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Shall we wish you joy,
Two hearts now as one;

Wish you health and life,
In sweet love begun?


Sweet to hearts just joined in love
Is a mother's happy consent;

Sweet, in the lover's anxious eye,
Is the smile on a daughter bent.

Sweet is the whisper breathed,

By a sister kind and dear; To her she is going to lose,

If the feelings are true and sincere.

Sweet was the tinge on Annie's cheek;

Ne'er was it my lot to see,
A look more sweet, a smile more meek,

For it beamed with love's ecstacy.

I left them, happy in joys to come—

I left them, and, musing, wandered home. XXVI.

Why did I come once more

Into the busy world 1
Where every feeling and hope,

From its seat in the heart is hurled.

Where love is crushed and betrayed,
To make room for chances of gold;

And the youthful life of a girl,
By a sordid father is sold.

'Twas Eva's lovely smile,

The flash of her hazel eye, That drew me away from myself,

As her carriage drove swiftly by.

But though naught passed but her smile,
Though she gave me no look or sign,

Yet I shall, I scarce know why,
Go there this evening to dine.

Perhaps, if Eva will sing,

Or Annie will warble a lay,
While her lover leans over her chair,

I shall become cheerful and gay.

Gay? I who had vowed never more

To visit the haunts of joy, Fearing to learn again

The lesson I learnt when a boy!

Gay t I had promised myself

No more to mix with delight; But at Eva's smile I relent,

I shall be by her side to-night.

To-night 1 yes, this eve I shall sit

By gentle Eva's side,
And Alfred will be there, too,

With_Annie, his promised bride.

Yes! let me forget the follies of youth,

And love once more with constancy and truth.


Why walk the lovers alone to-night?
Arm laced in arm 'neath the fading light.

Annie is going to stay

With an aunt out of town,
For a short time going away;

Alfred must say good-bye,
Only for a month.

Soon she will return,

Warmer kisses burn;

When they think of parting,

Eager glances darting

Each in other's eyes;

Sighs are mixed with sighs.
Why do lovers sigh?

Joy in expression fails,

For their pure ecstacy;
But a tender sigh

Has something in its tone,

Drawn from the heart alone,

Falling on the part of sense,

Where dwelleth nature's innocence.
Sensual life meanwhile

Vanished far away;

The air with sounds seems rife,

Echoes float around,

Amidst each charming sound,

One falling sweeter than all;

A sigh from Annie fair. Then, "Alfred, keep your thoughts with me; Mine shall ever be with thee. Let our thoughts be wholly the same,

Let us live a little while,

And tedious hours beguile,

By thinking of each other;

A month will increase our mutual flame."

Thus, passing time in childish talk.
Arm locked in arm, the lovers walk.


Golden the moon rose o'er the trees,
Eva standing by my side;

Softly sighed the summer breeze,
Through the window opening wide.

While the west grew pale and cold,
Losing all its brilliant glow;

Eva tells me she is told
Many pretty songs I know.

I will give her a little song,

For one of her own gentle lays;

One I made in coming along,
Full of thoughts in Eva's praise.

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