from Rome, that the pa. opinions and interests of the provinces lace belonging to the king of Poland in upon this subject; but on the 301h, as that capital, is repairing and beautify: the province of Overyfsel were swayed ing; Stanislaus intending to finish his by those of Holland, Guelderland, and | days there in peace. Utrecht, they rescinded their first pro- The expenses of the campaign of pofition.

this year are alculated at fixty millions; The province of Holland, availing it means for raising which are, for the felf of this momentary majority, adopted greatest part, already said to be in forthe resolution taken on the 13th, with a wardness ; our 'new share of Poland is few alterations in some of the articles, to furnish 25,coo recruits. disarulling that of yelterday, by which Paris, Jan. 15.' The courier sent by the meeting of the national convention general Pichegru to this capital, with is put off till the 18th of February, in the fufp.nlion of arms, is returned with tead of the ift. This delay is to give the acquiescence to the same on the part time for the diffenting provinces to make of the executive directory, but no deup their differences.

termination as to the time it is to laft. It is just the same at present as it was The troops are going into quarters, and on the 25th of November, as the pro- the armies receive daily reinforcevinces of Groningen, Zealand, and ments. Overyfsel, are ftill against a convention: An affair of out.posts happened in -whether they can he brought over, the neighbourhood of Treves, fince the time only will shew. Zealand demands term of agreement for the ceffation of the retention of the provincial sove hoftilities; of which the generals on reignty, and that its contribution to both lides have very strongly marked wards the union shall be diminished their disapprobation. I he officers Friesland requires, that the reprefent chiefly concerned in the aggrellion have ation shall not be founded upon the po- been very feverely punished. pulation, as also the preservation of the Duffeldorf, Jan. 21. We have provincial fovereignty; and, Thirdly, 2500 men in garrison here. The forthat there be come check against the lifications are continued with increased convention ; and Groningen proposed activity--47 batceries, on the borders of that deputies Mould be sent to Amster- the Rhine, will render Dusseldorf inac. dam, to endeavour to effect a union of cellible. General Hatri commands here. sentiment among the provinces upon Rotterdam, Jan. 27. The rivers this important object.

Maele, the Amiel, and all the waters Yesterday the president of the ftates in North Holland, are at this time open received the compliments of the new as in summer. year from several branches of the go. Cologue, Jan. 26. The truce convernment, as well as the foreign mi-cluded between the French general Hanifters; the latter were distinguishable triand the Auftrian general Kienmayer, by their arms and their liveries; which does not permit the navigation of the was not the case with any of the Rhine, except for transports expedited former.

by virtue of orders, or with paisports The number of people in the whole figned by the commiftioners of war, or of the United Netherlands amounts to competent officers : that navigation can 1,769,000 Souls. The contribution of only take place from Bacharach to SiBelgium towards the forced loan amounts ég, and from the Wupper to Holland. to 70 millions of livres.

The space comprised between those two Austria, Jan. 15. The king of rivers cannot be navigated by the inPrussia has, by means of the marquis de habitants either of the right or left Lechefini, sept compliments of con- More, and no person of any fort whatgratulation to the emperor, on his tak. ever is to pass the river within that fpace. ing poffeffion of his lot of Poland. Hague, Feb. it. Accounts received The old national debts of Poland, the from Conftantinople represent an ap

Na proaching proaching war as inevitable.

This , vice, or otherwise procure their own cvent, it is observed, could not possibly subfiftence in future. be protracted longer than the ensuing Le Reveil du Peuple was lately {pring : the preparations in the docks played in the French theatre at the and arsenals are beyond any prece. Hague ; but the manager has received dent,

orders to prohibit it in future. 13. All the youth upwards of 15 Almost all the modifications submitted years of age now maintained in any of by the provinces to the states general the charitable foundations, will be relative to a national convention, have obliged to enter into the sea or land ser- been rejected.



St. James's, Jan. 13. fimilar occasions, dressed in a plain ftyle.

The king, who received the compliThis day their majesies, with their ments of the nobility according to the

royal highnesses the princesses, etiquette, was more riehly habited. It removed from Windfor to the queen's being the first drawing-room fince the palace, to refide during the winter. commencement of the new year, the Jan. 15.

