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Domestic Occurrences.

[Jan. LONDON AND ITS VICINITY. of Great Britain in the


and quarters We experience considerable satisfaction in ended 5th January 1822, and 5th January laying before our readers the following 1823, showing the increase or decrease on Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue each head thereof.

Years ended Jan. 5th

Increase. Decrease. 1822.


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When the vast reduction of taxes in the Whitechapel, in presence, notwithstanding year just terminated is taken into the ac

the roughness of the weather, of an immense count, it is truly surprising to see how concourse of persons, whose curiosity led nearly the whole produce of that year ap- them to the place. The remains of the deproaches to the produce of the preceding; ceased (a man) were wrapped in a sheet, and and if the separate items of taxation existing deposited in a plain wooden shell painted in both years were alone compared, the black, and was carried, with the lid loose result would be an increase in the year 1822 upon it, in a blanket, by four of his countryof nearly a million. It is to be observed, men, and followed close in the rear by sevethat this result indicates a transfer of the ral others from the Lascar Barracks, Canburthen of taxation from that part of the non-street-road, St. George's-in-the-East, community which is least able to bear it, to the place of interment, where it arrived to a class which is more capable of sustain- about eleven o'clock. On approaching the ing the burthen. It proves, that if the grave, which was about five feet deep, they agriculturist is unfortunately depressed, the laid down the coffin, and having formed manufacturing population are undoubtedly themselves in a circle round it, took off the prosperous. The consumption of exciseable lid, uncovered the corpse, and having articles must have been very greatly increas- sprinkled several handsful of fine earth ed indeed, when, notwithstanding the re- over its face, replaced the lid, and fastduction of the duty on Malt (so large an ened it down by means of three common item in the account), the whole decrease nails only. They then took the blanket in the produce of the Excise for the Quar- from about the coffin, and let the latter ter just terminated, was only 98,8811. The gently into the grave, which they instantly main diminution of the Quarter was in the commenced filling with the clay, some by Assessed Taxes, a circumstance naturally to means of shovels, and others with their be expected from a variety of causes at pre- hands, for they would not allow a grave digsent in operation.

ger to take any part in the transaction. The We have the satisfaction to state, that the

grave being smothered in, they sprinkled concerns of the Regent's Canal continue to

water over it from an earthern vessel, and improve in a degree that must be highly burying a shovel at the feet of the corpse, gratifying to its proprietors ; the tonnage for spilled down by it what remained of the

A handkerchief was then spread at the past year amounting to upwards of 266,000 tons, being an increase of nearly the head of the grave, and on that was 110,000 tons beyond the tonnage of the placed a paper, containing about half a year preceding

pound of moist sugar, and several apples cut

into square pieces. Over this they all Wednesday, Jan, 15.

stood, and muttered some words, as if by way Interment of a Lascar.—As the generality of prayer, and thus the ceremony ended of our readers may not be acquainted with without the attendance of a clergyman of the ceremony observed in performing the any persuasion whatever. They sit up in burial rites of this description of foreigners, their turns, two at a time, provided with we subjoin the following which took place lights, and implements of defence, for sevein Britton's burial-ground, Church-lane, ral nights.




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Rev. R. Davies, Stanton R. Gloucestershire. War-office, Jan. 3. 77th Reg. Foot : Rev. G. Gunning, Deeping R. Lincolnshire. Brevet Lieut.-Col. Murdock Hugh Maclaine,

Rev. Patrick Keith, Ruckinge R. Kent. to be Lieut.-Col. vice Bromhead; Captain Rev. Mr. Latey, Doynton R. GloucesterGeorge-Parish Bradshaw to be Major, vice

shire. Maclaine.

Rev. J. Mayo, Avebury V. Wilts. [Being The Gazette of Jan. 7, contains the cere

the fourth Incumbent in that benefice monial of the Investiture of Maj.-Gen. Sir

in continued succession from father to son T. Pritzler with the ensigns of a Knight Rev. J. S. Phillott, Farmborough R. Somer

since 1711.] Commander of the Bath.

setshire. War-office, Jan. 10. Royal Reg. of Horse Guards : Lieut. F. W.C. Smith to be Capt. Rev. J. Pratt, Fordham C. Norfolk. vice Jebb, who retires.

