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in whom the king delighted. Haman, conceiving that the favoured person was himself, advised that the royal apparel should be put upon him, that the king's own crown should be placed upon his head, that he should ride upon the king's horse, and that he should be conducted by one of the noblest princes of the realm through the streets of Shushan, by a herald, who should proclaim: "Thus shall it be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour." Haman's advice was approved, and, to his confusion, he was directed thus to herald Mordecai through the streets of the city.

Unwelcome though this mandate was, Haman obeyed, and when he had performed his commission he returned home to relate the occurrence. He was yet unfolding it to his friends, when he was summoned to attend the banquet which Esther had prepared. Thither he accordingly repaired; and Esther now remonstrated against the cruel edict gone forth against her people, and charged Haman with the crime. This was sufficient. As a sign of death to the offender, Artaxerxes arose from the banquet in wrath, and went out into the garden. He soon returned, and found Haman supplicating the queen on his behalf. But it was to no purpose. On discovering that he had prepared a gallows for the execution of Mordecai, Artaxerxes ordered the proud and inveterate Haman himself to be hanged thereon.

Thus, reader, the virtuous Mordecai was exalted, and the wicked Haman abased, by an overruling Providence. Seeing this, let it be your study to seek the Divine favour, and your delight to promote the welfare of the people of God. Live a life of faith in Christ, and you will not only be blessed in this world, but glorified in that which is to come.

The following is a sketch of a Persian king, from the sculptures at Nakshi-Roustan.

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