Prosecutions were com- ode was performed in the great council menced, and bills found by the grand chamber before the royal family and jury, at the quarter-fefsions at Glou the whole court. According to annual celter, against 22 persons who have been cuftom, 40 boys, educated in Chrif's guilty of forestalling the markets, to hospital, were introduced to the king the great prejudice of the inhabitants. by aldermen Clark and Gill. In the We are assured that a strict watch will evening there was a ball in the great be for the future continued, to guard ball-room. The ball was rather thinly 2 he markets from fuch injurious prac. attended, and but very few persons octices.

cupied the dancing feats. At ten miJan. 18. This day was observed as nutes. paft nine their majestics entered her majesty's birth-day, with the ufual the room, and at half pait nine the mic marks of loyal feftivity. At one the nuets commenced. guns on the platform at the tower fired Their majefties, during the whole of a royal falute on the occasion; the new the day, appeared in high spirits; and soyal standard was displayed on the the affability and condescension of the Winte lower, and all the churches hoisted queen to every person with whom the their fags on the occasion, as did the conversed, was never more attractingly thipping of all nations in the river. At conspicuous and engaging. iwo o'clock there was a drawing-room The prevailing fashions were blue and at St. James's palace. The pripcels green velyet trains, and bandeaus of vaSophia, being indisposed ar Windfor rious, coloured foil, ornamented with Jodge, was not present. Their majef. gold or filver, ties? youngest daughter, the princefs Her majesty's birth day was observed Amelia, was introduced at court for the at Plymouth in a very loyal and affecBrit sime. The unusual mildness of the tionate manner: the different regiments weather made a display of dress on the and volunteers fired three vollics ; the nobility and gentry of both sexes much citadel and men of war fired royal fa. more light and airy than is usual at this lutes ; and the royal standard was hoifted season. The queen waa, as is usual on on board the admiral's fip. At the


government - house, the victualling. fence of immense numbers of women, office, dock-yard, royal hospital, ma- who from the adjoining villages, unmorine barracks, at major Hawker's, and lefted by our discriminate fire, food at the citadel, grand dinners were given near the batteries, fpectators of the on the occasion; and in the evening fight, did not prevent many of the fole" there was a brilliant ball at Pridham's diers profiting by the fi:th of our guns loog room, Stone-house.

to avoid the shot from them. The This evening, between seven and Diamond, and Amazon, have each eight o'clock, the inhabitants of Liver- driven vesels of the enemy into fittpool were alar ined by a moft tremen- ations where they were unafailable by dousítorm of wind,'hail, rain, thun. frigates or open boats, but could have cer and lightning ; the flashes were vi- calily been taken or destroyed by armed vid and inceffant, and lalted for up. cutters or luggers: a particular inftance wards of half an honr. We have not of which lately occurred to Sir Sidney heard of any damage done by it. Smith, who, with that fpiriç and ability

This day, between eight and nine for which he is distinguished. brought o'clock at night, the poft. buy carry. the ship he attacked immediately being the Manchester, Warrington, and tween the batteries and the Diamond, Frodfham bags, was itopped by two when finding that he had but 32 feet men with crape before their faces, and water, with the tide at ebb, he was ubwell mountei, near Dusham-on-the- liged to relinquish a pursuit which a Hill: and, after securing the boy, they cutter of ten or twelve guns would have took the bags into an adjoining field and crowned with suceels considerably ada broke then all open, and examined the vantageous. letters, and left them fcattered in the The prince of Wales this morning field; they then returned to the hoy, ordered the payment of every claim 10 hood-winked him, tied him to a tree, the sth inftant; and we hear that the and left him with horrid threats if he expenditure is brought within the inattempted to disengage himfelf. come, though we understand it is done

