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Where, through clouds, are glimpses given

Of Katahdin's sides,-
Rock and forest piled to heaven

Torn and ploughed by slides !.
Far below the Indian trapping

In the sunshine warm,
Far above the snow-cloua wrapping

Half the peak in storm !

Where are mossy carpets better

Than the Persian weaves,
And, than Eastern perfumes, sweeter

Seem the fading leaves ;
And a music wild and solemn

From the pine tree's height Rolls its vast and sea-like volume

On the wind of night :

Make we here our famp of winter;

And through sleet and snow Pitchy knot and beechen splinter

On our hearth shall glow ;
Here, with Mirth to lighten Duty,

We shall lack alone
Woman, with her smile of beauty,

And her gentle tone.

But, her hearth is brighter burning

For our work to-day,
And her welcome at returning

Shall our loss repay.
Strike then, comrades !—Trade is waiting

On our rugged toil,
Far ships waiting for the freighting

Of our woodland spoil !

Ships, whose traffic links these highlands

Bleak and cold of ours
With the citron-planted islands

Of a clime of flowers;
To our frosts the tribute bringing

Of eternal heats,
In our lap of winter flinging,

Tropic fruits and sweets.

Cheerly on the axe of labor,

Let the sunbeam dance,
Better than the flash of sabre

Or the gleam of lance !-
Strike !-With every blow is given

Freer sun and sky,
And the long-hid earth to heaven

Looks with wondering eye.

Loud behind us grow the murmurs

Of the age to come
Clang of smiths, and tread of farmers

Bearing harvest home!-
Here her virgin-lap with treasures-

Shall the green earth fill-
Waving wheat and golden maize-ears

Crown each beechen hill.

Keep who will the city's alloys,

Take the smooth-shorn plain,
Give to us the cedarn valleys,

Rocks and hills of Maine !
In our North-land, wild and woody,

Let us still have part-
Rugged nurse and mother sturdy

Hold us to thy heart!

Oh, our free hearts beat the warmer

For thy breath of snow,
And our tread is all the firmer

For thy rocks below.
Freedom, hand in hand with labor,

Walketh strong and brave ;
On the forehead of his neighbor

No man writeth, Slave !

Brother looks on equal brother,

Manhood looks on men, -
Be thy future, oh our Mother,

As thy past hath been-
Heavenward, like thy mountain-guardians,

With their star-crowns decked,
And thy watchword, like Katahdin's

Cloud-swept pine, “ ERECT!"


Within the last few years, the world has of their suffering fellows, could any method heen amazed by the strange and appalling be devised, which should offer more than spectacles, which all the large cities of Eu- a temporary palliation of their woes and rope have exhibited, of misery and destitu- wickedness. tion almost inconceivably, of vice and crime All men are awake to the emergency ; unequalled in the darkest ages, existing in all men perceive the danger of allowing the midst of unexampled wealth and lux- the masses to become desperate from want; nry, and what is termed national prosper, and therefore, if for no other, better, cause, ity-of misery and destitution, vice and all men are naturally disposed to exert all crime, not existing only, but increasing means to eradicate this fearful ill. hourly, sweeping over every land like an Hence it is evident that there is someavalanche, and threatening to overturn thing rotten in the social state, far beyond all institutions, to break down all barriers, any form of government, far beyond the human or divine, unchecked by legisla- reach of any legislation ; and to prove tion, unimproved by the beneficent influ- this more fully, if fuller proof were needences of Christianity, undiminished by the ed, we must observe that even in our own earnest and sincere efforts of philanthro- favored country, under what, we flatter pists and philosophers, and spreading: like ourselves, is the best form of government some malignant canker, the more perilous- ever devised for the many, with all the ly, from the touch of the knife that should benefits of a fertile, and almost boundless remove it.

territory, of a sparse population, of a conEvery effort, hitherto, has failed to detect stant demand for, and high remuneration-the root of the dreadful anomaly, which at comparatively speaking-of labor, the same this moment stares us in the face from evil exista, in a less degree, and, as in Euevery quarter of the habitable globe, that rope, is on the increase. as the rich become richer, and more luxu- The consequence of the amazement and rious, tbe poor become poorer, and inore consternation of the world at this state of desperately wretched.

things, has been the invention of a thouTo attribute this appalling fact to any sand schemes, the arising of a thousand error, in this form of government or in that, sects, each one professing to have found is idle; for it is true of all, though modi- one panacea for all the natural ills that fied by circumstances, which would seem, flesh is heir to; and among these, of Fourin no case, to be connected with polity or ierism. legislation.

The followers of this faith, for such it To attempt to explain it by crying out may be termed, meditate nothing less than against the selfishness of this class, or the a total regeneration of society; and promtyranny of that, against the avarice of cap- ise nothing less than the total abolition of italists or the despotism of nobles, is as all vice, and the establishment of perfect unsatisfactory as it is untrue ; for one of happiness in this world, by means of what the most frightful phases of this state of they term association ; that is to say, unless things, is, that it is growing daily worse, in we totally misapprehend their doctrines spite of daily increasing efforts on all sides and their promises. to prevent it.

