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THIS Series was undertaken with a view of furnishing those engaged in the important work of education, with a complete course of elementary school books, uniform in their general plan, and in all respects adapted to the wants of the enlightened educators of the present day. In order to secure for it as wide a circulation as possible, it has been the aim to fix such prices upon the different books forming the Series, as should render them the cheapest, as well as the best, school books ever published.

The following popular works are comprised in the Series:

For Little Children.

144 pages, 12mo.

THE opinions of great numbers of intelligent teachers, who have practically tested the merits of this book, warrant the assertion that it is the best Spelling Book in the English language.. For an analysis of its plan, see pages 1 and 2 of McGuffey's Eclectic Third Reader.


108 pages, 18mo.,

CONSISTS of easy first lessons in reading, progressively arranged, many of them being composed of words in one and two syllables. Preceding each lesson the more difficult words contained in it are arranged as a spelling exercise. A leading object has been to render these lessons natural, and in the highest degree interesting, to childhood; the importance being fully realized of rendering the child's task pleasing. In pursuance of this design, the text is illustrated by numerous elegant wood cuts.


192 pages, 16mo.

WHILE, in the regular progression of the series, this book occupies a higher grade than that of the First Reader, in general characteristics it is similar to it. In the spelling lessons, words of more than one syllable are divided and accentuated. Questions are appended to each reading lesson, for the purpose of exercising the mind of the learner on every subject which is brought before him. Simple questions on orthography are also introduced, affording an exceedingly profitable exercise.


216 pages, 12mo.

THE first twelve pages of this book are devoted to a series of elementary lessons and exercises in Enunciation; a new and valuable feature in a book of this grade. Spelling and defining exercises are selected from and precede the reading lessons. Plain and practical rules for correct reading are also prefixed to each lesson. Common errors in pronunciation and articulation are pointed out. The reading lessons have been culled from the purest fountains of English literature.

336 pages, 12mo.

THE reading exercises are selected from the best compositions of the model writers in our language. Care has been taken to embrace in them a great variety of style and subject, and especially that they shall be elevated in moral sentiment as well as in literary merit. Twenty four pages, at the commencement of the work, are devoted to rules and illustrations, embracing Articulation, Inflection, Accent, Emphasis, &c. Each lesson is preceded by a spelling and defining exercise, in which the parts of speech are denoted; also, by rules for reading. Questions are inserted on the subjects treated of, and common errors in pronunciation and enunciation are pointed out. Grammatical questions are also introduced, designed to ascertain the knowledge which the pupil has attained in this science.


480 pages, 12mo.

THIS is a rhetorical reading book of the highest grade. The selections, poetic and prosaic, are from the most splendid productions in the English language. Perhaps a collection of more brilliant and sterling gems of literature does not exist. It is eminently worthy a place in the library as well as in the school room. Mere literary merit, however, has by no means been considered sufficient to entitle any article to a place in its pages. Adaptedness to use, as a rhetorical exercise, and purity of moral tendency, have been deemed no less necessary. Space does not here permit an allusion to many of the leading features of this work. Probably it is the result of a more extended research and careful investigation than any other school reading book in our language.

OF MCGUFFEY's Text Books, as a whole, it may be remarked, — The grand object of the authors has been to afford the pupil the very best facilities for the easy attainment of the art of spelling and reading in its highest perfection. It has been considered of scarcely less importance, however, to furnish him with that kind of reading best adapted to interest and exercise his opening faculties, and educate the heart as well as the intellect.

480 pages, 12mo.

THIS work, compiled for the Eclectic Educational Series, by Dr. T. S. PinnEO, is intended as a highest class reading book for female seminaries. 66 Every article has been carefully studied with reference to its instructive character, to its interest, to its appropriateness as an exercise for reading, and also to its adaptedness to the cultivation of the female mind and heart." More than one hundred and thirty different authors, male and female, are represented in this work.

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