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Session. Name. When elected.

Erastus Root ...................... January 2, 1827
Erastus Root .. - ... January 1, 1828
Peter Robinson January 5, 1829
Erastus Root .. January 5, 1830
George R. Davis... January 4, 1831
Charles L. Livingston. January 3, 1832
Charles L. Livingston . January 1, 1833

William Baker........ . January 7, 1834 . Charles Humphrey ... January 5, 1835 . Charles Humphrey.. January 5, 1836 Edward Livingston January 3, 1837

Luther Bradish....... ..| January 2, 1838 George W. Patterson ..| January 1, 1839 George W. Patterson January 7, 1 Peter B. Porter, Jr. January 5, 1841 ...| Levi S. Chatfield.... January 4, 1842

. George R. Davis... January 3, 1843 Elisha Litchfield .. January 2, 1844 Horatio Seymour... January 7, 1845 William C. Crain..... January 6, 1846 ...| William C. Hasbrouck January 6, 1847

. Amos K. Hadley..... January 4, 1848
Amos K. Hadley. January 2, 1849
Noble S. Elderkin . ..] January 1, 1
Henry J. Raymond................ January 7, 1851
J. B. Varnum, Jr. (extra session). June 10, 1851
Jonas C. Heartt ................... January 6, 1852
William H. Ludlow ... January 4, 1853
Robert H. Pruyn . . . . January 3, 1854
De Witt C. Littlejohn. ... January 2, 1855
Orville Robinson ..... . January 16, 1856
De Witt C. Littlejohn. January 6, 1857
Thomas G. Alvord ... . January 26, 1858
De Witt C. Littlejohn. January 4, 1859
De Witt C. #;" January 3, 1860
De Witt C. Littlejohn ... January 2, 1861
. Henry J. Raymond..... ... January 7, 1862

Theophilus C. Callicot ... January 26, 1863
Thomas G. Alvord ... January 5, 1864
George G. Hoskins. January 3, 1865
Lyman Tremain... January 2, 1866
..} Edmund L. Pitts .. January 1, 1867
William Hitchman.... January 7, 1
Truman G. Younglove .. ... January 5, 1869
William to: --- | January 4, 1870
William Hitchman.

| January 3, 1871

Henry Smith ... ................... January 2, 1872 Alonzo B. Cornell.. .......] January 7, 1878 James W. Husted .. ... ......] January 6, 1874 ..! Jeremiah McGuire ............. ... January 5, 1875

James W. Husted ............ .... January A. 1876




WILLIAM DoRSHEIMER, Lieutenant-Governor.
CHARLEs STEBBINs, Private Secretary.
Edward Miggael, Ezecutive Clerk.
George Tunnicliff, Erecutive Clerk.
Henry F. McGlachlin, Erecutive Clerk.
William C. Newell, Messenger.
Joseph L. Hance, Military Messenger.


Maj.-Gen. Franklin Townsend, Adjutant-General. Brevet-Maj.-Gen. John B. Woodward, Inspector-General. Brig.-Gen. Kilburn Knox, Commissary-General and Chief

of Ordnance. Brig.-Gen. Edgar M. Cullen, Engineer-in-Chief. Brig.-Gen. Charles Hughes, Judge-Advocate-General. Brig.-Gen. Austin Flint, Jr., Surgeon-General. Brig.-Gen. Samuel S. Ellsworth, Quartermaster-General. Brig.-Gen. Hermann Uhl, Paymaster-General. Brig.-Gen. Charles H. Smyth, Commissary-General of Sub.

sistence. Col. Charles Tracey, Aide-de-camp. Col. Latham C. Strong, Aide-de-camp.

Col. James B. Pearsall, Aide-de-camp.
Col. Thomas Stokes, Aide-de-camp.
Col. Clifford A. H. Bartlett, Aide-de-camp.
Col. William T. Pelton, Military Secretary.


