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Public Acts of Congress.

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An Act fixing the compensation of the Chaplains of From Portland, by Windbam, Raymond, BridgeCongress.

town, Lovell, Waterford, Norway, Paris, RumBe it enacted, fc. That the Chaplains of Con- ford, Bethel, and Albany, to Waterford. gress shall be allowed and paid five hundred dol- From Machias to Hagg's Point, in Lubeck. lars per amoum, each, as a compensation for their From Belfast, by Mount Ephraim, Frankfort, bervices, to commence with the present session Hampden, and Bangor, 10 Edington. of Congress, any law to the contrary notwith- From Augusta, by Brown's Corner and Harstanding.

lem, to Palermo. Approved, April 30, 1816.

From Orrington to Brewer.

From Canaan, by Palmyra, Newport, Crosley

town, and Carmel, to Hampden. An Act to establish Post Roads.

In New Hampshire.-From Plymouth, by CampBe it enacted, c., That the following post ton, Thornton, Peeling, and Lincolo, to Franroads be, and the same are hereby, discontinued : conia. that is to say,

From Portsmouth, by Dover, Madberry, BarFrom Portland, by Windham, Raymond, Bridge- rington, Barnstead, Gilmanton, Meredith, and ton, Lovell, Waterford, Norway, Paris, Buckfield, New Hampton, to Plymouth. Sumner, Hartford, Livermore, Turner, Poland, in Vermont-From Grand Isle to Alburg. New Gloucester, and Hebron Academy, Lo Paris, From Hyde Park, by Morristown and Stow, to in Maine.

Waterbury From Waterford, by Norway, Rumford, and From Rutland, by Parkerstown, Pittsfield, to Bethel, in Maine.

Stockbridge. From Maryland, Lo Milford, in New York.

From Newbury, on the Passumpsie turnpike, From Delhi to Meredith, in New York. by Barnet, St. Johnsberry, Lynden, Sheffield, and

From Onondaga, by Tully, Preble, aod Homer, Barton, to Derby. to Cortland couri-bouse, in New York.

From Colraine, Massachusetts, by Halifax and From Montgomery court-house, by Tatrall Whitingham, to Wilmington. court-house, and Barrington, lo Darien in Georgia. That the post road from Monkton to Hines

From Abington, by Russell court-house, and burg, pass through Starkesborough.
Mockinson Gap, to Abingdon, in Virginia.

In Massachusetts.-From Northampton, by From Rogersville, Tennessee, by Lee court- Williamsburg, Goshen, Plainfield, and Savoy, to house, Virginia, to Cumberland Gap, in Ten-Adams.

From Worcester, by Milbury, Northbridge, and From Huntington, by the north road, to Smith- Uxbridge, to Smithfield, in Rhode Island. towo, in New York.

From New Bedford, by Bridgewater, to BosFrom Buckstowo, by Frankfort, Hampden, ton. Bangor, and No. 1, to Orrington; also the route That the mail from Northampton to Worcesfrom Prospect, by Mount Ephraim, to Frankfort, ter, pass through Paxton. in Maine.

From the south parish of Bridgewater, by the From Plymouth, by New Hampton, Meredith, west and north parishes of Bridgewater, RanGilmanton, Northwood, Nottingham, and Dur- dolph, and Milton, to Boston. ham, to Portsmouth in New Hampshire.

In Connecticut.-From Middletowa to KilingFrom Greersburg, Pennsylvania, to New Lis. worth. bon, in Ohio.

From Hartford, through Canton, Torringford, From Barfields, by Pori's Ferry 10 Johnson's Torrington, Goshen, and Cornwall, to Sharon. Ferry, on Lynch's Creek, in South Carolina. In New York. From Essex, by Westport,

From Ports' Ferry to Conway borough, South Moriah, Crown Point, Ticonderoga, Hague, and Carolina.

Bolton, to Fort George, in Caldwell. From Carthage to Lebanon, in Tennessee. From Williamstown, Oneida county, by Rich

From Windsor to Williamston, in North Car- land, Ellisbury, and Henderson's, to Sackett's olina.

Harbor, in Jefferson county. From Triadelphia to Ellicotl's Mills.

From Richfield, by Plainfield, Brookfield, and From Galway to Broadalbin.

Hamilton, to Skaneatelas. From Centre ville 10 Leesburg.

