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*** Although many of the Books are offered at less than half their published prices, they are warranted clean and perfect, and the same as if purchased at the full price.

The Standard Library Edition.

HAKESPEARE'S Plays and Poems. Edited, with a scrupulous Revision of the Text, but without Note or Comment, by Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke. With an Introductory Essay and Copious Glossary. In Four Handsome Library 8vo Volumes, elegantly printed on toned paper, cloth gilt, I/, in. 6d.; calf extra, 2l. 2s.

*** This splendid edition of Shakespeare's Works is copyright, having been carefully revised and amplified by Mr. and Airs. Cowden Clarkel The Text is selected with great care, and is printed from a new fount of ancient type on toned paper, forming four handsome volumes, bound in cloth extra, calf, calf extra, russia, or in the best morocco with appropriate tooling.

Cowden Clarke's Shakespeare. The above Text, with Life and excellent Glossary, arranged on the Plan of a Concordance, giving not only the meanings of doubtful words, but also a complete Index to all the passages in which they are to be found. In I vol. royal 8vo, with very clear type on toned paper. Portrait after Droeshout, bound in gilt cloth, \2s.; calf extra, 15J.

*»• This edition is also kept richly bound in morocco, gilt leaves, with broad gilt borders on side, and Shakespeare's arms stamped in centre, forming a most charming and elegant gift book.


"There never was an author who required less note or comment than Shakespeare, and who could so completely satisfy the wisest of men, while not rising beyond the comprehension of the most dull."—Times, Sept. 29th, 1863.


"Messrs. Bickers and Son have done a service to those good souls who love to read Shakespeare, but shrink from the quarrels and personalities of his commentators, by printing Mr. and Mrs. Cowden Clarke's edition of the poet. We have already spoken in high terms of this work. It is an edition without notes, commentaries, or explanations. The text is selected with due care, is handsomely printed on good paper, and the four volumes are strongly bound. The general reader cannot want a better copy of Shakespeare"Athenceum.

The great pains which Mr. and Mrs. Cowden Clarke have bestowed upon the study of Shakespeare's dramatic works make them in every way qualified for the task which they have undertaken, and the present edition deserves to be regarded in every respect as a standard one. It is indeed a true ' Tercentenary ' edition of the 'poet of all time.' "—Observer.

"This edition is well calculated for pleasant popular reading, and to inspire delightful conceptions of the poet's genius in that numerous class who can enjoy ' rapture complete ' without stopping every minute ' to ask how they feel it, or why it is so sweet.' "—Morning Posii

"This edition is entirely without notes—no little recommendation in these days of over-editing. There is, however, a copious Glossary, which is really as much as any intelligent and appreciative reader will require. The time may come when every reader of Shakespeare will be, to a certain extent, his own editor; and the difficulties arising out of the early and original copies almost demand this . . The immense difficulty of making up one's mind upon disputed passages can only be estimated by those who undertake the task of decision."—Bookseller.

"This edition is distinguished by an admirable chronological table of the poet's life, by an index, verbal and sentential glossary (the fullest we have ever seen), by the reprint of Shakespeare's will, and of the dedication and addresses prefixed to the folio of 1623. The text is carefully revised, and the publishers have enshrined it in clear and beautiful letterpress. We heartily recommend this rare Tercentenary offering."—Dundee Advertiser.

The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines, in a Series of Fifteen Tales, by Mary Cowden Clarke. 3 vols, square crown 8 vo, cloth elegant, gilt leaves, 1 os. 6d. (published at iSs.)

The design has been to trace the probable antecedents in the history of some of Shakespeare's women; to imagine the possible circumstances and influence of scene, event, and associate, surrounding the infant life of his heroines, which might have conduced to originate and foster those germs of character recognised in their maturity, as by him developed; to conjecture what might have been the first imperfect dawnings of that which he has shown us in the meridian blaze of perfection; and it was believed) that such a design would combine much matter of interesting speculation, afford scope for pleasant fancy, and be productive of entertainment in the various narratives."—Extract from Preface.

George Herbert's Poetical Works. New and beautiful edition; together with "The Synagogue," by C. Harvey, and Introduction by J. Nichol, B.A. The Text edited by Charles Cowden Clarke; numerous elegant head and tail pieces. i2mo, cloth, 3J. 6d. ; calf antique, Js. 6d.; morocco elegant, gs.

Bickers and Son, Leicester Square. 3

A unique edition of Bunyan's Emblems.