John BIGELow, Secretary of State.
EDGAR K. APGAR, Deputy Secretary of State.”
Daniel S. Lamont, Chief Clerk.
Edwin N. Hyde, Clerk of Incorporations.
Wm. H. Terrell, Land Clerk.
John J. Coleman, Certificate and Alien Deposition Clerk.
Joseph S. Michael, Book and Pardon Clerk.
Albert D. Crocker, Statistics of Crime.
Freeborn G. Jewett, General Clerk.
Robert C. Morris, Stenographer.
Patrick A. Reilly, Messenger.

Samuel Hicks Clapp, Examiner.

Berthold Fernow, Clerk in Charge of Historical and Ancient Records.


LUCIUs RoRINson, Comptroller.
PHILIP PHELPs, Deputy Comptroller.
HENRY GALLIEN, Second Deputy Comptroller.
George Seeley, Accountant and Transfer Officer.
Willis E. Merriman, Warrant Clerk.
Wm. A. Doty, Confidential Clerk.
Charles Davis, General Clerk.
John Bronk, Stationery Clerk.

* Ex officio Clerk of the Commissioners of the Land Office.

Sidney W. Park, Chief Taz Clerk.
Henry S. Miller, Taa’ Clerk.
John Van Dyck, Entry Taa’ Clerk.
A. C. Eustace, Taa: Clerk.
P. H. Backus, Taa: Clerk.
J. W. Clark, Taz Clerk.
E. R. Pratt, Taz Clerk.
Geo. A. Ramsey, Messenger.


CHARLEs N. Ross, Treasurer.
WILLIAM J. Moses, Deputy Treasurer.
Richard G. Milks, Receiving Clerk.
William R. Dryer, Book-keeper.
J. P. Robison, Check Clerk.
James H. Schooley, Warrant Clerk.
Charles H. Bentley, Messenger.

CHARLEs S. FAIRCHILD, Attorney-General.
EDWARD W. PAIGE, Deputy Attorney-General.
Sheldon W. Swaney, Clerk, -
Henry C. Kohler, Messenger.


JoHN D. WAN BUREN, JR., State Engineer and Surveyor. DAVID M. GREENE, Deputy State Engineer and Surveyor.

B. S. Van Rensselaer, Land Department.
Daniel S. Benton, Railroad Department.
William L. M. Phelps, Canal Department,

ENGINEERS EMPLOYED ON THE CANALS. Elnathan Sweet, Jr., Albany, Div. Eng’r, Eastern Division. Charles A. Sweet, Syracuse, Div. Eng’r, Middle Division William N. Searles, Rochester, Div. Eng’r, Western Divis'n. Bryant Godwin, Albany, Resident Eng’r, Eastern Division Denison Richmond, Syracuse, Resid’t Eng’r, Middle Divis’n Byron M. Hanks, Rochester, Resid’t Eng’r, Western Divis'n.


JAMES JACKSON, JR., Lockport, to hold one year.
ADIN THAYER, Hoosick Falls, to hold two years.
CHRISTOPHER A. WALRATH, Oneida, to hold three years.
Nathan Ackley, Clerk of Board of Canal Commissioners.
C. H. McNeil, Assistant Clerk.

INSPECTORS OF STATE PRISONS. BENJAMIN S. W. CLARK, Malone, to hold one year. # GEORGE WAGENER, Penn Yan, to hold two years. RoDNEY R. CRowLEY, Randolph, to hold three years.

(Term of office of Auditor three years.)

WILLIAM McGourkey, Deputy Auditor.
Edmund Savage, Accountant.
Robert I. Moe, Register.
Eugene C. Johnson, Collector's Accounts.
Jerome Smith, Commissioners' Accounts.
George H. Birchall, Assistant Accountant.
John S. Wolfe, General Clerk.
Hugh J. McDonald, Clearance Clerk.

*Appointed January 1, 1876, vice Thayer suspended.
f Appointed March 2, 1876, vice Platt deceased.

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