Guernsey, Jan. 19. The national with much difficulty. characteriltic, benevolence, is exema 20. Letters were received at the adplified and exalted by our cruisers. The miralty from admiral fir John Jervis, wretched fishermen of france, previous and fir Gilh. Eliott, at Corfica, broughe to the expected arrival or departure of by the Cyclops frigate, which made their shipping, are prevented by armed the passage from Gibraltar in leven cutrers of the convention trom follow days. It is with much pleasure we state ing their occupations. On the appear the junction of admiral Waldegrave's ance of our frigates these craft gene- squadron with that under fir John Jer. rally fly into port, when the filling vis; and the arrival of the outwardboats traffic with our people for bread, bound Mediterranean fleet. which they in every instance prefer to Dispatches were alfo received at lord money. They are sometimes unable to Grenville's office, from lieutenant genegüe fish, when our gallant cars share ral O'Hara, governor of Gibraltar. their biscuits with them, without look. The garrison is said to be in a very uning for an equivalent. Notwithland healthy ftate, owing to an inveterate ing the frequency of communication be fcurvy which prevails among the troops; tween the squadron of Sir Sidney Srnith and a great part of the ordnance and and the fishermen, which has grown stores, it is added, 'were found by the into personal acquaintance, the coast | general, on his arrival, in a very un-, from Dieppe to Havre favours trongly i Lerviceable condition. of republicans. From Havre, by the 23. The affociation for exploring Calvadoes, and again by Granville, the unknown districts of Africa have they profess warm attachment to their lately received accounts that one of their. ancient government. Our trigates, in emissaries hact penetrated to the valt and attempting to deftroy some of ihe ene: populous city of Tombucto, about one my's vessels, have had occasion to en- thoufand miles to the north-east of the gage several batteries, near which they river Gambia. About a month ago, a Tön for protection, when even the pre- specimen of a web of cloth was pre

sented to the president to the association, Kent, John Mumford, of Sutton at and sewn to several gentlemen ; it was Hone, esq. of a species of thick piled cotton, wove Leicellershire, Jaines Richards, of in large Iquares of dark blue and white, Amby-de-la Zouch esq. of between one and two inches, with Lincolnshire, Williain Earl Welby, red veins or streaks in the blue parts ; of Denton, Esq. the colours were very vivid ; the edges Monmouthshire, poftponed. were goc.', apparently, as well as the Northumberland, Adam Mansfield texture.

Lawson Decardonnel, of Chirton, esą. 27. Great savings are in agitation Northamptonshire, Allen Edward throughoue the kingdom in ship build- Young the younger, of Orlingbury, ing. The plan is to Ihape every timber elq. to its use, by boiling it in oil or water. Norfolk, Thomas Brown Evans, of A ship thus built will be stronger, with Ke: ky Bedon, tfq. a consumption of but one · half the Nóttinghamshire, John Wright, of timber.

Nottingham, efq. This day the judges met in lord Oxfordshire, pofiponed. Kenyon's chamber, Westminster hali, Rutland hire, Robert Tomlin, of and chose their circuits for the ensuing

Edith Westoc, eq spring allizes as follow, viz.

Shropshire, Ralph Leake, of LongNorthern. Right hon. lord Kenyon

ford, tlq. and hon. Mr. justice Heath.

Someriershire, John Tyndale Warre, Norfoik. Right hon. lord chief jus

of Heliacombe, esq. tice Eyre and hon. Mr. justice Ashurst. Staffordfhire, Henry Vernon, of Hil

Midland. · Right hon. the lord chief ton, alg. baron and hon. Mr, jufice Rooke. Suffolk, John Clayton, of Sibton, Home. Hon. Mr. baron Hotham

ela and hon. Mr. justice Grose.

Southampton, Henry Maxwell, of Western. Hon. Mr. baron Perryn

E w shot house, esq. and hon. Mr. juftice Buller.

Surrey, Thomas Sutton, of Moul. Oxford. Hon. Mr. baron Thomp. sey, Esq. fon and hon. Mr justice Lawrence. Sussex, John Fulier, of Roschill, esq.

Feb. 6. Sheriffs appointed by his Warwickshire, poftponed. majelty in council, for the year 1796. Worceftershire, Thomas Hill the

Berkshire, Michael Anthony, of younger, of Broom, efq. Shippon, ela

Wiltshire, Becket Turner, of PenBedfordshire, George Brooks, of leigh, eft. Flitwick, ela.

Yorkshire, Godfrey Wentworth Bucks, Thomas Hibbert, of Chal- Wentworth, of Hickilion, esq. font-houre, esą.

SOUTH WALES. Cumberland, James Graham, of

Caermarthen, Daniel Jones, of Glaa Barrock-lodge, efq

nyrannell, efq. Chefaire, the hon. Booth Gray, of

Pembroke, Nathaniel Philips, of Winckam.

Slehetch, ela Camb. and Hunt. John Gardiner, of Chatteris, efq.

Cardigan, Edward Warren Jones,

of Llanina, esq. Devonkhire, Sir Bourchie Wray, of

Glamorgan, hierbert Hurft, of GaTavistock, bart.

balva, esq. Dorfetthire, Thomas Bowyer Bow

Brecon, Philip Champion Crespigny, yer, of Iwern-minster, efq.

of Tallyllyr, efq. Derbyshire, Thos. Burrow, of Der.

