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their advance, when presently a fiendish in choosing their spot for encampment, sound, half a laughi and half a shout, of disregarding the familiar Arab probursting from them, sent the blood chill. verb, “ pitch your tent upon a hill.” ed to the heart of both Christian and Extreme beauty of scenery, coupled Jew. Each wore a sort of short sword with apparent healthiness of situation, or large knife, in a carved silver case, at led them to select a spot in a valley; the his side, which they unsheathed, and consequence of which was the reception drawing their fingers along the shining of the seeds of a violent African fever edges, they pointed upward to signify by two of the party, which compelled that we should soon be there. As they their return on the fourth day to the approached, the cries of Hadzar ap- city. One of these was Esteer's mispeared to enrage them even more than tress, who, on the occasion of that fearour presence, and the hopeless upturn- ful fever, came into closer contact with ed face of the Jewess they spat upon, the angel of death, than it is often the for they were within a few yards of us. lot of those who survive to tell of One more agonized look to the beach, having been actually borne out for buby the misguided ladies whose thought- rial, and only revived sufficiently, by the lessness had brought them into this motion and freshness of the air, to awakperil, seemed the last human effort of en a faint idea, on the very edge of a hope—for the Arabs would have made grave dug in African sands, that some no bones of despatching them all in spark of life and hope might yet be lincold blood—when the blessed turban of gering. The large and heavy stone our guard appeared, swift as the wind, provided for defence against the jackals and nearing the place where we were. of that drear desert, was therefore reThe Arabs

followed the direction of our served for another and the Democratic eyes, and instantly on perceiving the Review now receives a contribution, in approaching rescue, fled through the this Reminiscence, which it had well wood, leaving their murderous work un- nigh lost ! done. When the Moor reined in his On the way back to the city, Esteer panting steed, whom he had spurred at was enco

couraged by the kindness which a single stretch on a swift gallop from she had experienced, to beg permission of the city gate till he overtook us, every her mistress to stop for a few moments, on tongue was palsied with horror for some the beach near the harbor landing, where minutes; and before any one could tell she went aside, in a state of unusual viothe tale, the Arabs were out of sight and lence of emotion, and remained for some beyond pursuit. The child looked on

time the prey to a struggle of intense in wonder, and threw into Esteer's lap feeling and grief which seemed almost the flowers he had pulled from the bank; too powerful to be borne. She had left but she, for the first time, paid no heed to her infant charge meanwhile in her her little friend, who buried his head in mistress's hands, who waited at a short her bosom, as he was wont when trou- distance, a witness to the anguish she bled, but no tender pressure responded could neither console nor venture to into his caress. Esteer had swooned, and trude upon. After a time she returned, remained for a long time insensible. and resumed her accustomed duty, with

After this occurrence, and her recov- her habitual air of impressive melanchoery, no further accident disturbed thólyThe tears shed on that sput—the excursion, which had been so near a tribute, apparently, to some memory tragic termination at its very outset. with which it was particularly associThe destination of the party was to a ated-did not seem to have brought that beautiful spot called Einil Adjar, about relief to the surcharged heart, which it thirty miles from Mogadore, where a is usually the sweet and gentle miniweek was to be spent in encampment, stration of tears to afford. with an ample provision of marquees, Whatever was the untold source of tents, &c., and all desirable means and poor Esteer's grief, her cup was not yet appliances, with light hearts and happy quite full. Four days had elapsed since spirits, for the enjoyment of a little epi- our party had sallied forth from the sode in the routine of life in a Moorish Bebel Exemo. On her approach to the city. Nothing of particular note occur- house Esteer cast an eager glance for red in connexion with Esteer, within the old man, her father, in his accustomthat period. I may only mention that ed place by the outside wall. He was the party committed the serious mistake, not there. This circumstance alone

