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Página 55 - Zweierlei gehört zum Poeten und Künstler: daß er sich über das Wirkliche erhebt und daß er innerhalb des Sinnlichen stehen bleibt. Wo beides verbunden ist, da ist ästhetische Kunst. Aber in einer ungünstigen, formlosen Natur verläßt er mit dem Wirklichen nur zu leicht auch das Sinnliche und wird idealistisch und, wenn sein Verstand schwach ist, gar phantastisch...
Página 107 - Than harmless silence? Then afford it me. Sufficeth, I may not, nor I will not tell thee. KING. Fetch forth the tortures: traitor as thou art, I'll make thee tell.
Página 15 - For thine estate best fitteth such a guest: Horatio's house were small for all his train. Yet, in regard...
Página 6 - both liv'd and died in love; And for his love tried fortune of the wars; And by war's fortune lost both love and life.
Página 47 - That thou, by this, Lorenzo shouldst accuse; And he, for thy dishonour done, should draw Thy life in question and thy name in hate. Dear was the life of my beloved son, And of his death behoves me be reveng'd; 45 Then hazard not thine own, Hieronimo, But live t
Página 43 - But this, O this, torments my labouring soule, That thus I die suspected of a sinne Whereof, as Heauens haue knowne my secret thoughts, 45 So am I free from this suggestion ! VICE. No more, I say; to the tortures! when? Binde him, and burne his body in those flames, They binde him to the stake.
Página 118 - Was, do not say what : let her weep it out. This was the tree, I set it of a kernel; And when our hot Spain could not let it grow, But that the infant and the human sap Began to wither, duly twice a morning Would I be sprinkling it with fountain water...
Página 12 - They enter and pass by. Was that the warlike prince of Portingale, That by our nephew was in triumph led ? Gen. It was, my liege, the prince of Portingale. King. But what was he that on the other side Held him by th' arm as partner of the prize ? 115 Hier.
Página 37 - What outcries pluck me from my naked bed, And chill my throbbing heart with trembling fear, Which never danger yet could daunt before ? Who calls Hieronimo ? speak, here I am.
Página 9 - But ere we join'd and came to push of pike, I brought a squadron of our readiest shot From out our rearward, to begin the fight : They brought another wing t

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