Rev. J. Relph, Exford R. Somerset.

Rev. T. Stacey, Boath V. co. Glamorgan. Naval PROMOTIONS.

Rev. G. Trevelyan, jun. M. A. Milverton To the Rank of Post-Captain. — Captains

Prima V. with the chapel of Longford

Budville annexed, co. Somerset.
Lord Henry Thynne, Hon. Frederick Spen-
oer, Archibald M.Lean, John Theed, James
H. Plumridge, Charles Nelson, George Ty-

DISPENSATION. ler, and John Francklyn.

Rev. G. Osborne, to hold the Rectory of To the Rank of Commander.—Lieutenants Haselbeach, co. Northampton, with his T. Bourchier, J. Lowry, D. J. Woodriff, Rectory of Stainby cum Gunby, co. Linc. Edwin L. Rich, A. Kennedy (B), E. M. Harrington, C. Hope, H. R. Moorsom, W.

Civil PREFERMENTS. Moriarty, and R. Chamberlayne.

Rev. Dr. Chalmers, Professor of Moral Phi

losophy in University of St. Andrew's. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. P. Mason, esq. B. A. of St. John's College, Rev. Reginald Heber, M. A. to the Bishop- Cambridge, Master in the Royal Naval ric of Calcutta.

College, Gosport. Rev. George-Lewes Benson, Vicar-Choral Rev. Ralph Lyon, A. M. of Trinity College, of Salisbury Cathedral,

Cambridge, Head Master of Sherborne

Rev. J. Barrow, Lopham R. Norfolk.
Rev. J. Boyle, Wereham and Wretton Per-

petual Curacies, Norfolk.
Rev. J. P. Carpenter, Cleder V. Cornwall. Borough of Wilton. Edward Baker, esq. vice
Rev. J. W. Darby, Wicklewood V. Norfolk. Sheldon, dec.

BIR THS. Lately. At Badminton, Lady Elizabeth Jan. 2. At Winchester College, the lady O'Brien, dau. of Duke of Beaufort, a son of Rev. David Williams, a dau. and heir.-The wife of Captain Stanhope, Jan. 4. At Foot’s-cray cottage, Mrs. of Badcock, and Bellevue Lodge, Richmond, Coryton, a dau. a dau. - Hon. Mrs. J. T. Leslie Melville, of Jan. 5. At Routh, the wife of Rev. J. Wimpole-street, a dau,

Lister Hutchinson, a son. - At Shamrock Dec. 25. At Holkham, Lady Anne Coke, Lodge, Belfast, Mrs. Wm. Boyd, jun. a son. wife of W. Coke, esq. M. P. a son and heir. Jan. 11. Mrs. E. Bush, of Trowbridge,

Dec. 30. At Winchester, the lady of Sir H. Rivers, bart. a son. - The wife of J. A. Jan. 22. In Grosvenor-place, the CountHodson, M. P. a dau.

ess of Uxbridge, a dau.

a son.

MARRIAGES. July 18, 1822. At Bombay, Lieut. Geo. esq. of the Civil service, to Caroline-MatilFrankland, son of Rev. R. Frankland, Ca- da, ad dau. of Dan. Neale, esq. of the Sudon of Wells, to Anne, dau. of late Thos. Mason, esq. of John-st. Bedford-row. Dec. 16. At Dublin, Richard Heywood, Lately. At Madras, Anstruther Cheape, esq. banker, of Manchester, to Jane MaGent. Mag. January, 1823.


preme Court.


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82 Marriages.