From Catharinetowa, by Reading, to Benton. From Taunton to Weymouth, in Massachu- From Manlius, by Pompey east, and Pompey setts.

west, Hill, Tully, Preble, and Homer, to CortFrom Canton to Goshen, in Connecticut. landt court-house. Sec. 2. And be it further enacteil, That the From Whitehall, (to intersect the post road following be established as post roads, viz: from Albany to Middlebury, Vermont, at Gran

In Maine.-From Lowell to Fryburg, ville, to Pawlett,) in Vermont.

From Portland, by Poland, Hebron, Norway, From Sullivan, by Camillus, Brutus, and Mentz, Paris, Buckfield, Sumner, Hartford, Livermore, to Junius. Turner, Minot, 'New Gloucester, and Hebron From Auburn, by Mentz, Cato, and Wolcott, Academy, to Paris.

to Sodus bay. From Norridgewalk, by Starks and Industry, From Maryland, by Otego and Milford, to Hamto Farmington.

burg, post office in Únadilla.

Public Acts of Congress.

From Stamford, by Roseville, to Delbi.

From Salem, by Canfield, Austintown, WarFrom Genoa to Auburn.

ren, Braceville, Sharon, Nelson, Hiram, Mastua, From Oswego, by Hannibal and Sterling, to and Aurora, to Newberry. Cato.

From Gallipolis, by Sciota Salt Works, to ChilFrom Whitesborough, along the new road to licothe. the east end of Oneida lake, to Camden.

From Avery, by Jessup, to Ridgeville, to interFrom Brownsville to Cape Vincent.

sect the post route from Cleveland to Detroit at From Saratoga Springs, by Palmertown and Rocky river. Moreau, to Sandy Hill.

In Indiana Territory-From Brookville, by From Canandaigua, by Rochester, and thence Bath, to Salisbury. along the ridge road, to Lewistown.

From Valonia, by Brownstown, to New NatFrom Owego, by Spencer court-house, in Tio- chez, in Jackson county. ga county, Dutch and Johnson's settlements, to From Vincennes to Emmerson's mills, in Kool Catharinetown.

county. From Geneva, by Phelps and Lyons, to Sodus. That the post road from Vincennes to Sbar

From Westport, by Elizabeth and Keene, to nestowa pass through Harmony, in Gibson Jay.

county, From Newburg, by Pleasant Valley, to New In Tlinois Territory.- From Shawnestowa, Paltz.

by White court-house and Edward courl-house From Batavia, by Middlebury, to Warsaw. to Vincennes, in Indiana Territory.

From Goshen, by Minisink and Amity, to War- In Missouri Territory-From St. Louis, by wick.

Potosi and Lawrence court-house, to Arkansas. From Goshen, by Philipsburg, Middletown, From St. Charles, by Murphey's, in St. Johos Mount Hope, Deer Park, and Carpenter's Point, settlement, to Fort Cooper or Howard courtto post office in Montague, in New Jersey. house.

From Huntiogton, by Dixbill's, to Smithtown. In Maryland.-From Triadelphia, by Damas

From Hudson, by Kinderhook Landing, Cas-cus, to Newmarket. tleton, and Schodack Landing, to Greenbush. From Hagerstown to McConnelstown, in PennFrom Hudson to Lebanon.

sylvania. From Sagg Harbor to Easthampton.

From Upper Marlborough to McGruder's tavIn New Jersey.-.From New Brunswick, by ero, in Prince George's county. Boundbrook, Middlebrook, Somerville, White- In Virginia.-From Cabin Point, by J. EdHouse, Huni's Mills, and Bloomsbury, to Easton, mund's, Baileysburg, Urquarhari's store, and C. in Pennsylvania.

Bower's, 10 South Quay. From Pittstown, in the county of Hunterdon, From Wythe court-house, by Tazewell court. by Bloomsbury, Stewartsville, to Harmony, in the house, Russell court-house, Scout court-house, county of Sussex.

and Lee court-house, to Cumberland Gap, in Tea. From Jobstown, in the county of Burlington, nessee. to Egypt, in the county of Monmouth.

From Brown's store to Dickenson's store, FrankIn Pennsylvania.-From Meadville, by forks lin

county. of Oil Creek, Warren, and outlet of Chetaugua From Winchester, by Cedar creek, Trout run, lake to Mayville, in New York.

and Lost river, to Moorefields. From Seller's tavern to Doylestown.

From Pittsylvania court-house, by B. WadFrom Sunbury, by New Berlin, Union county, kin's store, and Island Ford, Smith's river, to and Middleburg, to Lewistown.

Rockingham court-house, in North Carolina. From Lewisburg, by Loyal-sock Gap, to Wil- From Wythe court-house to Giles courtliamsport.

house. From Bellefont, by Birmingham and Burgoes From New Canton to Columbia. Gap to Ebensburg.

