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Morland continues to improvemenTrifling disputes arise between the newly married ladies-A serious fracas prevented, and the parties separate-Morland and his bride remove to Grcat Portland Street, where the author frequently visits them-Their removal from hence-M18. Morland lies in of her first and only child-Consequences of that event. ... .


Page 25


Morland resolves to leave his house behind Black Cap's, and removes to a more elegant new-built dwelling, the corner house of Warren Place, Camden Town--His great reputation, and opportunity of doing wellLaunches into extravagant habits, &c. ; . Page 33


The fame of our painter still continues to increase-Liberal offers from many gentlemen anxious to pationise, and liberate him from all his difficulties His own obsti. nacy defeats their plan-llis strange and whimsical propensities, &c.' . . . . . . . . . Page 44


The painter's liberation from durance His friends conceive n hope of his reformation Schemes of musical recreation frustrated-Introduction of a stranger to his brother and sister-ReAcctions upon the cruel partiality of parents to one child in prejudice to another Obliged to remove from town for the sake of study What he studied at Paddington. More instances of extravagance-The loss of his horse, and other whimsicalities . . . . . . . . . ., Page 55

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Our painter approaches fast to the summit of his extravagance--Becomes tired of Winchester Row-Anecdote in proof of the wonderful rapidity of his pencil-Removes to an elegant house in Upper Charlotte Street, . Fitzroy Squarem Invitation to the author to visit him there - What had liked to have been the conscquence ............ Page 65


Further progress of our painter in his way to Banco Regism-Obliged to decamp from Charlotte Street-His trip to LeicesterReturns secretly to town, and is obliged to paint in his own hay-loft.Removes to Lambeth, and from thence to East Sheen--His amusements there, &c. . . . . . . . . . . . Page 78


Morland departs from Sheen, and takes up his abode in Queen Anne Street, East From thence to the Minories-Advice of his landlady-Harrassed with continual apprehensions of a prison-Constantly changing his place' of residence to avoid that evil-Takes up his abode in the house of a religious cobler at Kennington Green ............. Page 87


The long harvest of prosperity Morland' expected to reap from the fruits of his labours at Hackney is all blasted by an incident quite unforeseen_The generous remuneration made to our painter by the Bank, for breaking open his boxes, &c. ....... Page 96


Tired of London, Morland resolves upon an excursion to Mr. Surgeon Lynn's, beautiful cottage at Cowes, in the Isle of Wight Is obliged to leave this friendly asylum—The active vigilance of the magistrate upon a wise occasion-Our travellers seized as spies-Brief account of that curious transaction, &c. :.. Page 105


Journey from Yarmouth to the King's Bench-Our painter takes a house in the Rules-Paints a great num. ber of fine pictures, and makes drawings-Remains there till discharged by an act of the legislature-Removes to Highgate for the benefit of the air, in consequence of a slight fit of apoplexy .... Page 114

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Our painter, by, the exertions even of his then declining talents, is enabled to settle his litigious dispute, and provide for three persons, one of whom was very expensive-Refrains in a great measure from drinking spiritsThe good effects of abstaining from such a poisonous beverage, &c. . .......... Page 125

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Fickleness and irresolution of our painter, where his interest was evident, an apparent contradiction to his obstinacy in pursuit of many things directly contrary to his advantage-Sums paid him by his brother for a day's painting, towards the latter end of July, 1804_Last drawing he made for him, in the month he died . . . . . . . . .'. :. Page 138

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The melancholy news of poor Morland's death made known to his friend, two days after it happened His

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