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shall be required to clap or hiss, that the Town may
learn certainly when and how far they ought to
be pleas'd ?
8. It is submitted whether it would not be

proper to distinguish the Council of Six by some particular Habit or Gown of an honourable shape and colour, to which may be added a square Cap and a white Wand.

9. That to prevent unmarried Actresses making away with their Infants, a competent provision be allowed for the nurture of them, who shall for that reason be deemed the Children of the Society; and that they may be educated according to the Genius of their parents, the said Actresses shall declare upon Oath (as far as their memory will allow) the true names and qualities of their feveral fathers. A private Gentleman's Son shall at the publick expence be brought up a Page to attend the Council of Six: A more ample provision shall be made for the son of a Poet; and a greater ftill for the son of a Critic.


10. If it be discovered that any Actress is got with Child, during the Interludes of any Play wherein the hath a Part, it shall be reckoned

nega lect of her business, and the shall forfeit accordingly. If any Actor for the future fhall commit Murder, except upon the stage, he shall be left to the laws of the land ; the like is to be understood

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of Robbery and Theft. In all other cases, particularly in those for Debt, it is proposed that this, like the other Courts of Whiteball and St. James's, may be held a Place of Privilege. And whereas it has been found, that an obligation to satisfy paultry Creditors has been a Discouragement to Men of Letters, if any Person of Quality or others shall send for any Poet or Critic of this Society to any remote.quarter of the town, the said Poet or Critic shall freely pass and repass without being liable to an Arreft.

11. The forementioned Scheme in its several regulations may be supported by Profits arising from every Third-night throughout the as it would be hard to suppose that so many perfons could live without any food (though from the former course of their lives, a very little will be deemed sufficient) the masters of calculation will, we believe, agree, that out of those Profits, the said persons might be subsisted in a sober and decent manner. We will venture to affirm further, that not only the proper magazines of Thunder and Lightning, but Paint, Diet-drinks, Spitting-pots, and all other Necessaries of Life, may in like manner fairly be provided for.

12. If some of the Articles may at first view seem liable to Objections, particularly those that give so vast a power to the Council of Six (which is indeed larger than any, entrusted to the great

year. And Officers of state) this may be obviated, by swearing those Six Persons of his Majesty's Privy Council, and obliging them to pass every thing of moment previously at that most honourable Board.

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