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Public Libraries

A monthly review of library

matters and methods

Volume 14


Library Bureau




sifo 4.8.:], sociais


A. L. A. book list, 65 i (Dana), 91.
A. L. A. council, meetings, 310.
A. L. A. committee on binding, 135; report,

A. L. A., constitution, 64; (Dana), 99;

(Ed.), 263; (Josephson), 260; (Yust),

A. L. A., executive board, meeting, 222.
A. L. A. headquarters in Chicago (Ed.), 221,

A. L. A. list of subject headings, 3d edition

(Crawford), 127.
A. L. A. meeting, 15; (Ed.), 57; 72, 98, 153,

189; Program for Bretton Woods confer-
ence, 222-224, 264-265; report of confer-
ence, 304-312; post-conference trip, 316,

A. L. A., meeting of 1910 (Ed.), 346.
A. L. A., organization, 55.
A. L. A., president, suggestion of candidate

(Tobitt), 380.
1. L. A., relation to A. L. I. (One of the

olden time), 53.
A. L. I.; See American Library Institute.
Abel, Clara L., appointment, 279.
Abbeville, La., organization of library, 41.
Ackley, Gabriella, appointment, 158.
Adams, Benjamin, appointment, 363.
Adams, Edward B., appointment, 362.
Adams, Elsie, appointment, 102.
Adams, Emma L., The social opportunity of

the public library, 247.
Administration of libraries (Dewey), 20.
Adrian (Mich.) public library, dedication of

building, un.
Adriance memorial library (Poughkeepsie,

N. Y.) report, 73.
Advertising libraries (Hayward), 7.
Ahern, Mary E., State supervision of library

extension for Illinois, 55; Library condi-

tions in Illinois (extract), 385.
Alameda (Cal.) library, smoking room, 112.
Allison, William B., library given to Carne-

gie-Stout public library (Dubuque, Ia.),

-Catalogue section, program for Bretton

Woods conference, 265; report, 309.
-College and reference section, 310.
-Committees : Binding, 135, 302; Book-buy-

ing, 37; list of novels purchased in largest
numbers, 303.
-Executive board, meetings, 382.
---Publishing board, 311.
-Section of Library work with children.

American Library Institute.
-Election of officers, 66.
-meetings, 23, 59.
-relations to American Library Association

(Yust), 132.
American magazine editors (Wyer), 212.
Ames, John G., appointment, 242.
Anderson, C. C., gift of mayor's salary to

Fostoria (O.) library, III.
Annapolis, U. S. Naval Academy, distribu-

tion of publications, 15.
Anniversaries, list of books on, 365.
Anticipations of library activities (Dana), I.
Ants in Manchester (N. H.) city library

building, 277.
Applied science, list of books, 363.
Aram public library (Delavan, Wis.), report,

Armentrout, Nellie, personal, 161.
Arnett, Lonna D., appointment, 327.
Art and music clubs as auxiliaries, 407.
Art in small libraries (Van Buren), 18.
Artz (Mrs.) M. C., gift of library to Fred-

erick, Md., 157.
Atlanta (Ga.) Carnegie library, Anne Wal-

lace branch named by popular vote, 331 ;

same opened, 420.
Atlanta library school, 100, 268, 350.
Atlantic City meeting of the Pennsylvania

library club and the New Jersey library

association, 234.
Attleborough (Mass.) public library report,

Augustana college (Rock Island, Ill.), re-

ceipt of gift of library building, ul.
Babcock, Laura E., appointment, 199.-
Bailey, Arthur L.,

about re-inforced
binding, 380.
Ballard, H. H., Public documents in small

libraries (poem), 84.
Ballinger, J., personal, 113.
Baldwin, Marguerite, appointment, 321.
Bancroft, W. P., gift to Wilmington insti-

tute free library, 277.



Alstead, New Haven, library gift, 109.
Alumni association of Illinois library school,

American libraries, criticism, 95.
American library association. See also A.

L. A.
Bretton Woods conference, ' 72

98, 153,
189, 222-224, 264-265, 304-312.
-Business management, 310-311.

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