New York Medical Eclectic, Volume 6,Edição 10


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Página 3 - This oil is manufactured by us on the sea-shore, with the greatest care, from fresh, healthy livers, of the Cod only, without the aid of any chemicals, by the simplest possible process and lowest temperature by which the oil can be separated from the cells of the livers. It is nearly devoid of color, odor, and flavor— having a bland fish-like, and lo most persons, not unpleasant taste.
Página 465 - Board take testimony in all matters relating to their duties; they shall issue certificates to all who furnish satisfactory proof of having received diplomas, or licenses from legally chartered medical institutions in good standing...
Página 3 - is a complete representative of lean and fat beef, bone, blood, and muscle. It consists of all the properties which combine in the development of the animal body, which are liquefied by an artificial process, simulating natural digestion, and retaining all of their elementary values.
Página 454 - This is the great problem of the day ; the question which you, as representatives of the rising generation of physicians, should urge, in season and out of season, upon the attention of your fellow-citizens, the question which above and beyond all others should engage your most serious thoughts and elicit your most earnest co-operation.
Página 18 - Our list of Pills and Granules embraces those made according to the formulas of the US Pharmacopoeia ; also most of those in common use among the profession. We also manufacture pills to order. Specify Schieffelin's when prescribing.
Página 465 - Resolved, That on and after July 1, 1878, the board will not consider any medical school in good standing which holds two graduating courses in one year. "Resolved, That on and after July 1, 1878, the board will not recognize the diplomas of any medical school which does not require of its candidates for graduation the actual attendance upon at least two full courses of lectures, with an interval of six months or more.
Página 453 - American medicine, but preventive medicine, the hygiene of our persons, our dwellings, our streets; in a word, our surroundings, whatever or wherever they may be, whether in city, town, hamlet, or country...
Página 14 - ... tonics are indicated, especially in those which are attended by defective digestion and imperfect assimilation. We cordially recommend Mr. Reich and his wines to our professional brethren. J. MARION SIMS, MD, Late Surgeon to the Women's Hospital, NY ALFRED L.
Página 3 - Oil lies in tbe proper application of the proper degree of heat ; too much or too little will seriously Injure the quality. Great attention to cleanliness is absolutely necessary to produce sweet Cod Liver Oil.
Página 3 - Oil that can be depended upon as strictly pure and scientifically prepared, having been long felt by the medical profession, we were induced to undertake its manufacture at the Fishing Stations where the fish are brought to land every few hours, and the Livers consequently are in great perfection. This oil is manufactured by us on the sea-shore, with the greatest care, from fresh, healthy livers, of the Cod only...

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