[Jan. gee, D.D. 2d dau. of Archbishop of Dublin. Jan. 1, 1823. Mr. Charles Hedgeland,

-17. John Ffolliott, of Hollybrook, co. architect, of Exeter, to Miss White, of SilSligo, esq. and of Lickhill House, co. Worces- verton.- -H. J. Montefiore, esq. of Kenter, to Maria, dau. of late H. R. Stepney, of nington, to Sarah, dau. of D. Mocatta, esq. Durrow, King's County, esq.- -23. w. of Woburn-place. - Thos. Baker, esq. of Felix Riley, esq. of Forest Hill, near Wind- Ditton-place, Kent, to Anne-Everist, dau. sor, to Mary-Sophia-Harcourt, dau. of J. of W. Camfield, esq. of Groombridge.Ramsbottom, esq. M.P. for Windsor.- Edward, son of E. Everard, esq. of Middle26. Thos.

Arthur Stone, esq. of Argyll- ton-house, Norfolk, to Anna-Theodora, dau. street, to Frances-Maria, dau. of Rev. R.

of St. Andrew St. John, esq. of Gayton Gream, of Richmond.- -John Harding, Hall. At Durham, Charles Andrews, ésq. to Frances, relict of W. H. Russell, esq. 13th Light Drag. to Eliz. Anne, dau. ésq. of Powick Court, Worcestershire, and of W. Cooke, M.D.- -Wm. Henry Heydau. of G. Thornhill, esq. of Diddington, sham, son of R. T. Heysham, esq. of HinHunts. - Lieut.-col. Cassidy to Miss Troy, ton-house, to Esther, dau. of A. É. Nunez, of Wells. -At Edinburgh, Rev. John, son esq. of Belmont Park, both co. Hants.of James Hunter, esq. of Holloway, to Rev. T. Blythe, of Knowle Lodge, near Douglas, dau. of late R. Richardson, esq. of Warwick, to eldest dau. of late Dr. Ellis, Perth. -Rev. J. Allen, Master of Il- Rector of Leadenham, Lincolnshire. minster School, to Rosa, dau. of late Mr. John Lainson, esq. of Bread-street, LonJ. Clark, of Chelmsford.

-31. Dr. Ash- don, to dau. of T. B. Barrow, esq. of Forton urst Turner Gilbert, Principal of Brasenose Lodge, Hants.

-Capt. Bryant, Judge AdCollege, Oxford, to Mary-Anne, only dau. vocate General of Bengal, to Mary-Anna, of Rev. R. Wintle, of Culham.

dau. of late H. Churchill, esq. of GloucesLately. Rev. Robert Aitcheson, of Over ter-place; and Major John Craigie, DeCottage, Downend, to Eleanor, dau. of Rey. puty Secretary to Bengal Government, to J. Biggs, of Devizes.-

-Rev. Francis Kil- Emily, her sister. -6. Rev. H. Lacey, of vert, of Bath, to Miss De Chievre, of Clap- Plaistow, to Sophia, dau. of late J. Suig, ham.- Rev. H. Rule Sarel, Rector of esq. of Bridgnorth.-7. Lieut. H. I. C. Balcombe, Sussex, to Janet, dau. of late Mimardiere, of 15th Reg. of Madras Native Rich. Booth, esq. of Glendon Hall.-. Infantry, to Elizabeth-Anne, dau. of Dr. Henry, eldest son of Hon. and Rev. the Harcourt, of Kingston, Surrey.-Robt. Champion Dymoke, of Scrivelsby Court, to Dugdale, esq. Solicitor of Wareham, to SuEmma, dau. of W. Pearce, esq. of Billing- sannah, dau. of late Tim. Chinchen, esq. of ford, Norfolk.

