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When two people would discuss a question, would you tell one to argue in a language which the other could not understand ? And if kings and Cossacks will not, or can not, understand reason the intellectual weapon of intelligent men,' is it our fault that it only remains for us to argue with the 'stupid guns '?

If so, give up liberty! renounce the hope of freedom! for once proclaim that you will not defend yourselves, nor–O cowards! your brethren, from the brutality of tyrants, and the wild beasts of every royal jungle will be let loosé upon you. Your intellectual weapons' shall nought avail you; for the tyrants, who will not reason, know how by brute force to put down reason.

Opinions are not all-powerful; not the most reasonable opinions. But force with reason, that is, with truth upon its side, is stronger than the force of brutes and madmen.

The denial of force on the side of the just is not only an error; but it is an error no one could follow to its end. You would disband your armies while the world is full of armed savages. It is possible you may escape slavery, unnoticed in the general ravage. But be consistent! If force may not be used against the foreigner, neither may it be used against the citizen. Disband your armies; disband also your police. If it is a crime to use force, it is a crime to employ another to use force. If force may not win liberty, neither may it maintain order. Proclaim the thieves' millennium. “Yes ! say the honestest among you, those consistent in the repudiation of physical force; 'we shall trust to education. So educate that force shall not be needed.' Let it be so, and he who would advocate force would be a monster; but, till the world is educated ?

While there are wolves and Cossacks; and while the wolves not only abound, but hold rule, and forbid and prevent education, it is our duty to defend the wronged and the innocent against them,--though it be with sword and fire, though it be to the death, whenever and wherever we are debarred from better weapons.

-Give us breath,
Clear ground of equal right;
The heralds of our pure intent

Shall be peace-provident :
But 'gainst the trampler Force, the stab beneath,

We cannot choose but fight
Even to the death.

There are some will exclaim against the prudence of this argument, as tending to encourage rebellions, war, and violence. I answer, it is not imprudent to take this question out of the domain of prejudice, from off the ground of an ignorant assumption, whereupon men who should be acting together are led to quarrel, and to denounce each other, the one side as sanguinary' and 'atrocious,' and the other with the no less offensive epithets of "base' and 'cowardly' and 'hypocritical.' For the rest I will but answer in the words of Martin Luther :-'I am for tearing off every mask, for managing nothing, for extenuating nothing, for shutting the eyes to nothing, that truth may be transparent, and unadulterated, and have a free course.'


Is it peace or war?
Not peace with thieves or murderers,
1s it peace or war?
Not peace with usurpers, with tyrants.
Is it peace or war ?

with those who rob men of their rights, who would enslave their brethren : who prevent the accomplishment of human duties, who strive to hinder the destined growth of Man.

Is it peace or war?
Not complicity with evil doers.
Is it peace or war?

Not silent assent to Injustice, to Crime; not peace with Vice, with Suffering, or with Ignorance.

Is it peace or war?
Not peace as a cloak for Wrong.
Is it peace or war?
Not sham peace, the handmaid of Iniquity.
ls it peace or war?
Not cowardly selfishness under the mask of peace.
Is it peace or war ?
Not an unjust and ignominious peace.
Is it peace or war?
Not abnegation of duty.
Is it peace or war?
Not death: but life, however stormful.
Is it peace or war?

War: life-long war for Right, or till Victorious Right shall become manifest as Peace.

Is it peace or war, O ye nations and peoples of the earth?

War: war against Usurpation, whatsoever it may call itself; war even to the knife rather than compromise with any incarnation of Wrong.


Over the red field strode an armed knight:

Men knew him not; but when the fray did cease,
God's Angel stoop'd to bless VICTORIOUS RIGHT,

And bade the hero's name thenceforth be PEACE.

[blocks in formation]

Should be more than mere starvation:

Give the rogue a spade!
•Contra'-Read 'arrears of wages ’:

Landlord ! filch'd by thine and thee.
Who shall compensate thy ages ?

Murder'd Industry!

When the Patriarch with the Angel **

Wrestled till the break of day,
Trusted he but one evangel:

Grapple closely, come what may!
Though the Angel lamed and threw him,

Yet his strong grip never quail'd,
Till the blessing bow'd unto him :

So of old high hearts prevaild.
Wrestling with the fiend Oppression,

In the shadow of the day,
Lame thyself with no concession;

Grapple closely, come what may !
Fling him! Set thy foot upon him !-

Fool! that but a moment faild:
Firmer tread bad kept thee on him,

And thy destiny prevaild.

*We are betray'd : what matters unto us

“Their surerbargain ? we must bear the same.
*They could not see our miseries : light them thus !

Mayhap they'll read them by yon granary's flame.
"We'll trust to no one now but Captain Torch :
'Let “Too far" bargain with him, at his porch !
Ay! there is water, plenty,-handy too;

And men; if only will to help were here.
But savage crowds stand round who bandy you

Ill words of hate, and bitter gibe and jeer.
*You'll feel, may be, for others while you scorch :
“Ha! ha! he listens now to Goodman Torch !'

• ' And Jacob was left alone; and one wrestled with him until the breaking of the day. And he said—let me go, for the day breaketh.

And Jacob said, I will not let thee go except thon bless me.* And he blessed him there.'--Genesis, Chapter 32.

b I am neither recommending nor defending incendiarism. I only call attention to an historic lesson of but too frequent occurrence.

House, barn, and stock consumed; and, look again!

Yon sky is lurid too; and there; and there : Revenge, like a volcano's fiery rain,

Is scatter'd from the wild hands of Despair. "We'll have no leader now but Captain Torch : * They'll hear his smooth tongue whispering at their porch !'

Too late! Too late!'. -Yet, ere the dream be true,

Bethink you how all interests are the same: And Love, the Just, the Pitying, captain you !

I hear your answer: from warm hearts it came -No mocking fiend shall whisper at our porch*The darkness of your deeds requires a torch!'

Weaving Will may starve at work:

What doth Goldlord care?
Who calls Goldlord worse than Burke,

Landlord worse than Hare?
Gold says Done with, let him die!'


the same : Yet one damns' monopoly,

One preserves his game.

Weaving Will works day and night,

Hath his weekly wage;
Lives at best in sorry plight,

Starveth in old age.
Will's five children may not thieve,

Though Will's master may:
Stop the mill, and give them leave

To die on the highway.

Bread for work,--and work is not :

Let them die at once!
Idle Jem may be a sot,

Steady Tom a dunce.
Bread is scarce when land's untillid, -

Trade has cheaper slaves :
Throng the town with toil unskill'd

And pestilential graves.

Will may starve before his loom,

Faint for lack of bread;
Seven are cramm'd in one close room,

Fever makes their bed.

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