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God's] Qq; Heaven... Heavens F. iv. 396. o'erpast] Qq; repast F. iv. 443 [Ratcliff] Catesby F.

V. iii. 58-9. Catesby! Cate.] Ratcliffe. Rat. F; Catesby! Rat. Qq. iii. 82. loving] Q1; noble F. iii. 104. thoughts] Qq; noise F. iii. 125. deadly] Q1; om. F. iii. 196. Q1; F omits second perjury. iii. 208. ['Zounds!] Qq; om. F. iii. 212–14. [O...lord] Qq; om. F. iii. 255. sweat] Q1; sweare F. iii. 293. out all] Q1; om. F. iii. 319. ventures] adventures F. iii. 338. Fight] Q1; Right F. bold] Q1; boldly F. v. 11. if... now] Qq; if you please we may F.


Text based on Fi

I. i. 42. All] Buc. All F. i. 47. as] F4; Nor. As F1. i. 167. rinsing] wrenching F. i. 219. chancellor] councellour F. i. 221. [Nicholas] from Holinshed; Michaell F. ii. 164. confession's] from Holinshed; commissions F. II. i. 53. [William] from Holinshed; Walter F. i. 86. mark] make F. ii. 63. [Norfolk]

King] and the King drawes the Curtaine and sits F. iii. 61. of you] of you, to you F. III. ii. 171. fil'd] fill'd F. ii. 343. Chattels] Castles F.

V. iii. 85, 87. [Chan.] Cham. F. iii. 125. bare] base F. iii. 133. this] his F.


Tert based on Q. Readings from Q, are derived from the collation published in the Shakespeare-Jahrbuch, XLI, 211-15

I. i. 35-6. In coffins . . . And now] Q2; In coffins from the field, and at this day/To the Monument of that Andronicy / Done sacrifice of expiation/And slaine the Noblest prisoner of the Gothes/And now Q. i. 122. your] Q1; you Q2. i. 131. never. barbarous] Q1; ever barbarous? Q2. i. 162. the] Q2; this Q1. i. 214. friends] Q1; friend Q. i. 219. you] Qe; yee Q1. i. 224. your] Qe; our Q. i. 304. there none else] F2; none Qq. i. 316. Phoebe] F2; Thebe Qq. i. 398. Ff; om. Qq. i. 477. I do] Q2; do I Q1. i. 495. Flourish... ACT II... Enter AARON] Exeunt, sound trumpets, Manet Moore Qq; Exeunt, Actus Secunda. Flourish. Enter Aaron alone F1.

II. i. 110. than this Qq. ii. 1. morn] Moone Q2. iii. 20. yelping] Ff; yellowing Q2. iii. 72. swarth] Ff; swartie Q2. iii. 85. note] notice Q2. iii. 88. have I] F2; I have Q2. iii. 147. woman's] Q1; woman Q2. iii. 222. embrued here] Q2; bereaud in blood Q1. iv. 9. case]