awoke no alarm, as he often wan- and who, in the presence of his Father, dered off for a whole day when supplied was accepted a ransom for all flesh: with food. But the kind-hearted old Lady,” she would answer, “these Rammo could give no other tidings of are the Christian's doctrines, and it may him, than that on the day Esteer had be that all Christians are not idolators left, she had fulfilled her parting direc- and accursed, for have not I met with tions and had taken out his food at the some from among them who have borne usual time; but at the sound of her un- with, and even kindly cherished, one of accustomed voice the poor old idiot had our despised race ? But we await, and crept away, nor could he be prevailed must still await the coming of that upon to taste the food she tendered him. Messiah, who shall gather us again in He clutched eagerly, however, in his rejoicing and triumph to the land of our skeleton hand, the few fluse his daughter fathers. Till that glorious day, dearest had left to be given to him-departed— lady, our only trust must be in the great and returned no more. It seems that God of Israel, who led our fathers from the very instinct of food with him was cruel bondage ; and bade rivers of cool associated with the ministration of it by waters to gush forth to quench their her hand and voice. He neither beg- thirst; and bread to rain down from ged, nor accepted it from any other; Heaven to satisfy their hunger in a still less did he purchase it with any of barren wilderness. And if thus was the little stock of trifling coins which he the child of Israel cared for of old, He must have accumulated. Poor Esteer! will not now forsake us ; and His proShe went forth to seek him, sorrowing mises will be fulfilled unto our people, and alone ; and all that remained to her through the remnant He has spared, of kindred or friend was a livid corpse when their former idolatries and infidewhich she found amidst the rubbish of lities are atoned for ; as it is just and a mutilated old tenement, spacious in ineet they should be atoned for, hard size, but which had been torn down and though it be for weak human nature to left in ruins, in the quarter of the city sustain the grievous burthens beneath outside the walls called the“Jews' Town" which our heads are bowed.” This had once been Esteer's home-the Esteer's mistress, perceiving her place of her birth, and of a happy child- faith at once unwavering and not deshood nurtured in the midst of elegance titute of consolation and hope, forbore to and luxury; and the last instinct of mortal disturb her mind by useless efforts at feeling had driven its former master conversation : but she wondered how there to die, since the voice seemed lost even this small stock of information which, next to money, was the only had found its way to her poor handlink that yet bound to human life his maiden. She had often observed that shattered mind and enfeebled body. she was greatly superior to her fellows;

The Jewish maiden had a nature full her babits and manners too were very of true sentiment and deep feeling, and different from those of most of the Barnow it seemed that her heart-strings bary Jewesses. The light of knowmust break for very desolation. Even ledge falls faintly and dimly indeed on her little charge seemed to have lost his the women of this country; and less on infantine power to charm and soothe. those of the Jewish than the Moorieh The frolic mood of childhood, repelled by race, who are not awarded souls by that perpetual unresponsive gloom, na- their turbaned lords at all. Oh, speed, turally sought more cheerful faces; and speed the day, when the infinite moral poor Esteer—(she was always called and social good which attends the beau

poor Esteer”)—her necessary duties tiful steps of our blessed Christianity, ended, would now creep away into a may fall, like the universal dew of corner to mourn her lot and her unspok- Heaven, on all humanity of every en sorrows alone. Many were the su- clime ! perstitious ceremonies she would per- The cloud that had again darkened form to ward off evil spirits, and when Esteer's spirit unfolded itself anew, and comfort was offered her from Christian opened afresh to her the light that told lips, with the assurance that there was the heart within was not yet quite dead. a Saviour in heaven who cared for eve. A severe fever seized her little favorry creature on the earth, and most of ite—a remote consequence probably of all for its down-trodden and afflicted; the excursion to Einil Adjar. None could