-Frederic Lewis Brown, Swanage.-- -9. J. G. Crabbe, esq. of Shedesq. of Carmarthen, to Eliza, dau. of J. Wit- field, to Elizabeth, 4th dau. of late R. Welworth, esq:

-John Roberts, esq. of De- land, of Lympstone.--Rev. T. H. Walnant, Pembrokeshire, to Catherine, dau. of pole, of Sutton Valence, Kent, to Sarah, Mrs. Reynolds, of Carmarthen.--Mr. Ed- dau. of Capt. W. A. Meriton, of Peckham, mund Timothy, of Cambridge Heath, to Surrey.—John Ward, esq. of Christ ColMiss Anne Mayor, of Guildford. -Sir lege, Cambridge, to Anne, dau. of Sam. Christopher-Sydney Smith, bart. of Eardis- Merriman, M.Ď. of Brook-streetC.W. ton, to Mary, dau. of late Rev. R. Foley, Phillips, esq. of Sutton, to Sarah, dau. of Rector of Oldswinford.- -Hon. Maj.-gen. late W. A. Jamison, esq. of Newington, SurFermor, brother of Earl of Pomfret, to eldest rey.- 10. At Trowbridge, Thos. Timdau. of Sir R. Borough, bart. and niece to

brell, esq. to Louisa, dau. of W. Webber, Viscount Lake.---P. J. Archdeacon, esq.


Rev. John-Addison Coombs, of of London, to Miss S. Cuddon, of Layham. Manchester, to Eliza, dau. 'of T. Wilson,

-Rev. Mr. Peach, to M. A. dau. of Rev. esq. of Highbury-place.-11. S.P. Pratt, W. Pochin, of Morcott. -Rev. J. Sibrée, esq. late of Tottenham, to S. M. dau. of to Charlotte, dau. of Mr. John Guest, of W. Hodgson, esq. of Upper Bedford-place.Weather-oak-hill, Coventry.--Wm. Ab- 13. AtCheltenham, Capt. Budgen, of the Rifle bott, esq. of Doctors' Commons, to Miss Brigade, eldest son of Thomas Budgen, esq. Emma Ingpen, of Mornington-place.-- of Holmsdale House, Nutfield, Surrey, to Rev. P. H. son of Rev. J. Wilton, of Upper Wilhelmina-Caroline, dau. of Mrs. Moore, Bedford-place, London, to Jane, dau. of of Twickenham, and granddau. to the late George Ring, esq. of Bristol.- -Rev. W. Sir Stephen Janssen, bart.

-Charles, son Johnson, Rector of St. Clement's, East of Thos. Penfold, esq. to Catharine-Mary, Cheap, to Mary, dau. of Rob. Tabrum, esq. only dau. of late Benj. Chrees, esq. both of of Clapton House.

-At Boston, Rev. Croydon.--14. At Wybunbury, co. ChesRich. Conington, to Jane, dau. of late F. ter, James Sparke, esq. Surgeon at NewThirkhill, esq. -Roger Watkins, esq. of castle-under-line, to Mary, only dau. of Darcy Hall, Essex, to Miss Mary-Anne John Tremlow, esq. of Hatherton.—-16. At Morris, of Blaenant, Breconshire.John Hampstead, Thos. Beckwith, esq. of BedGillett, esq. of London, to Maria, dau. of ford-place, to Eliz.-Sophia, 2d dau. of late Mr. Mark Bullen, of Cambridge.

J. Spottiswoode, esq. of Spottiswoode.




MARQUESS OF DROGHEDA. the Clergymen of the town and the imDec. 22. In Dublin, aged 92, Charles mediate vicinity attended in their gowns, Moore, Marquess and Earl of Drogheda, The procession moved to St. Peter's Viscount Moore, Baron of Mellefont in Church. The chief mourner was Lord Ireland, Baron Moore of Moore Place, Henry Moore, second son of the deco. Kent, K. P. Governor of Meath, and ceased. The other mourners were, the of King's and Queen's Counties, a Field Rev. Henry Moore, Ponsonby Moore, Marshal in the Army, Col. of the 18th Esq. R. Moore, Esq. and the Rev. C. reg. of Hussars, and Constable of Mary- Moore. The Bearers were, Sir Henry borough Castle. This venerable Noble. Meredyth, Bart.; B. T. Balfour, Esq.; man was born June 29, 1730 ; succeeded the Mayor, the Recorder, Major Cheshire, his father as sixth Earl and eighth Vis- Ralph Smyth, Esq. Dominick O'Reilly, count, Oct. 28, 1758, at which time his Esq. and the Rev. J. Bagot. father, together with his brother, the Hon. The Duke of Gordon, and Earls of and Rev. Edw. Loftus Moore, were lost Carlisle and Fitzwilliam, are now the at sea, in their passage to Dublin; and only survivors who were in possession of Feb. 15, 1766, married Anne Seymour,

