Partisan Hearts and Minds: Political Parties and the Social Identities of Voters

Yale University Press, 01/01/2004 - 266 páginas
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In this authoritative study, three political scientists demonstrate that identification with political parties powerfully determines how citizens look at politics and cast their ballots.
"Partisan Hearts and Minds is a profound breakthrough in our understanding of partisan loyalties and makes a major contribution to the study of political attitudes and voting behavior."--Paul Abramson, Michigan State University
"This book will be influential the moment it appears. It will be the starting point for all further treatments of the topic."--Richard Johnston, University of British Columbia
"The grounding of partisanship in social identities is the most important theoretical contribution to the study of partisanship in the last two decades."--Morris P. Fiorina, Stanford University

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Partisan Groups as Objects of Identification
A Closer Look at Partisan Stability
Evidence from Aggregate Data
Partisan Stability and Voter Learning
Party Realignment in the American South
Partisan Stability outside the United States
How Partisan Attachments Structure Politics
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Donald Green is A. Whitney Griswold Professor of Political Science and director of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University. Bradley Palmquist has taught at Harvard University and Vanderbilt University. Eric Schickler is professor of government at Harvard University.

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