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pillow the infant's burning head like Nothing more, meanwhile, was ever her whose sweet low voice could best seen of the hidden but cherished micalm his wayward and restless spirit to niature, the existence of which had repose ; and the sinking and suffering been thus betrayed, until on one genial child now filled her whole heart. Self, afternoon in the very early spring, a with all its griefs, its memories and its trio, consisting of Esteer, mother and despair, bitter as they might be, no child, were seated by “ The Well," a longer occupied her thoughts. Like short walk from the city, where, as is all who lose themselves in others, she usual, a shed was erected to protect the seemed to illuminate with love ; and cool bright water from the drifting the various expressions of her exquisite sand, while a bucket was provided, face, drawn forth by the hopes and secured by a chain, from which the fears of the precarious state of the camel might drink, and a wooden dipchild, made her seem literally another per for man also to quench his parching being. It was at this period that a little thirst. An example for Christian men incident occurred which made a partial to follow, to help God's gifts to fulfil the revelation of the nature of at least one end for which they were designed, the of the sorrows which united to weigh good of his creatures. No Musnlman down poor Esteer's spirit. As the ever passed this or any other spring of fearful fever was subsiding, when water, without audibly and devoutly the exhaustion which follows it pro- thanking the good Allah for the blessduced in the child a sleep from ing. At this spot again Esteer appearwhich there is often no awaking, ed a prey to a similar emotion, to the mother, overpowered by long watch- that she had exhibited when she turned fulness and anxiety, sank to rest on a aside near the harbor landing and looked pallet by his side. Such slumber, how- forth on the ocean, on the return from ever, is not sleep, nor was it long be- the memorable excursion to Einil Adjar. fore the anxious maternal eye opened, Her color came and went, a violent to assure itself of the continued safety flush being succeeded by a deadly paleof her child, though without any motion ness, while the quivering of the beautior sound to indicate any interruption of ful curve of her lips preluded the tears her supposed repose. She then beheld which nature could no longer restrain Esteer, in whose heart tender emotions from flowing. were now strongly at work, draw from An intuitive confidence had by this her bosom a miniature set in gold, on time sprung up between Esteer and her which she gazed with an earnest though mistress, not only from the general intimelancholy delight, and her mistress macy of their intercourse, but especially could see that the beautiful Jewess was from the one strong sympathy that had lost in the contemplation of the likeness lately sprung up between her and her of a young man. Ah, poor Esteer! A deep employer, as both had watched with breathing from the sufferer, and a rest- seeningly equal and emulous care and less motion of a little emaciated hand, love, by the side of the same bed of recalled her from the far excursion in a touching suffering and fearful peril. So different world of sweet memories in that her mistress now ventured, with a which she had allowed herself for a few gentle kindness which annihilated the minutes to stray, and the miniature was barriers of distinction between the quickly returned to her bosom-where Christian lady and the despised and the presence of such a concealed trea- down-trodden Barbary Jewess, to inquire sure had never before been suspected by the secret of her sorrow; and what the her mistress. The eyes of her favorite latter a few months ago would have no longer glared with the fatal bright- buried in the profoundest silence she ness of the fever, but a languid compo- now freely told, and was the hapsure told plainly that the crisis of the pier for having unbound the secret chord disease had passed in safety, and that so long and painfully tightened round all danger was now at an end. Days her heart. and weeks passed in the most careful “Alas! my poor Esteer! And are ministration to the enfeebled child on you indeed the young affianced bride the part of Esteer, who performed the whose parting, in rich array and costly part of no servant, but of a second mo- jewels, from her betrothed, I witnessed ther, till at length health braced again three years ago ?” the little frame, and the household re- “The same, dear lady! and that faresumed its usual routine.

well was the last I have ever seen or


shall ever again see of Benaliel! who thing. One day an ‘Emperor's friend' then took his departure in a ship which appeared at our door with a peremptory already waited for him. It bore him to demand, to which he opposed the usual other lands; and this miniature which reply. The Moor made no reply, but came back to me a few months after with a stern countenance strode away, wards, is all I can ever know of him and presently returned with the Cadi

I parted from him, you remem- and a band of soldiers; by whom, after ber, on the beach—and it was on this being stripped of all but the humblest spot, at the Well, we met the day before clothing, and loaded with insults and he sailed, when he told me that even if even blows, we were thrust forth, with our parents had not so ordered our union no other resource than charity for very he would never have wed or loved an- bread; and scarcely were we beyond the other than me. We had grown up to- very threshold when the work of demogether; and at the time when the Empe- lition commenced. My father looked ror drove out all of Israel's race from on with composure until they reached their homes in the Moorish city, with- the garret; and when a shout from without an hour's warning, or the slightest in announced that they had discovered regard to the sick or dying, he bore me, the secret receptacle for his treasure of then an infant, outside the gates, while gold and jewels (still vast after all the my father cared for the lifeless but yet drains upon it) which he had contrived unburied body of my mother. His mo- within the rafters and beams of the roof, ther too nursed me--and if I loved Be- his nature gave way-without a word naliel Zaguery, her son, from my in- or a moan he sank in a swoon at my fancy, how could I otherwise ? If I dif- feet; and when, after a long time, he fer, too, somewhat from the maidens of was at last recalled to life, it was to rise my race, and especially of my present up the hopeless and helpless idiot who condition, as you sometimes have said, so long, dear lady, fed from your bounty; dear lady, it is to Benaliel that I owe it; and who, at last, returned to expire upfor he had been taught by one who had on the ruins which had once been the learned much wisdom and knowledge in home of his happiness, his pride and his your own Christian lands, and he loved wealth. to talk to me of distant countries and “Thus beggared and broken down,we strange things, and to impart to me all were spurned by the parents of Benaliel: that he himself possessed. Our parents since which, after a few weeks of were both very rich, notwithstanding the wretched wandering, I found a shelter frequent and heavy demands made on in your house-myself able to bear up them by the Emperor to pay his troops; under the burthen of life only for the and ever since my memory serves me, sake of what remained to me of a father, we dwelt in houses adjoining; the Benaliel’s miniature was the only thing comfort and luxuriousness of our homes I had saved; worn next to my bosom, equalling, if not surpassing those of any it alone escaped the robbery which of our people in the Jews' Town.' plundered us of everything else. But he

