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On Ways and Means. Mr. Sloan,

Mr. Hayes, Mr. Monroe,

Mr. Forster, Mr. Hogeboom,

Mr. Sherman,
Mr. Post,

Mr. Talmage,
Mr. Faulkner.

On Judiciary. Mr. Strahan,

Mr. Santee, Mr. Hogeboom,

Mr. Englehart, Mr. Hepburn,

Mr. Schieffelin,
Mr. Gilbert,

Mr. Ruggles,
Mr. Scramling.

On General Laws.
Mr. Hogeboom,

Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Post,

Mr. Lang, Mr. Case,

Mr. Davenport.
Mr. Gere,

Mr. Ballou,
Mr. Payne.

On Canals.
Mr. Burleigh,

Mr. McFall, Mr. Gallagher,

Mr. Fiske, Mr. T. W. Green,

Mr. Cleary,
Mr. Glass,

Mr. Crosby,
Mr. Bissell.

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On Insurance. Mr. Waddell,

Mr. Sloan, Mr. Hayes,

Mr. Taylor, Mr. Munroe,

Mr. Faulkner,
Mr. Englehart,

Mr. Talmage,
Mr. Weiant.

On Banks.
Mr. Munroe,'

Mr. Suydam, Mr. Baldwin,

Mr. Glass, Mr. Ogden,

Mr. Gurnee,
Mr. Plumb,

Mr. Wenzel,
Mr. Becker.

On Internal Affairs.
Mr. Calkins,

Mr. Campbell, Mr. Slingerland,

Mr. Cheney, Mr. Green,

Mr. Roscoe,
Mr. Bowen,

Mr. Gardiner,
Mr. Maxfield.

On Affairs of Villages.
Mr. Noyes,

Mr. Calkins, Mr. Russell,

Mr. Taylor, Mr. Le Roy,

Mr. Voorhees,
Mr. Hammond,

Mr. Cock,
Mr. Gurnee.

On Roads and Bridges. Mr. Gallagher,

Mr. Waddell, Mr. Green,

Mr. Potter, Mr. Simmons,

Mr. Chaffee,
Mr. Billings,

Mr. Stanley,
Mr. Galvin.

On Public Printing. Mr. Ingalls,

Mr. Le Roy, Mr. Lawson,

Mr. Betts, Mr. Wheeler,

Mr. Sherman,
Mr. Calkins,

Mr. Weiant,
Mr. Bradley.

On Public Health.
Mr. Russell,

Mr. Hammond, Mr. Gulick,

Mr. Preston, Mr. Webb,

Mr. Wurts, Mr. McFalls,

Mr. Crosby,

Mr. Nelson. On Charitable and Religious Societies. Mr. Hepburn,

Mr. Brown, Mr. Fiske,

Mr. Burleigh, Mr. Case,

Mr. Lyon,
Mr. McKee,

Mr. Ford,
Mr. Coleman.

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On Agriculture. Mr. Hodges,

Mr. Suydam, Mr. Campbell,

Mr. Billings,
Mr. Brown,

Mr. Gardiner,
Mr. Flanagan.

On Indian Affairs.
Mr. Cheney,

Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Simmons,

Mr. Green,
Mr. Herbst,

Mr. Winne,
Mr. Fallon.

On Petitions of Aliens.
Mr. Lawson,

Mr. Gere, Mr, Wheeler,

Mr. Becker, Mr. Graff,

Mr. Davenport,

Mr. Whitney. On Two-thirds and three-fifths Bitls. Mr. Forster.

Mr. Preston, Mr. Lang

Mr. Green,
Mr. Santee,

Mr. Scramling,
Mr. Maynard.

On Engrossed Bills.
Mr. Gilbert,

Mr Ingalls, Mr. Lang,

Mr. Halliday,
Mr. Higgins,

Mr. King,
Mr. Ballou.

On Grievances.
Mr. O'Neill,

Mr. Hepburn, Mr. Case,

Mr. Russell,
Mr. Hammond,

Mr. Slevin,
Mr. Reeve.

On Expenditures of the House. Mr. Campbell,

Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Betts,

Mr. West, Mr. Ogden,

Mr. Wenzel,

Mr. Maxfield. On Expenditures of the Executive Departments Mr. Bowen,

Mr. Gulick, Mr. O'Neill,

Mr. Coffey,
Mr. Gugel,

Mr. Carty,
Mr. Maher.

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On Joint Library. Mr. Webb,

Mr. Brown, Mr. Campbell,

Mr. Bradley,

Mr. Galvin.
On Sub-Committee of the Whole.
Mr. Graham,

Mr. O'Neill,
Mr. Hoffman,

Mr. Becker, Mr. Muller,

Mr. Herbst, Mr. Reeve,

Mr. Milier, Mr. McGroarty,

Mr. Gere, Mr. Wenzel,

Mr. J. S. Brown, Mr. Roscoe,

Mr. Clark, Mr. Potter,

Mr. Gallagher.

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