cause Q2. iv. 21. have] half Q2. iv. 27. him) them Q2. iv. 30. three] theyr Q2. III. i. 17. urns] ruines Q. i. 125. as] like Q:: in Q2. i. 146. with his] F4; with her Q 210. would] Q2; wouldst Q1. i. 226 do blow] F2; doth flow Q1; do flow Q. i. things] Ff; Armes Q2. i. 292. leaves] loves Q2. ii. This scene is omitted in Qq. Text is based on F1. ii. 38. mash'd] mesh'd Ff. IV. i. 10. [Marc.] om. Qq Ff. i. 106. your F1: our Q1; you Q2. i. 109 bad] Q.; base Q. i. 117. my] Q1; thy Q2. ii. 152. Muli lives, Muliteus Q2. iv. 5. [as know] om. Qq Fi iv. 93. feed] Qs; seede Q2; Foode F1V. i. 1. [colours] Souldiers Qq Ff. i. 27. dam Qe; dame Q1. i. 53. Get] Aron. Get Qq Ff i. 96. that] Q2; which Q1. i. 107. the letter Q2; that letter Q1. ii. 18. it action] Ff; that accord Q2. ii. 52. murderers] murder Qq Ff ii. 71. fits] Q2; humors Q1. ii. 106. mayst] Q2; shalt Q1. ii. 137. abide] Q1; bide Qii. 142. know suppose Q2; knew supposd Q1 ii. 157. Rape] Q.; and Rape Q1. iii. 73. Lest] Roman Lord. Let Q2 ; GA. Let Ff. iii. 93-97. Lending... Demetrius Q2; And force you to commiseration. / Her's Romes young Captaine let him tell the tale. / While I stand by and weepe to heare him speake. Lucius. Then gratious auditorie be it knowne to you, / That Chiron and the damn'd Demetrius, Q. iii. 125. cause) F.: course Q2. iii. 130. now] Q; pleading Q. iii. 132. cast us down] Q2; hurle our selves Q1. iii. 141, 146. [All] Marcus Q. iii. 164. matter] Q2; storie Q1. iii. 165–170. Q.; And bid thee bare his prettie tales in minde. / And talke of them when he was dead and gone. Marcus. How manie thousand times hath these poore lips, / When they were living warmd them selves on thine. / Oh now sweete boy give them their latest kisse,/ Bid him farewell commit him to the grave. Qi. iii. 171. him ... him] them... them Q in. 195. ravenous] Q1; hainous Q. iii. 196. weeds] Q2; weede Q1. iii. 200. Q; And being dead let birds on her take pittie Q.

ROMEO AND JULIET Text based on Q:

I. i. 27. cruel] Q4; civil Q2. i. 70. swashing Q4; washing Q2. i. 159. sun] same Qq Ff. i. 183. create] Q1; created Q2. i. 198. lovers" a lovers Q1; loving Q. i. 203. left] lost Qq Ff. i. 217. unharm'd] Qi; uncharmd Q2. ii. 18. An she agree] And she agreed Qe. ii. 29. female] Q1; fennell Q. on] Q4; one Q2. iii. 66, 67. honour Q houre Q2. iv. 7, S. Q1 om. Qe. iv. 39. done Q1; dum Q2; dun Qs. iv. 42. Of this sirreverence] Q1; Or save your reverence Q:

iv. 66. maid] Q1; man Q2. iv. 103. face] Q1;
side Q2. iv. 113. sail] Q1; sute Q2.
v. 19.
walk a bout] have about Q1; walke about
Q2. v. 96. fine] sin Qg.

II. i. 6. Mer.] Q1; om. Q2. i. 13. trim] Q1;
true Q2. i. 38. et cetera] Q1; or Q2. ii. 31.
pacing] Q1; puffing Q2. ii. 41. nor... part]
Q1; om. Q2. ii. 42. O... name] After face
in 41, Q2. ii. 101. more cunning] Q1; coying
Q2. ii. 152. suit] Q4; strife Q2. ii. 164.
[Romeo's name] Q1; om. Q2. ii. 168. dear]
Q4; Neece Q2. ii. 188. After rest, Q2 inserts
iii. 1-4. iii. 4. fiery] Q1; burning Q2. iv. 4.
Ah] Q Why Q2. iv. 30. fantasticoes]
Q1; phantacies Q2. v. 16. marry,] many Qq
III. i. 94. o' both your] on your Q1; a both

Q2. i. 127. Alive] Q1; He gan Q2. i. 171.
agile] Q1; aged Q. i. 193. hate's] Q1;
hearts Q2. ii. 6-8. wink... Lovers] wincke,
and Romeo Leape to these armes, untalkt of
and unseene, Lovers Q2. ii. 76. Dove ...
lamb] Ravenous dovefeatherd Raven, wolv-
ishravening lamb Q2. iii. 40-44. In Q2 the
order is 41, 43, 40, (41,) 42. iii. 143. mis-
behav'd] Qi; mishaved Q. iii. 144. pout'st
upon] Q; puts up Q2. v. 102. [Tybalt] F2;
om. Q2. v. 127. air] Q4; earth Q2. v. 182.
train'd] Q1; liand Q2; allied Q3.
IV. i. 81. shut] Q1; hide Qe. i. 85. shroud]
Q4; grave Fi; om. Q2. i. 100. paly] Q4;
many Q2. i. 110. bier] beere, Be borne to
burial in thy kindreds grave Q2. iii. 58.
Romeo .. thee] Q1; Romeo, Romeo,
Romeo, heeres drink, I drinke to thee Q2.
v. 82. fond] F2; some Q2. v. 100. 1. Mus.]
Fid. Q2. v. 102. Enter PETER] Q4; Enter
Will Kemp Q. v. 107. of woe] Q4; om. Q2.
v. 109. 1. Mus.] Minstrels Qo. v. 129. Q1;
om. Q2. v. 135, 138. Pretty] Q1; Prates