John Bunyan's Divine and Moral Emblems; or, Temporal Things Spiritualised. Illustrated with 49 quaint and characteristic Engravings, numerous Head and Tail Pieces, Initial Letters, &c. Fcap. 8vo, cloth elegant, 2s. 6d. (published at 5s.); or in calf antique, red edges, $s. 6d.

*#* This curious and valuable little work had almost slipped from human memory, and had escaped the attention of publishers for nearly a century. It has now been reproduced from an old edition published in 1767.

A Reprint of Pickering's Famous Edition.

The Poetical and Prose Works of John Milton. Carefully reprinted from the Author's Original Copies. Including a Facsimile of the Agreement for the Sale of " Paradise Lost" to Samuel Symmons for the sum of 20/.; together with a Pedigree of the Family of Milton; and a complete History of the Poet's Life by the Rev. John Mitford. 8 vols. 8vo, cloth, 4/. 4-r.; calf extra, gilt, 5?. 15J. 6d.; or elegantly bound in the best French morocco, 8/. 8s.

*#* The Poet's own peculiar orthography and punctuation have been carefully preserved, and every care has been exercised to render this the most attractive, as it is the most complete, Edition extant. It is printed in a fine large ancient type, and upon thick tonedpaper; and whether judged as a specimen of printing and typography, or as an evidence of the ability and perseverance of the Editor, it will be found one of the most perfect books ever issued to the public.

"Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book."

The Book of Common Prayer, with the Psalter, and latest alterations, and finely executed Woodcut Borders round every page, exactly copied from " Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book," and comprising Albert Diirer's "Life of Christ," Holbein's " Dance of Death," " The Cardinal Virtues," &c. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut, qs. 6d. (published at 2IJ.); cloth extra, gilt, ioJ. dd.; calf antique, 14J. 6d.; morocco plain, gilt edges, Ijs. 6d.; or best morocco antique, 2$s.

*#* This singularly curious edition of the Common Prayer Book of our Established Church is worthy of special notice. The borders surrounding each page are in imitation of celebrated missals of the fourteenth and fitteenth centuries, including wood engravings of Albert Diirer's " Life of Christ," Holbein's " Dance of Death," with Scriptural Quotations and Proverbs in the margin ; also quaint woodcut borders of fruit and flowers, and full length Portrait of Queen Elizabeth kneeling at prayer. Copies in rich and tastefully finished bindings are constantly kept in stock.

A handsome present for ages.

Gray's Poems. A unique little edition, printed on superior toned paper, with beautiful Landscape Illustrations from drawings by Birket Fester, and ornamental head and tail pieces by Harry Rogers, engraved by Edmund Evans.

In a neat cloth binding;, gilt edges, 3$. td.; calf extra, gilt.Os. 6d.; morocco antique, lettered on side, 8s. Od.; smooth French morocco, best quality, suitably gilt, gs.

A highly interesting and instructive volume for Boys.

Edgar's Heroes of England: Stories of the Lives of the most celebrated Soldiers and Sailors, from Edward the Black Prince to the Present Time. With Illustrations on Steel by Gilbert, and a Portrait of General Havelock. i2mo, cloth gilt, y. 6d.; calf extra, gilt, 8s.

"While histories of the downfall of kings and revolutions of empires are read with great tranquillity, the lives of particular persons enchain the reader with irresistible interest."—Dr. Johnson.

Hewlett's Heroes of Europe. A Companion Volume to the above. Numerous Illustrations. Cloth gilt, 3J. 6d.

Motley's Rise of the Dutch Republic, the Library Edition, 3 vols. 8vo cloth, uniform with the "History of the United Netherlands," just completed.

NOTICE.—Only a very few copies remain of this, the best edition of Mr. Motley's Great Work. Gentlemen wishing to complete their Sets should apply at once. Price 1/. IW. 6d., carriage paid.

A few Sets of the REPUBLIC and NETHERLANDS, bound in 7 vols. 8vo, tree marbled, calf extra, 5/. $s.

Arabian Nights' Entertainments. A New Translation from the Arabic. By E. W. Lane. With hundreds of Wood Engravings from original designs. 3 vols, large 8vo, 18s. (sells 2/. 5-r.); tree marbled, calf extra, 32J.

Aldine Poets. Bell and Daldy's Edition. With Memoirs and Notes by Dyce, Mitford, Sir H. Nicholas, Bruce, Hooper, Moy Thomas, Morris, and others. Elegantly printed by Whittingham on superior toned paper. With Portraits. Fcap. 8vo in 52 vols., calf elegant, 16I.

A History of the Knights of Malta, or the Order of

the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem. By Major Whitworth Porter. Plates, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, ioi. (published at 1/. I2f.); or in calf extra, 15^, .»

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