From Aldie to Leesburg. From Downingstown, by Brandywine Manor, From Aldie to Battletown. Waynesburg, Carnarvon, Ephrata, Elizabeth, In Kentucky.-From Washington, by MaysCornwall, and Humelstown, to Harrisburg. ville, to Xenia, in Ohio.

From Beavertown to New Lisbon, in Ohio. From Columbia to Greensburg. From Gettysburg, by Oxford and 'Berwick, to From Great Crossings, by Sanders' mills and York.

New Fredericksburg, to Vevay, in Indiana TerFrom Bedford, by Johnstown to Indiana. ritory.

In Ohio.-From Waynesville, by Bellebook, to From Washington, by Newtowa, Marysville, Xenia.

and Cynthiana, io Georgetown. From Hamilton, by Oxford, to Bath, in Frank. From Middletown to Brunerstown. lin county, Indiana Territory.

From Glasgow, by Hartsville, to Lebanon, in From Gallipolis to Aurora; from West Union Tennessee. to Ripley.

In North Carolina.-From Tarborough, by From West Union, by Hillsborough and Wil Staunton's bridge, Soowhill, and Kingsion, to mington, to Xenia.

Duplin court-house. From Steuben ville, by Salem, Millersburg, and From Murfreesborough, by Windsor, to PlyHamburg, lo Canton.


Public Acts of Congress.

From Charlotte, by Harrisburg, Pine Hill, Alex. with the name of the owner, the quantity thereof, ander's, Landford, and Lewisville, to Chester to be ascertained by actual gauging, and ihe proof court-house, in South Carolina.

thereof. And the exporter of such spirits shall, In South Carolina.-From Chesterfield court- moreover, previous to putting or lading the same house, by Lawry's mills and Pickelt's store, 10 on board of any ship or vessel for exportation, Wadesborough, in North Carolina.

give six hours' notice at least to the collector of From Greenville courl-house to Spartanburg. The customs for the district from which the same From Barfield's, by Marion court-house, or are about to be exported of his or her intention Gilesborough, and Godfrey's ferry, to Johnson's to export the same; and shall make entry in writferry, on Lynch's creek.

ing of the particulars thereof, and of the casks or From Conway borough, by Gallivaal's ferry, to vessels containing the same, and of their respecMarion court-house.

tive marks, numbers, and contents, and of the From Conway borough to Smithfield, in North place or places where deposited, and of the port Carolina.

or place to which, and ship or vessel in which they From Chester court-house to Louisville. or either of them shall be so intended to be exIn Georgia.-From Jefferson to Hurricane ported; and the form of the said entry shall be Shoals.

as follows: Entry of domestic spirits, intended 10 From Montgomery court-house, by Black be exported by [here insert the name or names,] more's and Hardin's to Riceborough.

on board of ihe [insert the denomination and In Tennessee.-From Nashville, by Murfrees. name of the vessel,] whereof (insert the name of borough, Stone Fort, and Winchester, in Tennes the master) is master, for (insert the port or place see, Lowry's, Van's Old Place, and Blackburn's, to which destined,] for the benefit of drawback. to Athens, in Georgia.

From Lebanon, by Williamsburg and Hilham, Marks. Numbers. Casks and contents. Gauge. to Monroe.

From Sparta, by Liberty and Lebanon, to Nashville.

From Beau's station, by Stiffey's mill, to Iron And the said collector shall, in writing. direct Works of Mossy creek, thence to Danbridge. The surveyor or other inspecting officer to inspect,

From Marysville, by Morgantown, 10 Tellico or cause to be inspected, the spirits so notified for block-house.

exportation; and if they shall be found to correFrom Port Royal to John Hunt's, in Robert- spond fully with the notice concerning the same, son's county.

and shall be so certified by the said surveyor, or That the post road from Jonesborough to Green other inspecting officer, the said collector, toge: ville pass through Leesburg and Brownsburg. ther with the naval officer, if any there be, shall

In the Mississippi Territory. From Franklin grant a permit for lading ihe same, on board of court-house to Liberty, Amity court-house. ihe ship or vessel named in such notice and entry Approved, April 30, 1816.

as aforesaid; which lading shall be performed under the superiatendence of the officer by whom

the same shall have been so inspected; and the An Act to allow drawback of duties on spirits distilled said exporter or exporters shall likewise make and sugar refined within the United States, and for oath that the said spirits, so notified for exportaother purposes.