V. i. 15. fares my] Q1; doth my Lady Q2. i.
24. defy] Q1; denie Q2. iii. 3. yew] Ew Q1;
young Q. iii. 22. Enter


Q1 Enter... Peter Q2. iii. 68. conjura-
tions] Q1; commiration Q2. iii. 107. After
night, Qa inserts, Depart againe, come lye
thon in my arme, / Heer's to thy health,
where ere thou tumblest in./ O true Appo-
thecarie! Thy drugs are quicke. Thus
with a kisse I die. iii. 137. yew] yong Q2.
iii. 209. more early] Q1; now earling Q2.

[blocks in formation]



III. i. 39. law] lane F. ii. 11. Brutus... pul-
pit] Before line 1 in F. ii. 208. [All.] om. F.
ii. 225. wit] Fa; writ F1.

IV. i. 37. abjects, orts] Obiects, Arts F. ii.
50. [Lucius] Lucilius F. ii. 52. [Lucilius]
Let Lucius F. iii. 1. [Enter] Manet F (with
no division of scene).

V. iii. 104. Thassos] Tharsus F.


Text based on F. Passages in brackets from Q2
I. i. 65. jump] Q2; just F. i. 94. design'd]
F2; designe F1. i. 150. morn] Q2; day F.
ii. 150, etc. God] Q2; Heaven F. ii. 198.
waste] vast Q1; wast Q2 F. ii. 204. distill'd]
Q2; bestil'd F. ii. 248. tenable] Q2; treble
F. iii. 8. forward] Q2; froward F. iii. 16.
will] Q2; feare F. iii. 21. sanity] safty Q2;
sanctity F. iii. 26. particular act and place]
Q2; peculiar Sect and force F.
iii. 34. you
in] Q2; within F. iii. 74. Are... in that]
Are of a... cheff in that F; Or of a...
chiefe in that Q2. iii. 109. Running] Roam-
ing F; wrong Q2. iii. 114. almost... . holy]
Qe; all the F. iii. 117. Lends] Q2; Gives
F. iii. 128. that dye] Q2; the eye F. iii.
130. bawds] bonds Qq Ff. iv. 37. often
dout] of a doubt Q2. v. 29. Haste] Q2;
Hast, hast F. I] om. F. v. 33. roots] Q2;
rots F.
v. 71. bark'd] Q2; bak'd F. v. 114.
Ham.] Q2; Mar. F. v. 115. Mar.] Q2; Hor.
F. v. 133. whirling] whurling Q2; hurling
F. v. 162. earth] Q2; ground F. v. 167.
our] F; your Q2.

II. i. 111. heed] Q2; speed F. i. 114. By heaven]
Q2; It seemes F. ii. 10. dream] Q2; deeme
F. ii. 45. and] Q2; one F. ii. 308. heavily] Q2;
heavenly F. ii. 312. firmament] Q2; om. F.
ii. 338. tickle] tickled F. ii. 438. pious] Q2;
pons F. ii. 442. valanc'd] Q2; valiant F. ii.
479. total] Q2; to take F. ii. 525, 526.
mobled] Qe; inobled F. ii. 579. own] Q2;
whole F. ii. 580. wann'd] Q2; warm'd F. ii.
604. ['Swounds] Q2; Why F. ii. 612. a dear
father] Q4; the Deere F.