Radnor, Percival Lewis, of Newby, efq.

Radnor, esq. Esex, Jackson Barwise, of Mar

NORTH WALES. thalls, eig

Glouceftershire, Samuel Peach Peach, Merioneth, Sir Edward Brice Lloyd, of Upper Torkington, efq.

of Park, bart. Hertfordshire, John Sowerby, of Anglesea, John Morris Conway, of Lilley, esq.

Cellening, ela. Herefordrhire, Abraham Whitaker, Carnarvon, John William Lenthall, of Litton, ele.

of Mainan, sro


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Montgomery, John Dicken, of from some person in John-freet, which Welch Pool, efq.

leads from St. James's-Square, in PallDenbighshire, John Hughes, of Horse. mall. ky hall, ela.

In consequence of this audacious proFlint, Sir Edward Price Lloyd, of ceeding, a council was fummoned yesPengwern-place, bart.

terday at lord Hawkesbury's office, At a council of his royal highness the Whitehall; at which the lord president, Prince of Wales, held at Canton-house lord chancellor, lord privy seal, duke of the sth day of February, 1796. Portiad, lorg Hawkesbury, lord SpenSheriff appointed by his royal highness cer, Mr. Pitt, Mr. Dundas, and the the Prince of Wales, for 1796.


master of the rolls, attended, and took County of Cornwall, John Enys, of 'the depositions of Mr. Kemp, the coachEnys, eiq.

man, and mesrs. Valerce and Baker, Feb. 6. It was near twelve o'clock on with the other footmen who were beMonday night, owing to the extreme hind the carriage. length of the entertainment, before the His royal highness the prince of royal family left Drury lane theatre; a Wal-s paid a vifit to her majefly yestergreat concourse of people had collected day, as foon as he heard of the danger to fce them come out; but Mewed no which his royal parents had efcap d. appearance of a riotous or difoyal na- | 12. A council was held at the fecreo, tore, otherwise than by a few persons 'tary of state's effice, at which the lord biliog and hooting, which was greatly chancellor, lord president, lord privy overpowered by acclamations of huz- feal, cuke of Portland, lord Grenville, zaing and clapping of hands; in this lord Spencer, Mr. Pitt, Mr. Dundas, manner the king and queen, with their Mr. Winchan, and other members of attendants proceeded to Chandos. Atreet, the cabinet, aflilled to deliberate on the where brick bars and mud were thrown offence, of which Mr. Gillet, who was at the carriage, and a piece of brick or brought up for examination, lood tile, hit Mr. Valence, one of the foot charged; when after entering into a vamen, over the shoulder, and triking riety of arguments, and hearing the on the flambeau, extinguibed the light: evidence against the prisoner, he was at this time, the horse guards kept gal. fully committed to Newgate, for har. loping after the people to disperse them; ing absented him.felf from this country on the entrance of the carriages into the in the month of December lali, and Mews, the gates were fhut, and the mul- gone over to France, in direct contraritude being prevented from following diction to the bill brought into parliathat way, took their route through Lei- ment by his majesty's minifters, entitled celter fields, Panton fireet, and across the Traiterous correspondence Bill, to St. James's square, when they met the which charge he is to answer at the royal family in Pall-mall, nearly oppo- | Old Bailey leflions. fite Carleton-house, where a stone was 13. One of the prize Dutch Eaft. thrown, which broke the glais of the inviamen, which some time ance decarriage, and fell into the lap of lady ivered her cargo in the river, is bought Harrington, who was with their majel up as a lore-ship, and is now fitting to ties, as lady in waiting. The nuniber carry out troops and stores to the garri. of people at this time, by the accountion of Gibraltar. She is upwards of given by the servants and other artend. 1200 tons burthen, high between decks, ants, did not amount to more than a and is the only fort of vefle that dozen or twenty perfons. When the mould be used on such occalions. The royal family came to Buckingham- consequences of crowding a number of house, her inajelly, who was greatly men in a small compass have been lately territed, was conducted from the car but too obvious. When the voyages riage by the marquis of Salbury; the have been long, the malady has been king, who had not made known the dreadful. There are two more of inult that had been offered, inform d these vessels in the river expected to be the gentlemen of his household and his taken up in the same employ. aeccodents, that the stone was throwo


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