their titles at the accession of Geo. III. eldest daughter of Francis 1st Marquess of Hertford, K. G.; and by her (who Countess of MACCLESFIELD. died Nov. 4, 1787) had issue, 1. Charles, Jan. 1. At Shirburn Castle, co. Oxon, born Aug. 23, 1770. 2. Lord Henry aged 62, the Rt. Hon. Mary Frances, (Joint Muster Master General in Ireland). Countess of Macclesfield, wife of the 3. Isabella, died 1787. 4. Elizabeth- Rt. Hon. George fourth Earl of MacclesEmily, Countess of Westmeath. 5. Mary, field, LL. D. and F. R. S. Captain of married Alexander Stewart, Esq. uncle his Majesty's Yeomen of the Guard, and to the present Marquis of Londonderry. Lord Lieutenant of the county of Oxford. 6. Gertrude. 7. Alice, died 1789. 8. Her Ladyship was dau. and co-beiress of Anne, died 1788. 9. Frances, wife of the Rev.Thomas Drake, D.D. many years Rt. Hon. J. Ormsby Vandeleur.

Rector of Amersham, co. Bucks; and In 1762 he obtained the 18th reg. of married, May 25, 1780, to the present Light Dragoons, of which he remained Earl, then Viscount Parker, and has left Colonel until their late disbandment. an only daughter Maria, married Nov. He was one of the original Knights of 13, 1802, to Thomas Lord Binning, only St. Patrick in 1783, and in 1791 was

child of Charles 8th Earl of Haddington. created Marquess of Drogheda. Having Her Ladyship had issue, two children; been Muster Master General, and Mas- one son, who died young; and one ter of the Ordnance, he was, in 1797, ap- daughter, the present Lady Binning. pointed Joint Post-Master-General of Her Ladyship's remains bad sepulture Ireland ; and Jan. 17, 1801, was created in the family cemetery at Shirburn, on an English Peer, by the title of Baron Monday the 13th January. Moore, of Moore Place, co. Kent. His Lørdship is succeeded by his eldest son

LADY BLANTYRE. Charles, who not being in sound health, Dec. 29. At Lennox Love, the Rt. the management of the estates devolves Hon. Catharine Stewart, Dowager Lady on Lord Henry Moore.

Blantyre, widow of Alexander, 10th The remains of this venerable Noble- Lord, and mother of Robert-Walter, man, on the 3rd January following, ar- present and Ilth Lord Blantyre. Her rived in Drogheda, in a hearse splen- Ladyship was daughter of Patrick Linddidly decorated, and drawn by eight say, of Eaglescairney, esq. by Margaret, horses. A number of carriages followed, daughter and heiress of Thomas Halliin which were the mourners, the bearers, burton, of Eaglescairnie, an ancient and the domestics of the deceased. The branch of the noble family of Halliburfuneral procession was met at the en- ton, Lords of Dirleton. She was martrance of the town by the Mayor and a ried to the late Lord in 1773; and by numerous assemblage of the Corpora- whom, who died in 1783, she had issue, tion, in their robes, who attended to 1. The present Lord. 2. Patrick, their last tribute of respect to the Col. 19th foot. 3. William, Maj. Ist departed Nobleman, who was the oldest reg. foot guards, severely wounded at 'freeman of their body; and, in com- the battle of Waterloo. 4. Charlespliance with his Lordship's will, the Francis, Barrister-at-Law. 5. Margaret, members who attended were provided wife of Rev. Andrew Stewart, Minister with scarfs and hatbands. Almost all of Bolton.