III. i. 71. proud] Q.; poore F. i. 76. fardels]

Q2; these fardels F. i. 86. pith] F; pitch
Q2. i. 87. awry] Q2; away F. i. 97. Ï] F;
you Q2. i. 99. Their... lost] Q2; then.
left F. i. 136. nowhere] Qe; no way F. i.
148. paintings] Q2; pratlings F. i. 149.
face] Q2; pace F. ii. 35. nor man] Q2; or
Norman F. ii. 89. heedful] Q2; needfull F.
ii. 151. Enter PROLOGUE] after fellow, Q2;
after 158, F. this fellow] Q2; these fellows
F. ii. 171, etc. P. Queen] Bap. F. ii. 262.
your] Q; om. F. ii. 351. surely... upon]
Qa; freely... of F. iii. 81. flush] Q2; fresh
F. iv. 12. a wicked] Q; an idle F. iv. 65.
brother] Q2; breath F. iv. 169. either

[master] either Q2; Maister Q4. iv. 182.
bloat] blowt Q2; blunt F.

19. as...

IV. i. 40. [so, haply slander] om. Qq Ff. ii.
nuts] Q1; like an ape F; like an
apple Q2. iii. 47. is] Q2; at F. v. 1-20. So
Q2; F has no Gent. in the scene, and 2-3, 4-13
are given to Hor., the rest to Queen. v. 146.
pelican] Q2; Politician F. vii. 27. Whose
worth] Q2; Who was F. vii. 85. can] Q2;
ran F. vii. 143. that, but dip] Q2; I but
dipt F.

V. i. 80. claw'd] Q2; caught F. i. 87. now
o'er-reaches] Q2; o're Offices F. i. 88. would]
Q2; could F. i. 211. grinning] Q; Ieering
F. i. 255. rites] F; crants Q. i. 288–9. [All.
Gentlemen, Hor.] Q2; Gen. F. i. 297.
['Swounds] Q2; Come F. i. 307. [Queen.]
Q2; Kin. F. ii. 9. deep] Q2; deare F. ii.
58. defeat] Q2; debate F. ii. 91. lordship]
Q2; friendship F. ii. 132. do 't] Qs; too't
Q2. ii. 174. laid on] Q2; one F. ii. 175.
nine] Q2; mine F. ii. 192. turn] Q2; tongue
F. ii. 196. has ... many] Q2; had... mine
F. ii. 255. brother] Q2; Mother F. ii. 299.
Here... napkin] Q2; Heere's a napkin F.
ii. 369. silence] Q2; silence. O, o, o, o F.


Text based on F

I. i. 1. Tush!] Qq; om. F. i. 4. 'Sblood] Q1;
om. F (and so frequently with oaths). i. 25.
toged] Q1; tongued F. i. 72. changes] Qq;
chances F. i. 100. bravery] Qq; knaverie
F. i. 183. night] Q1; might F. iii. 139.
travel's] Qq; travellours F. iii. 145. Do grow

.These] Q2; Grew... These things F. iii.
155. intentively] Qq; instinctively F. iii. 159.
sighs] Qq; kisses F. iii. 225 a] Qq; a more
F. iii. 240-1. If... father's] Qq; Why at
her Fathers? F. iii. 242. Des. Nor... not
Qq; Des. Nor would I F. iii. 258. which]
Qq; why F. iii. 300. worldly matters] Qq;
wordly matter F. iii. 330. balance] Qq;

braine F.

II. i. 25-6. in. A Veronese] in: A Veronessa
Qq; in: A Verennessa F. i. 65. ingener]
Ingeniuer F. i. 105. list] Q1; leave F. i.
230. again] Q1; a game F. i. 267. mutuali-
ties] Qq; mutabilities F. i. 312. I trash] I
trace F. i. 315. rank] Qq; right F.
iii. 66,
etc. God] Q1; Heaven F. iii. 149 [Cry
help! Qq; om. F. iii. 161. hold] Qq; om.
F. iii. 322. denotement] Q2; deuotement F.
iii. 391. the while] a while F.

III. i. 22. mine] me, mine F; my Qq. i. 27.
general's wife] Qq; Generall F. iii. 67.
their] her Qq Ff. iii. 106. By... me] Alas,
thou ecchos't me F. iii. 138-9. a ... But
some] Qq; that . . . Wherein F. iii. 147.
oft] Qq; of F. iii. 148. yet] Q2; om. F.

iii. 180. once] Qq; om. F. iii. 259. qualities]
Q; quantities F. iii. 386. Her] Qq: My F.
iii. 395. supervisor] Q1; supervision F. iv.
188. sweet] Qq; neither F.

