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Revelation in General,


The Gospel in Particular 5

In Answer to the


Advanced in a late Book, entitled,

The Morality of the New Testament
digested under various Heads, &c. &c.

And subscribed, A Rational Christian.

The only Question concerning the Truth of Christianity is,
Whether it be a real Revelation; not whether it be attended
with every Circumstance which we should have looked for:
And concerning the Authority of Scripture, Whether it be
what it claims to be; not whether it be a Book of such Sort,
and so promulged, as weak Men are apt to fancy a Book
containing a Divine Revelation {hould be.

Bijhop Butlerv Analogy, &c. p. 254. 4th Edit.

Printed for W. Sandby, in Fleet-Street.

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R E A D E R.

MAN Y are the discouragements with which the Refutation of Objections against Revealed Religion is unavoidably attended. Both the Subject, and the Arguments, have in general been so often considered, that very Few will be disposed to read, what it may be necessary to write; and os those Few, scarce Any will be throughly pleased, and the Majority perhaps often disgusted. Is conciseness is studied, the Writer may seem, on points of such concern, not to have said enough; if he is diffuse on subjects so well A known. known, he will appear to have (aid too much. Should he not answer the Objections before him in an am* pie manner, it will be thought he had better not have attempted to answer them at all; and should he place their weakness in the strongest point of view, they may then be found in fact so utterly mstgnificant, as to be deemed unworthy of Refutation. If the particulars concerned have not been made subjects of dispute among Believers Themselves, Many, will think it unnecessary ta consider them, on that account alone j and should they have been Controverted Points, the Writer must una» voidably differ almost .as much from many among the Friends of Reye-t lation, as frorn its Enemies. After all, should his undertaking be even crowned with success, Objections are endless $ and whea refuted ia one

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