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Jackson, fecond daughter of the rev.

Dr. Jacklon, canon refidcotiary of St. Jan. 22. The lady of H. Harford, | Paul's. of New Cavendilb-itreet, esq. of a Nathaniel Siinpson, efq. of the South. daughter.

Sta-louie, to Mrs. Jackson, widow of 29. The lady of William Frafer, of the late Thomas Jackson, of Fanning: Queen's-square, esq. of a daughter. ton in the county of Limerick, clg. Feb. 1. The right hon. lady Eliza

Fol. Samuel Scott, of Gower. beth Cole, lady of Thomas Cole, of ftreer, efq. to miss Ommanney, of Twickenham, esq. of a daughter. Bloomsbury square.

10. The lady of William Bofcawen, 6. John Reade, of Ipfden, Oxford. of Baker-ftreet, Portmun-square, ela Thire, to mifs Scoti, elleit daughter of of a son.

major John Scott, of Bromley, Kent. 12. The lady of major Metcalfe, one Joleph Kelly, erg late of the 42d of the directors of the East India regiment, !o Mrs. Carden, widow of Company, of a fon.

John Carden, of Cardenstown, Ires 26. The lady of Samuel Whitbread, land, elq. of Lower Grosvenor-street, efq. of a 15. Major Robert Durdas Mac. fon.

qucen, of Braxí eld, to miss Lillias The lady of Walter Boyd, of Sack

lvlontgomery, second daughter of co• ville- ftreet, esq. of a fon.

lonel Montgomery, of Collsfield.


Jan. 20. Henry Stevens, efq. of
Merton College, Oxford, to '

miss Ann Jan. 17. William Mackenzie, of Catharine Henrietta Pritchard of St. Pitlurdy, .esq. Julien-en-Auvergoe.

The rév. Mr. Blomefield, rector of Capt. Wheatley of the first regiment Fiersfield, Norfok. of guards, eldeft fon of William Mrs. Elizabeth Shipley, of Maid. Wheatley, of Lesney-house, Kent, esq. fone, Kent, third daughter of the late to miss Jane Williams, daughter of bishop of St. Alaph. Thomas Williams, esq. member of 20. Mrs. De Belle, of Brompton, parliament for Great Marlow, Bucks. widow of colonel De Bathe.

The rev. John Jefferys, fon of IT. Thé rev. Thomas Williams, clerk, Jefferys, canon residentiary of St. Paul's chancellor of the cathedral church of cathedral, to miss Charlotte Byron, of Chichester. Hertford.

George Rawson, of Dawson- ftreet, Captain Glanville, of the royal Dublin, esq. member of parliament for Cornwall regiment, to mils S. Fan. the borough of Armagh, and one of Mawe, lecond daughter of commission- | the commisioners of ttamps in Ireland. er Fanshawe, of Plymouth dock yard. 23. Lieutenant colonel John Perry,

The hon. Alexander Brymer, of of the inth regiment of foor.' Prefon, Lancashire, to miss Harriet Thomas Bradford, of Norton in the Dobfon, youngelt danghter of the county of Durham, eler: late governor of Nova Scotia.

2. The hon. Robert Fitzmaurice John Alexander Hunter of York, efq. Deane, cldelt fun of lord Muskerry. to mifs Henrietta Saul, daughter and Thomas Hulley, of Salisbury, cig. co heiress of the late Thomas Saul, of Majur R. Douglas of the invalzus. Lancaster, csq.

Feb. 3. The lady of Rubert Raynel. Capt. Jackson, of the Carnatic Eait ford, of Birchanger, Elicx, elg. Indiaman, 'to mifs Harriet Goodchild.

13. Mrs. Taylor, of Maidltone, Kent, The rev. Dawlon Warren, vicar of mother if c. Taylor, 6'q. M1, Pfor Idmonton, to miss Charlotte Lucy | the said torough.


Lady's Magazine ;


Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, appropriated solely to their Use and Amusement. For M , Ꮯ ,

A, R C H, 1796.

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1 Description of the City of Vienna,

99 2 Fashions for March, 3 Opprellion. Ao Allegory, 4 Letters between Charles Waller,

chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, and Frances, one of the Protector's

favourite daughters, 5 On the Injustice of Fortune to Ge

104 6 The Three Maidens,

ibid. 7 Story of the Exploits and Death of Captain Raggado and his Bravos,

1:5 8 Anecdote of the late earl of Chelterfield,

109 9 Account of the Comedy called The

Man of Ten Thousand, 110 10 Grafville" Abbey. A Romance; 117 11 Derwent Priory. A Novel, 12 The Adventures of Emma, 124 13 History of the Decayed Merchant and his Daughter,

130 14 Poetical Essays. ---Prologue to the

Comedy of the Way to get mar.
ried.- Epilogne to the fame.-
Sinnet to Hope.-Epitaph on a
Favourite Dog.-Addreis to
Favourite Cat.-Toʻa Lady on the
Rise of Morn.---The Thief -- 133,

-136 15 Firéign News,

137 16 Home News,

139 17 Births-Marriages-Deaths, 144


This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

1. A new Pattern for a Frock, Gown or Apron. 2. The Baptism of the Infant Princess. 3. A View of the City of Vienna ; and 4. Tit for Tat. Music by R.Hudson, M. B.

LONDON, Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, No. 25, Pater.

nofter Row, where Favours from Correspondents will be received.


Jemima's proffered communications will be very acceptable.

E. R's Essay is considerably too long and incorrect.

Stanzas presented to Miss H. Gough by J. P. Binham, in our next.

Received;—Henry and Louisa; or the Soldier's Return, a Tale. -Essay on Charity by L. M.- Verses to Mifs A. H. by W. H.-Sonnet by H. D.-Elegy by F. R.--Song by I. Q.- Enigmatical Lifts by T. M. I. K. and Unohoo,

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