IV. i. 21. infected] Qq; infectious F. i. 78
unsuiting] Q1; resulting F; unfitting Q. i
99. refrain] Qq restraine F. i. 102. con-
strue] conster Qq; conserve F. i 18.
power] Qq; doure F. i. 134. beckons Qq;
becomes F. ii. 64. Ay, there] I here Qq Ff.
iii. 41. sighing] Q2; singing F.

V. i. 1. bulk] Qq; Barke F. i. 35. Forth] Q:
For F. ii. 13 the rose] Qq; thy rose F. i.
15. it on] Qq; thee on F. ii. 236. [He runs,
etc.] Before Are in 234, Qq; om. F. ii. 347.
Indian] Qq; Iudean F. ii. 351. medicinal]
Qq; Medicinable F


Tert based on F. Passages in brackets from Q
I. i. 70. Speak] Qq; om. F. i. 76. possesses
Qq; professes F. i. 112. mysteries F.;
miseries F1; mistresse Qq. i. 228. well Qq;
will F. i. 284. shame them] Qq; with shame
F. i. 292. not] Qq; om. F. i. 308. hit Qq;
sit F. ii. 21. top] tooth' Q12; to' th' F.
ii. 24. subscrib'd] Qq; Prescrib'd F. ii. 145–
6. Edgar-and] Qq; om. F. iv. 110. Q4
Lear. Why my Boy F. iv. 125. Lady the]
Ladie oth'e Qq; the Lady F.

[ocr errors]

II. i. 78. spurs] Qq; spirits F. i. 80. I
him] Qq; said he ? F. i. 122. poise) Q:
prize F. ii. 83. Bring] Qq; Being F. ii.
84. Renege] F2; Revenge F1; Reneag Qq.
ii. 128. That 't] That F; that That Qq-
150. Contemned'st] temnest Qq. ii. 152.
King] Qq; King his master needs F. ii.
158. Come, my good] Q1; Corn. Come, my
F. iv. 103. her] Qq; tends F. iv. 170. blast
her pride] Qq; blister F.

III. iv. 53. ford] foord Qq; sword F. iv. 83.
word justly] words justly Q; words Iustice
F. iv. 121. till the] Qq; at F. v. 26.
dearer] Qq; deere F. vi. 23. justicer iustice
Qq. vi. 27. bourn] broome Qq. vi. 72. lym)
Hym F.

IV. ii. 57. to threat] thereat Q1; threats Q..
ii. 79. justicers] Q1; Justices F. iii. om. F.
iii. 13. Ay, sir] I say Qq. iii. 18. strove
streme Qq. iii. 33. moistened] moistened
her Qq. iv. 1. DOCTOR.] Qq; Gentlemen F.
iv. 6. sentry] Centery F; centurie Q1. iv.
11. Doct.] Qq; Gent. F. iv. 18. distress)
Qq; desires F. iv. 26. importune impor-
tun'd F. vi. 41. thee well] F; thee weil
He falls Qq. vi. 71. enridged] Qq; enraged
F. vi. 83. coining] Qq; crying F. vi. 20
one] Qq; a F. vi. 256. English] F; British
Qq. vii. 1, etc. DOCTOR] Qq: Gentleman
F. vii. 21. Gent.] F; Doct. Qq. vii. 2

Doct.] Gent. Q1; Kent. Q2; om. F. vii. 24.
not] Qq; om. F. vii. 32. warring] Qq;
iarring F.

V. iii. 93. prove] Qq; make F. iii. 128. the]
my privilege, The F. iii. 213. him] me Qq.
iii. 322. Edg.] F; Duke Qq.


Text based on Fi

I. i. 10. [2. Witch] All F. ii. 14. quarrel]
quarry F.
ii. 26. break] om. F. iii. 97.
hail] tale F. v. 48. it] F3; hit F1. vi. 4.
martlet] Barlet F. vi. 5. masonry] man-
sonry F. vi. 9. most] must F. vii. 6. shoal]
schoole F.

