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CONTENTS.-Introductory notes- Publications of associations--Educational history-Current educa tional conditions—Pedagogics and didactics-Educational psychology; Child study-Special subjects of curriculum-Kindergarten and primary school-Rural education-Secondary education-Teachers: Training and professional status-Higher education School administration School management-School hygiene and sanitation-Sex hygiene-Physical training-Play and playgrounds-Social aspects of education-Religious education-Manual and vocational training-Vocational guidance-Agricultural education; Nature study-Commercial education Professional education-Civic education-Military trainingExceptional children-Education extension-Libraries and reading-Bureau of Education: Recent publications—Periodicals represented in this number.


Some noteworthy educational books which have recently appeared are the following, the numbers in parentheses referring to the full entries in this bulletin: Farrington, French secondary schools, 2d ed. (1257); Bachman, Principles of elementary education (1263); Moulton, Modern study of literature (1288); MacLear, The kindergarten and the Montessori method (1299); Foght, Rural Denmark and its schools (1307); Cubberley and Elliott, Source book of state and county school administration (1340); Rapeer, Educational hygiene (1349); Dewey, School and society, 2d ed. (1355); Leavitt and Brown, Prevocational education in the public schools (1370).

Only publications of the Bureau of Education are available for free distribution by this Office. All others here listed may ordinarily be obtained from their respective publishers, either directly or through a dealer, or, in the case of an association publication, from the secretary of the issuing organization. A list of periodicals mentioned, with their addresses, may be found at the end of this bulletin.

Books, pamphlets, etc., intended for inclusion in this record should be sent to the library of the Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C.

PUBLICATIONS OF ASSOCIATIONS. 1247, Central association of science and mathematics teachers. Proceedings

of the fourteenth meeting ... huld in Chicago, November 27–28, 1914. 192 p. 8°. (W. L. Eikenberry, secretary, University high school, Chicago, Ill.)

Contains: 1. Eugene Davenport: On the application of science to agriculture, p. 12-18. 2. Carl Colvin: The use of land in teaching agriculture in secondary schools, p. 29-33. 3. W.H. Smith: Materials for a course in animal husbandry, p. 34-38. 4. F. T. Ullrich: The present status of botanical instruction in the normal schools, p. 39-53. 5. E. R. Downing: Some data regarding the teaching of zoology in secondary schools, p. 54-61. 6. Ruth Johnston: High school preparation of college work in science, p. 66-71. 7. C. E. Peet: Report of an investigation

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