“ The internal wars of late years have is now nothing to me. His parents multiplied the frequency and heaviness despise me; nor one word of eeting of the Emperor's demands upon the Jews or pity has come, or can ever again of Swarrah for the payment of his come to me from him. And when you troops, until wailing and lamentation leave, what will become of Esteer ?"** have filled their houses, and few have Would, Esteer, that you had a Chrisbeen left unimpoverished. When a tian's solace in adversity," was the labody of soldiers were sent at six in the dy's reply, after listening to this sad morning to be paid at noon, even though narrative." I well remember the cereat half-past eleven there appeared no mony of parting between you and hope of a possibility, yet il must be done! your betrothed, which I was invited to My poor father had accumulated great witness, for its interest as one of the wealth ; and, next to me, his only child, usages of your people. When the bowl he loved nothing so well, and it wrung of milk was poured into the wave that his heart to be thus ruthlessly pillaged. bore the boat from the shore, I was told At last all seemed to have gone, and to that it was an emblem alike of purity the severest threats and searches he re- and of constancy, not to be forfeited till plied by pleading entire destitution, the milk should collect itself again from having been already stripped of every- the briny deep, where, in a few moments,

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so ?"

all appearance of its whiteness, even, itself heard. To shorten a tale already had been lost. Can a promise so sol- too long, the stranger announced himemly pledged be broken by your self as Benaliel Zuguery; he had come people ?”

in all faith and love to claim his “Alas! How can Benaliel take to affianced bride. He had already learned the home of his proud house, a beggar her fate and present situation, and shame and a menial—even if he did retain any clouded his dark and expressive features, memory of the love he once felt ? I as he sought to excuse the cruel concould almost wish I were a Christian duct of his parents to poor Esteer. He if your people are always true when spoke out his whole case frankly and fortune fies—tell me, dear lady, is it manfully; said that the ship would be

ready to sail again in a week or two, The Christian made no answer to and that he intended to start at daythe probing question thus artlessly put; break to-morrow for Morocco (the but turning her head aside and blushing capital) to purchase the Emperor's for her people, she rose, and pointing permission to carry off his affianced to the lengthening shadow which als wife with him—(the privilege of egress ready made that of the child as tall as a from the country is not easily to be full grown man, she proceeded back to obtained in Morocco, and only by the city, to shun the dangerous chill heavy purchase). He did not ask in and dew of the evening wishing in words to see Esteer, but after he had her heart that all who bear that blessed concluded his recital, listened to with title dared answer in truth, and prove an interest I need not describe, he by their example to Jew and Infidel, that paused, evidently in anxious expectation. they merit it!

Without replying in words, the ChrisOn their return, they dropped each a tian lady rose, and proceeded into the adstone on the huge pile near the “Saint- joining apartment. Esteer had fallen house," where reposed the bones of an asleep by the side of the sleeping child idiot-an innocent, not knowing good she had been lulling with her low sweet from ill—such being the only Saints songs. Her head rested on its pillow, known to the Musulman reverence. in an attitude of all her own peculiar

On the following morning Hadzar grace, her cheek upon the cherished broke another tumbler-in sign of miniature-for which indeed poor Es“good luck;" and sure enough, a sail teer seemed to revive in her own person appeared in the offing of the harbor all the old tendencies to idolatry which that day. This was an event which had brought so many and fearsul woes always created a great excitement and upon her people. The light of a lampon a stir in the establishments of the two or small stand near the head of the couch three Christian merchants of Mogadore. revealed one of the loveliest tableaux Her approach and anchorage were rivants her mistress's eye, or any other anxiously watched from the turret of eye, has ever beheld. Returning softly the house which has been the chief into the other room, where she had leit scene of this narrative. She bore the her unexpected visitor, she conducted welcome flag of the stars and stripes of him back with her, and after introducing the United States, and proved to be a him beyond the threshold, she simply vessel from Gibraltar, freighted by and pointed to the scene that there lay in consigned to Jews. After receiving her all the silent beauty and holiness of the due visit from the pratique boat, her sleep of innocence the equal innoown boat was lowered from the stern, and cence of infancy and of the maturity of two gentlemen were rowed ashore with womanly loveliness,-and then gently lusty oars that seemed to quiver with retreated, closing the door behind her, impatience to reach the strand. and leaving to Benaliel to make his own

That evening the Christian lady announcement of himself. She herself above spoken of, sat alone-when ascended to the turret, to see the moon Hadzar bowed in a stranger with his glitter on the rippling waves of the now best flourish. Esteer's voice had been motionless bay—to watch the gracechanting the legends of her people by ful sweep of its beach and low curving the side of the couch of her charge, shores—and to look up to the quiet stars, making a sweet music to the mother's with a heart overflowing with all sweet ear as she turned the pages of a book; thoughts; and wonder if in their circuit but for some time it had ceased to make round half the globe that night, they

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