II. i. 55. strides] sides F. i. 57. way they]
they may F. ii. 37. sleave] sleeve F.
III. ii. 13. scotch'd] scorch'd F. vi. 24. son]
Sonnes F.

IV. i. 59. germens] Germaine F. i. 97. Rebel-
lion's head] Rebellious dead F. i. 112. A
shew...] A shew of eight Kings, and Banquo
last, with a glasse in his hand F. iii. 15. de-
serve] discerne F. iii. 107. accurs'd] accurst
F2; accust F1. iii. 235. tune] time F.
V. iii. 55. senna] F4; Cyme F1.


Text based on Fi

I. i. 1. others] Mercer F. i. 21. gum, which
oozes] gowne, which uses F. i. 25. chafes]
chases F. i. 40. man] men F. i. 87. slip]
sit F. i. 241. my angry will] no angry wit
F. i. 256-7. there! Aches] their Aches F.
ii. 29. ever] verie F. ii. 120. [Tucket within]
Sound Tucket. Enter the Maskers of Amazons,
with, etc. (as at 137) F. ii. 128. Enter CUPID]
Enter Cupid with the Maske of Ladies F. ii.
131. The ear there F. ii. 132. and sinell]
all F. ii. 157 [Lady] Lord F.

II. i. 35. in compt] in. Come F. ii. 1, etc.
[Flav.] Steward F. ii. 38. date-broke] debt,
broken F. ii. 194. [Flaminius] Flavins F.
III. iii. 20. I] Ed.; it F. iv. 113. [Ventidius]
Vilorxa F. v. 22. behave] behoove F. V.
49. felon] fellow F. v. 63 I... he has]
Why...ha's F. vi. 36. harshly. O] harshly
o' F. vi. 89. foes] fees F. vi. 90. lag] legge
IV. i. 21. let] yet F. iii. 12. rother's] Brothers
F. iii. 116. bars] Barne F. iii. 185. doth]
do F. iii. 223. moss'd] moyst F. iii. 383.
son and sire] Sunne and fire F. iii. 398.
Moe] Apem. Moe F. iii. 499. mild] wilde F.
iii. 437. villainy] Villaine F.

V. i. 150. sense] since F. i. 223. sour] foure
F. iii. 4. rear'd] reade F. iv. 55. Descend]
Defend F. iv. 62. render'd] remedied F.

Text based on F

I. i. 50. whose] F2; who F1. ii. 5. charge]
change F. ii. 39. fertile] foretell F. ii. 64.
Alexas] Aleras. F. ii. 186. leave] love F.
iv. 3. our] one F. iv. 44. dear'd] fear'd F.
iv. 46. lackeying] lacking F. iv. 56. wassails]
Vassailes F.

II. i. 41. warr'd] wan'd F. ii. 53. not] om. F.
v. 12. finn'd] fine F. vii. 118. bear] beate

III. v. 14. world, thou hast] would thou hadst
F. v. 16. the one] om. F. vi. 61. obstruct]
abstract F. vi. 88. make them] makes his
F. vii. 36. Muleters] Muliters F. x. 10.
ribaldred] ribaudred F. xii. 31, etc. Thy-
reus] Thidias F. xiii. 74. this: in deputa-
tion] this in desputation F. xiii. 165. dis-
candying] discandering F.

IV. iii. 1. Two a Company of F. iv. 3. mine]
thine F.
v. 1, 3, 6. [Sold.] Eros F. ix. 1.
SENTRY] Centerie F. x. 7. [Go we up] om.
F. xii. 4. augurers] Auguries F. xii. 9.
[Alarum, etc.] At end of xi. F. xii. 21. span-
iel'd] pannelled F. xv 78. e'en] in F.
V. i. 28, 31. [Agr.] Dol. F. i. 36. lance]
launch F. i. 59. live] leave F. ii. 81. O,] o
F. ii. 87. autumn 't] Anthony it F. ii. 104.
smites] suites F. ii. 317. vile] wilde F. ii.
321. awry] away F.