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84 OBITUARY.-Hon. J. Rodney.-Sir H. Mannix.-Don F. A. Zea, 8c. [Jan. HON, JOHN RODNEY.

cessarily separated), Madame and Miss Jan. 4. At Cheltenham, aged 24, the Zea having arrived a few weeks since Hon. John Rodney, youngest son of the from Paris to join him. He was a native late Rt. Hon. Lord Rodney, and brother of the province of Antioquia, in New to the present Lord. He was born March Granada, now part of the Republic of 26, 1798.

Columbia. Great part of his life had By his demise every member of his been spent in Europe. . Under the former noble family bas been plunged into the Government of Spain, and previous to deepest affliction ; for be inberited all the revolution breaking out in South the amiabilities of his lamented sire, America, he held at different times seand possessed, in an eminent degree, veral offices under the Spanish Governevery virtue that could adorn a Christian. ment. The revolution in his own counHe was as beloved as he is now deeply try drew him to the side of Bolivar, deplored ; and every one who knew him whose constant companion and assistant will ever cherish bis memory with re- in the great work of liberating his counspect, and shed a tear on bis being called try he was for many years, until his so early to a celestial life. His remains mission to Europe in 1820. At the time were deposited in the family mausoleum of his quitting Columbia he was Viceat Old Alresford, with all the pageantry President of the Republic, and he had due to his distinguished rank.

the satisfaction, before taking his de

parture, of presenting to the Congress Sir Henry MANNIX, BART. tbe project of the constitution of his Lately. At Eastwood, Pembrokeshire, country, which was afterwards adopted aged 83, Sir Henry Mannix, Bart. of in all its leading particulars. M. Zea Richmont, co. Cork. This highly re- was a man of considerable talent, and spectable gentleman was born at Cork of scientific and literary attainments. in the year 1740, and descended from a His remains were interred in the Abbey family celebrated, during a long period, Church, having been previously taken for loyalty and attachment to the best to the Roman Catholic Chapel, where interests of their country. At the fer high mass was celebrated. ment produced by the Ainerican war, the voice of his native County called him

DR. EDWARD ALEXANDER, to the command of the Glansman Ca- Nov, 27. Edward Alexander, M. D. valry, a corps which, under his able of Danett's Hall, near Leicester, after a superintendance, was soon famed for series of intense and protracted sufferdiscipline and propriety of conduct, As ings, which were borne with exemplary a Magistrate, he was a most useful mem- fortitude and resignation. ber of society-few have been more ac- As the particulars of his distressing tive, or possessed more zeal and talent. case cannot properly be detailed here, it His ability attracted the attention of his will be sufficient to remark, that his Grace the Duke of Rutland, during disorder, which had long been making whose Vice-Royalty, Sept. 4, 1787, the insidious approaches, first manifested dignity of Baronet was conferred upon itself in June 1810, and soon began to him. When that terrible crisis, the wear a formidable aspect. A state of French Revolution, threatened to over- peculiarly painful and complicated diswhelm the Throne and the Altar, bis ease gradually ensued, clouded all the personal courage and military science bright prospects which his successful were the theme of universal praise. medical career had opened to his view,

The latter period of his life was passed and compelled him to relinquish the in dignified retirement and the exercise practical part of an occupation to which of the best virtues of a country gentle. be was exceedingly devoted and admiraman; many will long have occasion to bly adapted. The few intervals Dr. A. regret the friendly hospitality with was permitted to enjoy of consparative which they were received at his mansion. ease from agonizing pain, were usually His loss will ever be most severely felt passed in reading, meditation, and doby bis afflicted relatives, and those who mestic society. Theology and medicine were honoured with his friendship and were the subjects to which he princiacquaintance.

pally directed his attention. On these

he had, for many years, read much, and Don FRANCISCO ANTONIO Zea. thought still more. Nov. 28. At York House, Bath, aged His purity of character from early 51, Don Francisco Antonio Zea, the life, bis extraordinary moral worth, as Columbian Ambassador. He had the well as knowledge and skill in his prosatisfaction, in his last moments, offession, have rarely been equalled. Nor having with him his family (from whom was his ardent and vigorous mind satismany years of his life he had been ne- fied with the exercise of his medical


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