They assume, as a foundation for their Since the times when the divine founder arguments, that every passion which of our faith, with his inspired associates, rally exists in the human being, having

preached our religion in its purity, there been implanted by the Divine Creator, is certainly has never been a period in which in itself divine, and therefore good, and Christianity has been at work with a more capable of being indulged to the utmost, quickening spirit, a more earnest benevo- not only innocently, but profitably, to the lence, than at present. If the wealth of individual and to others. the wealthy has increased ten-fold, their They also assume that labor is capable charities have increased fifty-fold; and in of being rendered attractive and delightful those monarchies and aristocracies of Eu- to mankind, even labor of the most menial rope, in which, from their overcrowded and degrading nature. population, and consequent undue compe- They further insist, that all that has been tition of labor, those horrors are found in yet effected by civilization, by education, their most horrible aspect, the wealthy. and by legislation, has only been the dete from their own interest, and from the in- rioration, degradation, and corruption of stinct of self-preservation, would make al- the human mind, to such a degree, that it most any sacrifice to alleviate the coudition is impossible now to discover, what the

* The Wandering Jew, by Eugene Suc, author of " Latreaumont," The Temptation," "The Hotel L'Ambert, Translated from the French, hy Henry William Herbert, author of "Marinadake Wyvil,” « Cromwell," "The Brothers," &c. New-York, Richards & Co., Agents, 30 Ann-st. VOL. XVII-No. xc.




own views.

natural bent and bias of humanity was in fore, as a relief to this intolerable bondage the beginning.

and dreadful state of legal prostitution. To remedy this, they propose that the they have invented Honorable Dirorce, alwhole world shall be divided into societies, lowing both parties to go their own way, which they term phalanxes; and shall and marry whomsoever else they will; dwell in large common mansions, situated again to be honorably divorced, and honin the midst of common demesnes, which orably married, ad infinitum. they denominate phalansteries.

A question was propounded to one of At the termination of three generations, the leaders of the American school of spent on their system in these phalansteries, Fourierism ;-at the expiration of the three they expect that the curvature and corrupt generations, who shall have resided in direction of the passions, produced by civ- phalansteries, do you expect to arrive at ilization and education, and uncorrected absolute unanimity of all Fourierites by Christianity, will be overcome, and that The reply was, as the questioner expected. man will then be such, with such tastes, By no means, at a large majority only, appetites, passions, and opinions, as God leaving the minority free to act on their made him, and intended him to be.

In the indulgence of those passions, Again --Supposing that the majority tastes, and appetites, as then existing, he should adopt your scheme of bovorable will be doing no wrong; he will have to divorce, you would then consider that, znconsult no law but his own pleasure ; and questionably, the scheme intended by the will incur neither dishonor, nor penalty Almighty? Unquestionably we should, for disregarding the will of the majority, was the reply, for those who should adopi

which is, or is presumed to be, the origin it; leaving the rest free to do as they should . of human law.

decide. How far all this is in accordance with If, then, a large number, second only to the letter, or the spirit of the Scriptures, the majority, should prefer adherence to and with the teachings of our Saviour, we matrimony, as now established ? Answer: leave it to our readers to decide.

They would have free liberty to do so, and How far it is compatible with common would be held as honorable as the majority, sense and reason, we submit to our read- and allowed to associate in all honor with ers likewise.

them. Studiously disconnecting themselves from Lastly, if a few should be found, preferany religious sect, the Fourierites professring a total absence of all ties, and the to leave every man to his own religious perfect indulgence of a roving disposition, creed, and-in the United States at least, in other words, promiscuoas concubinage, have fallen into paroxysms of wrath, if would thạy be allowed to carry out their charged with hostility to the Christian views, and to associate on terns of equal religion.

bonor with the rest ? Answer. Unques How far these professions of neutrality tionably; wberefore not? Since theis at least, and denials of hostility to the tastes and passions, being given to then Christian faith, are true and reconcilable by God, must needs be good and divine to their teachings, we propose to show instincts. from an examination of the pages of the These queries and replies, are verbatim, work, the title of which forms the heading those of a conversation between a person, to the present article; and thereafter how on whom we can fully rely, and two lead far the results and consequences of their ers of the Fourierite party, in this city; scheme are compatible with the morality yet these men angrily charge the oppo of the Gospel, and the decencies of social nents of their doetrine with want of catlife.

dor, and absolute falsehood, if they allege In connection with the latter showing, that Fourierism contemplates the abulitoa we must advert directly to their doctrines, of the institution of matrimony, and the relative to that which they are pleased to introduction of promiscuous intercourse; style legal prostitution—in other words, to much more, if they assert that Fourierism is that institution, which the world at large at direct issue with the teachings of Jess has agreed to term the sacred state of mat. Christ, and must either stand or fall, by rimony.