Text based on F

I. i. 35. [2. Cit.] All F i. 58. 2. Cit.] F. Most
modern editors change to 1. Cit. here and
throughout the rest of the scene. i. 95. stale]
scale F. i. 119. crowned] crown'd F. iii. 46.
contemning. Tell] Contenning, tell F. iv. 57.
[Cato's] From Plutarch. Calues F. vi. 59. An-
tiates] Antients F. vi. 76. of me?] of me :
ix. 46. coverture] overture F. x. 22.
embargements] embarquements F.
II. i. 61. can't] can F. i. 71. bisson] beesome
F. i. 79. faucet] forset F. i. 181. etc. Caius
Marcins] Martius Caius. i. 182. Coriolanus]
Martius Caius Coriolanus F. i. 267. the]
their F. i. 271. touch] teach F. ii. 85. one
on's] F3; on ones F12 iii. 21. auburn]
F1; Abram F1. iii. 122. woolless toge]
Woluish tongue F1; Woolvish gowne F2.
iii. 123. do F4; does F1. iii. 163. CITIZENS]
the Plebeians F. iii. 251-52. [And
censor.] Globe Ed. after Plutarch; And
Nobly nam'd, so twice being Censor, F.
III. i. 91. good] God! F. i. 92. reckless]
wreaklesse F. i. 129. motive] native F. i.
131. bisson multitude] Bosome-multiplied
F. i. 143. Where one] Whereon F. i. 181.
CITIZENS] Plebeians F. i. 184, etc. [Citizens]

All F. i. 237. [Com.] F2; Corio. F1. i. 238. [Cor.] Mene. Ff. i. 240. [Men.] om. Ff. ii. 21. thwartings] things F. ii. 32. herd] heart F. ii. 113. choir'd] quier'd F. iii. 36. Throng] Through F. iii. 130. not] but F. IV. i. 4. extremity] F2; extreamities F1. iv. 23. hate] have F. v. 237. spritely, waking] sprightly walking F. vi. 4. hurry, here do] hurry. Here do we F. vii. 28. yield] yeelds F. vii. 49. virtues] Vertue F. vii. 55. falter] fouler F.

V. i. 16. wreck'd fair] wrack'd for F. ii. 17. magnified] verified F. ii. 80. our] F4; your F1. iii. 48. prate] pray F. iii. 63. holp] hope F. vi. 116. Flutter'd] Fs; Flatter'd

[blocks in formation]


Text based on Qi


12. 4. all] or Q. 19. 5. fleets] fleet'st Q. 20. 7. hue hues] hew Hews Q. 25. 9. fight] worth Q. 26. 12; 27. 10; 35.8 (twice); 43. 11; 45. 12; 46. 3, 8, 13, 14; 69. 5; 70. 6; 128. 11, 14. thy] their Q. 34. 12. cross losse Q. 41. 8. she] he Q. 47. 10. art] are Q. 47. 11. not] nor Q. 51. 10. perfect'st, perfects Q. 54. 14, etc. fade] vade Q. 56 13. Or] As Q. 57. 13. will] Will Q. 65. 12. of] or Q. 69. 3. due] end Q. 69. 14. soil) solye Q. 76. 7. tell] fel Q. 102. 8. her his Q. 106. 12. skill] still Q. 113. 6. latch] lack Q. 113. 14. [eye] om. Q. 125. 13. informer] Informer Q. 127. 9. brows] eyes Q. 132. 2. torments] torment Q. 144. 6. side) Pass. Pil. sight Q. 146. 2. [Thrall to] My sinfull earth Q.

Text based on Qi

51. gan] gaue Q. 118. Came] Can Q. 251. immur'd] enur'd Q. 260. nun] Sunne Q.


Based on edition of 1599 (= Q in notes)

94. thereof] Ed. 1612; whereof Q. 146. so fell she] Griffin; she fell Q. 179. once once Q. 207. moon] houre Q. 238. thorn) throne Q. 287. back] blacke Q. 293, lass] love Q. 295. moan] woe Q. 302. fancy. partial like] Early MS.; fancy (party all might) Q. 343. Here... they] Early MS.; There... by Q. 344. Begin, when age doth] Early MS.; When time with age doth Q. 349. Wring my ear] round me on th are Q.

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