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I could see a tear

Tremble in her eye, As a voice I hear,

Saying, “Sweet, good-bye.”

Eva, looking at me,

Saying, “ Mind you come, For to-morrow we

Are at home at noon.”

Saying, “We will play

Croquet on the grass, As we did to-day,

When you chanced to pass.”

Eva's hand in mine,

Eva young and fair, Looking so divine,

With her golden hair. Her soft hand I hold,

Feel the little palm ; Does she feel it cold,

That she stands so calm ? No, she still is child,

And her heart still free; Knows no beating wild

Will it beat for me?

Dangerous it is,

Standing at the door, With a maid like this,

Who ne'er loved before.

Should I win her heart ?

Such thoughts will arise ; What upon my part

Is there she will prize ? “ Eva, my lips have come

So very close to thine, That I think, like some,

Would those lips were mine!”

A gentle little girl,

Running wild with me, Like the winds that curl,

O'er a summer sea.

“No, I really ought

Not to say such things; If I think her caught,

She will show her wings.” “Oh, but only one

On those ruby lips; Life has scarce begun,

Granting honeyed sips.”

I have a long walk,

Ere I reach my home;
If I want to talk,

To-morrow I must come.

“ Croquêt we will play,

'Neath the summer sun;" But I think in May

Little play is done. We shall talk of joy,

Summer's lovely weather ; As when girl and boy,

We used to romp together. Yes ! this Eva then

Was a little wild; I remember when,

She was a lively child. “Well, 'tis time to go,

For the hour is late, And at home, you know,

Bed must find me straight.” “If I do not sleep

In the early night, Dreaming shall I keep,

Till past morning light.”

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Out in the night,
Alone with nature and thought,
Walking 'twixt scented bushes of May,
Perfuming with sweetness the midnight air ;
The leaves hang as bending in silent prayer,
Or grieving for the departed day,
Night, troubled silence brought,
'Neath the moonlight,
And pain.

Loitering along,
Creeping near the hedged railings,
Looking often at the silent sky,

Shining with many a radiant star,
Shedding soft light near and far.
Every passer's curious eye,
Looking at me along the palings,
Or a midnight song,


I am thinking how, in the days gone by, A maiden had listened to hear me sigh, A maiden had paused in our walks to prolong The liquid notes of a favourite song. Ah! six months back in a gentle ear, Ready and eager love's voice to hear, Words soft and tender, fresh from the heart, Winning her love, we had strolled apart. I watched her blush when I praised her eyes, Had marked the maidenly, modest surprise, When, trembling and stroking her long light hair, I first told Nelly I thought her fair ; And Nelly blushed a deeper hue, As her eyes from my ardent gaze withdrew. I remember the trembling grasp on my arm, As I whispered and strove her fears to calm,

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