the falling or standing of Christianity. To this institution they object, that it is What the admissions, quoted above, por indissoluble—that human inclinations may port, if it be not, to say the least, a level change, and the wife become heartily wea- ting of the marriage tie to equality with ried of her husband, or the husband of his promiscuous concubinage, we leave the wife ; and here they adduce many cogent world to judge; and we are utterly at a and undeniable causes for such weariness, loss to comprehend how the Fourierile can as intemperance, cruelty, infidelity, and advocate honorable divoree at all, much the like-and thence they argue that it is less all the breadth and length of the unjust, cruel, and unnatural, to compel scheme above quoted ; and yet assert that persons to cohabit together, thus weary of he is not an enemy and denier of Chris one another for sufficient cause. There- tianity, when he compares them with the most emphatic and distinct words of Jesus ter of the tie matrimonial, and as a friend or Christ.

an enemy to promiscuous concubinage, and "Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts, all the abominations consequent thereon. suffered you to put away your wives, but froin the And before going further, we feel it due beginning it was not so.

to ourselves to say, that we make no attack And I say unto you, whosoever shall put away his wife except for fornication, and shall inarry

on any individual or individuals; that we another, coinmitteth adultery, and whoso marrieth impute no evil motives to any person ; that her which is put away committetla adultery,"- we simply seek to ascertain the real though Matthew xix. 8 and 9

occult doctrines of a new philosophy from Having spoken thus far generally of the the published works of its professor, and doctrines, intentions, promises and pro- out of their own mouths to judge the professions of Fourierisın, as they are generally mulgators of this new science of social understood, we shall proceed to demon- regeneration. strate from the pages of the Wandering That these men, atrociously licentious Jew, that all that we have yet said, falls and abominable as we consider the inevi. infinitely short of the unchristian, irreli. table tendencies of their system, are actugious, and immoral, nay, gross and licen- ated by any evil or licentious motives, we tious tendencies of this new philosophy, utterly disbelieve. as expounded by one of its brightest, ablest, Some of them we know to be men of and most authoritative promulgators. singular purity, and whiteness of morals,

And here let it be observed. that it is and of a directness no less remarkable in idle for the Fourierites of the United States all their practical ways and walkings with to attempt now to disconnect themselves mankind, than their obliquity in all their from M. Eugene Sue; since not one, but theoretical ideas, and views of abstract all their professed organs have been loud principles, is evident. and unanimous in their applause of this Honest we believe them to be to all very work, which they have magnified into intents and purposes; sincere in their belief the greatest work of the human intellect that by their system they can work out produced in latter days-since their mis- great good to mankind; earnest in season sionary to the Fourierites of Paris was in and out of season in their endeavors to indaily communication with him, was sincere troduce that system ; and willing, nay in his admiration, and loud in his praises eager, to become martyrs and self-denying of the writer and his writings—and lastly, suterers for opinion's sake. since Mr.Sue himself sent an original French But to say this, is only to say that they preface to Mr. Winchester, intended for are pre-emineutly dangerous—for the greathe American edition of the work, addressed ter their honesty, their sincerity, their to one of the prime movers of Fourierism zeal, the more remarkable the purity of in this city, with a sight of which we have their lives, the more conspicuous their been favored, wherein he states his con- general probity, so much the greater peril viction that the favorable reception of the that masses will be led away by their Wandering Jew in the United States, has teachings, unable to believe that men so been solely due to its Fourierist doctrines, true can promulgate anything which is and records his satisfaction at learning that false, nay monstrous. this philosophy now rejoices in its millions In a word, therefore, it is against the of neophytes throughout the length and doctrines, and not the teachers, that we breadth of our land.

uplift our voice of warning—a warning, Now it is self-evident, that such a preface which the vast circulation given to these could not have been addressed by Mr. Sue doctrines through the medium of a fiction on the part of the French Fourierites, with as dazzling as it is dangerous, has rendered all the most eminent of whom he is no. imperatively needful at this moment, if we toriously a collaborateur, to the leaders of would check their fascinating influence. the American school, unless he had been And now, to come without farther premises, perfectly satisfied that the opinions pro- to the consideration of the work before us; fessed in the body of the work were per- it is evident that there are two distinct fectly in unison with those of the promul- points of view in which it may be regard. gators of this self-styled philosophy in ed; the first as an entertaining fiction in. America, and indeed, to no other conclusion tended for the amusement of mankind, and could he have come, unless he had shut to be judged of as a work of art; the his ears against the universal conclamation second as a politico-polemical tract, destined of praise, which was sent up by the Four- to produce a great social revolution, and to ierite press of the United States, on the be reviewed solely with reference to the appearance of each successive number of good or evil its peculiar doctrines are calcuhis work.

lated to produce. It is therefore that we say, in all candor As it is mainly in the second light that and truth, without the slightest desire we regard the book, for we look upon its of imputing anything to the Fourierite to fictitious and literary character as a cloak to which he is not indisputably liable, that only for its deeper aims, we shall say at by this work he must be judged, as chris once the little that we have to say on its

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