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Edward! for bright heroic deeds revered,
By Cressy's fame to Britain still endear'd !
Triumphant Henry! thou, whose valour proud,
The lofty plume of crested Gallia bow'd!
Look down, look down, exalted shades! and view
Your Albion still to freedom's banner true!
Behold the land, ennobled by your fame,
Supreme in glory, and of spotless name;
And, as the pyramid indignant rears
Its awful head, and mocks the waste of years;
See her secure in pride of virtue tower,
While prostrate nations kiss the rod of power !

Lo! where her pennons, waving high, aspire,
Bold victory hovers near, “ with eyes of fire!"
While Lusitania hails, with just applause,
The brave defenders of her injured 'cause ;
Bids the full song, the note of triumph rise,
And swells th’ exulting pæan to the skies!

And they, who late with anguish, hard to tell,
Breathed to their cherish'd realms a sad farewell !
Who, as the vessel bore them o'er the tide,
Still fondly linger'd on its deck, and sigh’d;
Gazed on the shore, till tears obscured their sight,
And the blue distance melted into light;
The Royal exiles, forced by Gallia's hate
To fly for refuge in a foreign state:
They, soon returning o'er the western main,
Ere long may view their clime beloved again;
And, as the blazing pillar led the host
Of faithful Israel, o'er the desert coast;
So may Britannia guide the noble band,
O'er the wild ocean, to their native land.

Oh, glorious isle !-oh, sov'reign of the waves !
Thine are the sons who “never will be slaves !"
See them once more, with ardent hearts advance,
And rend the laurels of insulting France;
To brave Castile their potent aid supply,
And wave, O Freedom ! wave thy sword on high!

Is there no bard of heavenly power possessid, To thrill, to rouse, to animate the breast? Like Shakspeare o'er the secret mind to sway, And call each wayward passion to obey ? Is there no bard, imbued with hallow'd fire, To wake the chords of Ossian's magic lyre; Whose numbers breathing all his flame divine, The patriot's name to ages might consign? Rise ! Inspiration ! rise, be this thy theme, And mount, like Uriel, on the golden beam!

Oh, could my muse on seraph pinion spring, And sweep with rapture's hand the trembling string! Could she the bosom energies control, And pour impassion'd fervour o'er the soul ! Oh, could she strike the harp to Milton given, Brought by a cherub from th’ empyrean heaven! Ah, fruitless wish! ah, prayer preferr'd in vain, For her— the humblest of the woodland train; Yet shall her feeble voice essay to raise The hymn of liberty, the song of praise !

Iberian bands ! whose noble ardour glows,
To pour confusion on oppressive foes ;
Intrepid spirits, hail ! 't is yours to feel
The hero's fire, the freeman's godlike zeal!

Not to secure dominion's boundless reign,
Ye wave the flag of conquest o'er the slain;
No cruel rapine leads you to the war,
Nor mad ambition, whirld in crimson car;
No, brave Castilians! yours a nobler end,
Your land, your laws, your monarch to defend !
For these, for these, your valiant legions rear
The floating standard, and the lofty spear!
The fearless lover wields the conquering sword,
Fired by the image of the maid adored !
His best beloved, his fondest ties, to aid,
The father's hand unsheaths the glittring blade!
For each, for all, for ev'ry sacred right,
The daring patriot mingles in the fight!
And e'en if love or friendship fail to warm,
His country's name alone can nerve his dauntless

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He bleeds! he falls ! his death-bed is the field ! His dirge the trumpet, and his bier the shield ! His closing eyes the beam of valour speak, The flush of ardour lingers on his cheek; Serene he lifts to heaven those closing eyes, Then for his country breathes a prayer —and dies! Oh! ever hallow'd be his verdant grave, There let the laurel spread, the cypress wave! Thou, lovely Spring ! bestow, to grace his tomb, Thy sweetest fragrance, and thy earliest bloom; There let the tears of heaven descend in balm, There let the poet consecrate his palm ! Let honour, pity, bless the holy ground, And shades of sainted heroes watch around !

'T was thus, while Glory rung his thrilling knell,

Thy chief, oh Thebes ! at Mantinea fell;
Smiled undismay'd within the arms of death, -
While Victory, weeping nigh, received his breath!

Oh! thou, the sovereign of the noble soul Thou source of energies beyond control! Queen of the lofty thought, the gen'rous deed, Whose sons unconquer'd fight, undaunted bleed, Inspiring Liberty! thy worshipp'd name The warm enthusiast kindles to a flame; Thy charms inspire him to achievements high, Thy look of heaven, thy voice of harmony; More blest, with thee to tread perennial snows, Where ne'er a flower expands, a zephyr blows; Where Winter, binding nature in his chain, In frost-work palace holds perpetual reign; Than, far from thee, with frolic step to rove The green savannas and the spicy grove; Scent the rich balm of India's perfumed gales, In citron-woods and aromatic vales : For, oh! fair Liberty, when thou art near, Elysium blossoms in the desert drear!

Where'er thy smile its magic power bestows, There arts and taste expand, there fancy glows; The sacred lyre its wild enchantment gives, And every chord to swelling transport lives ; There ardent Genius bids the pencil trace, The soul of beauty, and the lines of grace; With bold, Promethean hand, the canvas warms, And calls from stone expression's breathing forms.

Thus, where the fruitful Nile o'erflows its bound,
Its genial waves diffuse abundance round,
Bid Ceres laugh o'er waste and sterile sands,
And rich profusion clothe deserted lands.

Immortal Freedom! daughter of the skies !
To thee shall Britain's grateful incense rise.
Ne'er, goddess! ne'er forsake thy fav’rite isle,
Still be thy Albion brighten'd with thy smile !
Long had thy spirit slept in dead repose,
While proudly triumph'd thine insulting foes ;
Yet, though a cloud may veil Apollo's light,
Soon, with celestial beam, he breaks to sight:
Once more we see thy kindling soul return,
Thy vestal-flame with added radiance burn;
Lo! in Iberian hearts thine ardour lives,
Lo! in Iberian hearts thy spark revives !

Proceed, proceed, ye firm undaunted band ! Still sure to conquer, if combined ye stand: Though myriads flashing in the eye of day, Stream'd o'er the smiling land in long array; Though tyrant Asia pour'd unnumber'd foes, Triumphant still the arm of Greece arose : For ev'ry state in sacred union stood, Strong to repel invasion's whelming flood; Each heart was glowing in the gen'ral cause, Each hand prepared to guard their hallow'd laws; Athenian valour join'd Laconia's might, And but contented to be first in fight; From rank to rank the warm contagion ran, And Hope and Freedom led the flaming van:

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