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Then Persia's monarch mourn'd his glories lost,
As wild confusion wing'd his flying host;
Then Attic bards the hymn of victory sung,
The Grecian harp to notes exulting rung!
Then Sculpture bade the Parian stone record
The high achievements of the conquering sword.
Thus, brave Castilians! thus, may bright renown
And fair success your valiant efforts crown!

Genius of chivalry! whose early days Tradition still recounts in artless lays; Whose faded splendours fancy oft recalls, The floating banners, and the lofty halls; The gallant feats thy festivals display'd, The tilt, the tournament, the long crusade; Whose ancient pride Romance delights to hail, In fabling numbers, or heroic tale : Those times are fled, when stern thy castles frown'd, Their stately towers with feudal grandeur crown'd; Those times are fled, when fair Iberia's clime Beheld thy Gothic reign, thy pomp sublime; And all thy glories, all thy deeds of yore, Live but in legends wild, and poet's lore. Lo! where thy silent harp neglected lies, Light o'er its chords the murm’ring zephyr sighs ; The solemn courts, where once the minstrel sung, The choral voice of mirth and music rung ; Now, with the ivy clad, forsaken, lone, Hear but the breeze and echo to its moan: Thy lonely towers deserted fall away, Thy broken shield is mould’ring in decay.

Lightwhere thy siles, Wild, and

the murm.ected lies


Yet, though thy transient pageantries are gone,
Like fairy visions, bright, yet swiftly flown;
Genius of chivalry! thy noble train,
Thy firm, exalted virtues yet remain !
Fair truth, array'd in robes of spotless white,
Her eye a sunbeam, and her zone of light;
Warm emulation, with aspiring aim,
Still darting forward to the wreath of fame;
And purest love, that waves his torch divine,
At awful honour's consecrated shrine;
Ardour, with eagle-wing and fiery glance;
And generous courage, resting on his lance;
And loyalty, by perils unsubdued;
Untainted faith, unshaken fortitude ;
And patriot energy, with heart of flame-
These, in Iberia's sons are yet the same!
These from remotest days their souls have fired,
“ Nerved ev'ry arm,” and ev'ry breast inspired!
When Moorish bands their suffering land possess'd
And fierce oppression rear'd her giant crest;
The wealthy caliphs on Cordova's throne,
In eastern gems and purple splendour shone;
Theirs was the proud magnificence that vied
With stately Bagdat's oriental pride;
Theirs were the courts in regal pomp array'd,
Where arts and luxury their charms display'd;
'Twas theirs to rear the Zehrar's costly towers,
Its fairy-palace and enchanted bowers;
There all Arabian fiction e'er could tell,
Of potent genii or of wizard spell;
All that a poet's dream could picture bright,
One sweet Elysium, charm'd the wond'ring sight!
Too fair, too rich, for work of mortal hand,
It seemd an Eden from Armida's wand!

Yet vain their pride, their wealth, and radiant state,
When freedom waved on high the sword of fate!
When. brave Ramiro bade the despots fear,
Stern retribution frowning on his spear;
And fierce Almanzor, after many a fight,
O’erwhelm'd with shame, confess'd the Christian's

might. In later times the gallant Cid arose, Burning with zeal against his country's foes ; His victor-arm Alphonso's throne maintain'd, His laureate brows the wreath of conquest gain'd; And still his deeds Castilian bards rehearse, Inspiring theme of patriotic verse! High in the temple of recording fame, Iberia points to great Gonsalvo's name; Victorious chief ! whose valour still defied The arms of Gaul, and bow'd her crested pride; With splendid trophies graced his sov'reign's throne. And bade Granada's realms his prowess own. Nor were his deeds thy only boast, О Spain ! In mighty FERDINAND's illustrious reign; ' 'Twas then thy glorious Pilot spread the sail, Unfurld his flag before the eastern gale; Bold, sanguine, fearless, ventured to explore Seas unexplored, and worlds unknown before. Fair science guided o'er the liquid realm, Sweet hope, exulting, steer'd the daring helm; While on the mast, with ardour-flashing eye, Courageous enterprise still hover'd nigh:

The hoary genius of th’ Atlantic main,
Saw man invade his wide majestic reign;
His empire, yet by mortal unsubdued,
The throne, the world of awful solitude!
And e'en when shipwreck seem'd to rear his form,
And dark destruction menaced in the storm;
In ev'ry shape, when giant-peril rose,
To daunt his spirit and his course oppose;
O’er ev'ry heart when terror sway'd alone,
And hope forsook each bosom, but his own :
Moved by no dangers, by no fears repellid,
His glorious track the gallant sailor held;
Attentive still to mark the sea-birds lave,
Or high in air their snowy pinions wave.
Thus princely Jason, launching from the steep,
With dauntless prow explored th' untravelld deep;
Thus, at the helm, Ulysses' watchful sight,
View'd ev'ry star and planetary light.
Sublime Columbus ! when, at length, descried,
The long-sought land arose above the tide
How ev'ry heart with exultation glow'd,
How from each eye the tear of transport flow'd !
Not wilder joy the sons of Israel knew,
When Canaan's fertile plains appear'd in view.
Then rose the choral anthem on the breeze,
Then martial music floated o'er the seas;
Their waving streamers to the sun display'd,
In all the pride of warlike pomp array'd;
Advancing nearer still, the ardent band
Hail'd the glad shore, and bless'd the stranger land;
Admired its palmy groves and prospects fair,
With rapture breathed its pure ambrosial air :

Then crowded round its free and simple race,
Amazement pictured wild on ev'ry face;
Who deem'd that beings of celestial birth,
Sprung from the sun, descended to the earth-
Then first another world, another sky,
Beheld Iberia's banner blaze on high!

Still prouder glories beam on history's page, Imperial CHARLES! to mark thy prosperous age: Those golden days of arts and fancy bright, When Science pour'd her mild, refulgent light; When Painting bade the glowing canvas breathe, Creative Sculpture claim'd the living wréath; When roved the Muses in Ausonian bowers, Weaving immortal crowns of fairest flowers When angel-truth dispersed, with beam divine, The clouds that veild religion's hallow'd shrine; Those golden days beheld Iberia tower High on the pyramid of fame and power; Vain all the efforts of her numerous foes, Her might, superior still, triumphant rose. Thus, on proud Lebanon's exalted brow, The cedar, frowning o'er the plains below Though storms assail, its regal pomp to rend, Majestic, still aspires, disdaining e'er to bend !

When Gallia pour'd, to Pavia's trophied plain, Her youthful knights, a bold, impetuous train; When, after many a toil and danger past, The fatal morn of conflict rose at last; That morning saw her glittering host combine, And form in close array the threatning line;

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