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At all these birds we have now taken a peep.

We have found them in their proper haunts,

examined their skill as architects, and their

powers as musicians. We have inquired into

the nature of their food, the number and colour

of their eggs, and their mode of rearing their

young; any peculiar adaptation of structure to

habits or curious mode of living has been duly

noted; and, not content with studying them at

home, we have followed these delicate visitors

to foreign climes, and found them in their

winter quarters.

It is hoped that the reader ere he closes this volume will have gleaned some little information that may be new to him concerning these most interesting families of small birds, whose fairy forms in summer time flit so continually before us, and whose presence or absence makes so great a difference to the naturalist in his enjoyment of a country walk.


BLACKCAP, page 44,310.
Butcher-bird, 276, 325.
Chiff-chaff, 28, 307.

„ Yellow-billed, 29, 30.
Corncrake, 288, 312.
Cuckoo, 219, 306.
Cuckoo's-mate, 242, 320.
Dove, Turtle, 282, 323.
Flycatcher, Pied, 160, 323.
„ Red-breasted, 168.
„ Red-eyed, 169.
„ Spotted, 155, 311.
Goatsucker, 204, 320.
Golden Oriole, 262.
Hoopoe, 249.
Landrail, 288, 312.
Martin, House, 184, 304.
„ Purple, 190.
„ Sand, 41, 43, 187, 305.
Nightingale, 32, 313—318.
Nightjar, 204, 320.
Oriole, Golden, 262.
Pipit, Meadow, 124.
„ Pennsylvanian, 149.

Pipit, Red-throated, page 152.

„ Richard's, 142.

,, Rock, 130.

„ Tawny, 146.

„ Tree, 135, 318.

„ Water, 138.
Rail, Land, 288.
Red-backed Shrike, 276.
Redstart, Common, 74, 310.

„ Black, 78.
Reed Warbler, 101.
Shrike, Red-backed. 276, 325.
Stonechat, 13.
Swallow, 42, 43, 170, 302.
Swift, Alpine, 199.

„ Common, 191, 305.

„ Spine-tailed, 203.
Turtle Dove, 282.
Wagtail, Grey, 112.

„ Grey-headed, 121.

„ Pied, 106.

„ Ray's orYello w, 117,319.

„ White, no.
Warbler, Aquatic, 91.

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