The British Theatre: Or, A Collection of Plays, which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Convent Gardin, Haymarket, and Lyceum, Volume 2

Mrs. Inchbald
Hurst, Robinson, 1824
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Página 46 - of France; for I love France so well, that I will not part with a village of it; I will have it all mine : and, Kate, when France is mine, and I am yours, then yours is France, and you are. mine. But. Kate, dost thou understand thus- much English ? Canst thou love me
Página 21 - Will. But if the cause be not good, the king himself hath a very heavy reckoning to make, when all those legs, and arms, and heads, chopped off in a battle, shall join together at the latter day, and cry all—We died at such a place; some swearing; some crying for a surgeon ; some upon their
Página 48 - his child, Whose joy of her is overwhelm'd like mine, And bid him speak of patience ;— No, no; 'tis all men's office to speak patience To those, that wring under the load of sorrow; But no man's virtue, nor sufficiency, To be so moral, when he shall endure The like himself: therefore give me no counsel.
Página 26 - flowing cups freshly remember'd • This story shall the good man teach his son ; And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by, From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remember'd: "We few, we
Página 21 - us. A'. Hen. So, if a son, that is by his father sent about merchandise, do sinfully miscarry upon the sea, the imputation of his wickedness, by your rule, should be imposed upon his father, that sent him; but this is not so; the king is not bound to answer the particular endings of his
Página 52 - false report ; moreover, they have spoken untruths ; secondarily, they are slanders : sixth and lastly, they have belied a lady; thirdly, they have verified unjust things : and, to conclude, they are lying knaves. Pedro. First, I ask thee, what they have done; thirdly, I ask thee what's their offence; sixth and lastly, why they are
Página 39 - outward graces had been placed About the thoughts and counsels of thy heart! But, fare thee well, most foul, most fair ! farewell! For thee, I'll lock up all the gates of love, And on my eye-lids, shall conjecture hang, To turn all beauty into thoughts of harm, And never shall it more be gracious. [HERO
Página 2 - In aid whereof, we of the spiritualty Will raise your highness such a mighty sum, As never did the clergy at one time Bring in to any of your ancestors. A*. Hen. We must not only arm. to invade the French, But lay down our proportions to defend Against the Scot: ., For you shall read,
Página 7 - cinque-pace: the first suit is hot and hasty, like a Scotch jig, and full as fantastical ; the wedding, mannerly modest, as a measure full of state and ancientry ; and then comes repentance, and, with his bad legs, falls into the cinque-pace faster and faster, till he sink into his grave. •• Leon. Cousin, you apprehend passing shrewdly.
Página 45 - faith, Kate; I know no ways to mince it in love, but directly to say—I love you: then, if you urge me further than to say—Do you in faith? I wear out my suit. Give me your answer; i'faith, do; and so clap hands, and a bargain !—How say you, lady

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