tion, and laden on board such ship or vessel, preBe it enacted, &-c., That a drawback of six cents pious to the clearance thereof, or within twenty for every gallon of spirits, not below first proof, days after such clearance, are truly intended to distilled within the United States, or the Terri- be exported to the place whereof notice shall bave lories thereof, shall be allowed on all such spirits been given, and are not intended to be relanded as shall be exported to any foreign port or place, within the United States or the Territories thereof. other than the dominions of any foreign State Sec. 3. And be it further enacted. That, for all immediately adjoining to the United States, add- distilled spirits which shall be exported to any foring to the allowance upon every gallon of such eign port or place, and which sball be entitled to spirits so distilled from molasses, four cents; the benefit of drawback, in virtue of this act; the which allowances shall be made without deduc- exporter or exporters shall be entitled to receive tion: Provided, That the quantity, so exported from the collector of the customs for such dis. shall amount to one huodred and fifty gallons attrict a debenture or debentures, assignable by the least, to entitle an exporter thereof 10 draw- delivery and endorsement, for the amount of the back, and that nodrawback shall be allowed when drawback to which such spirits are entitled, which ever'any of the said spirits shall be exported oth shall be received in payment of direct taxes and erwise ihan in vessels not less than iniriy tons internal duties in the collection district in which burden.

the same shall be granted : Provided, always, Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, in order That the collector aforesaid may refuse to grant to entitle the exporter or exporters 10 the benefit such debenture or debentures, in case it shall of drawback allowed by this act on such spirits appear to him that any error has arisen, or any so distilled, the vessels' or casks containing the fraud has been committed ; and in case of such same shall be branded or otherwise marked, in refusal, if the debenture or debentures claimed durable characters, with progressive numbers, I shall exceed one hundred dollars, it shall be the Public Acts of Congress. duty of the said collector to represent the case to in case the collector of the customs shall not be the Comptroller of the Treasury, who shall deter- satisfied therewith, shall be supported by the cere mine whether such debenture or debentures shall tificate of a reputable refioer of sugar to the same be granted or not. And provided further, That effect, and that the drawback on refined sugar in no case of an exportation of spirits entitled 10 heretofore imported, be allowed, subject to the drawback, in virtue of this act, shall a debenture regulations applicable to the drawback of daties or debentures issue, unless the exporter or export on other imported articles. ers shall, before the clearance of the ship or vessel Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That if any in which the spirits were laden for exportation, principal or assistant collector of the internal rer or within twenty days after such clearance, make oue, or collector of the customs, or other officer, oath or affirmation that the said spirits notified shall' neglect to perform the duties enjoined upon for exportation as aforesaid, and laden on board him by ihis act, he shall, on conviction thereof, such ship or vessel, are truly intended to be ex. forfeit and pay a sum not less than one hoodred ported to the place whereof potice shall have been dollars, nor more than five hundred dollars. given, and are not intended to be relanded within Sec.8. And be it further enacted, That the sum the United States; and shall moreover give bond, of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars be, aad with one or more sureties, to the satisfaction of the same is hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of the collector, in a sum equal to double the amount any moneys in the Treasury, not otherwise ap of the sum for which such exporter may be ebti- propriated, to be applied by ihe Secretary of the tled to claim a debenture, conditioned that the Treasury, under the direction of the President of said spirits, or any part thereof, shall not be reo the United States, in the hire, purchase, or buildlanded in any port or place within the limits of ing of custom-houses, ware houses, and stores, for the United States, and that the exporter or exporto the purposes of collecting and securing the revenue ers shall produce, within the time limited, the at such places, and in such manner as he shall proof and certificates required, of the said spirits deem most expedient.--Approved, April 30, 1816. having been delivered without the limits aforesaid.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the said An Act making further appropriations for the year one bond shall be drawn, as near as may be, in the thousand eight hundred and sixteen. same form, and may be discharged in the same mabner, as are, or may be prescribed by law in

Be it enacted, fc., That the sum of two thourelation to cases where drawback is allowed on saod dollars be, and ihe same is hereby, approprithe exportation of merchandise imported into the ated for compensation to the commissioner apUnited States, and the like penalties shall be io- pointed under an act, entitled "An act lo authorcurred, and proceedings had, whether in regard to ize the payment for property, lost, captured, or officers of the United States or other persons, and destroyed by the enemy, while in the military the same fees be allowed in cases relative to draw service of the United States, and for other pur. back on domestic distilled spirits, as in cases rel- poses” and the further sum of one thousand dolative to drawback on foreign spirits; and the form lars for compensation to the clerk, authorized by of the said bond, and of the other documents, the act aforesaid; for the expense incurred by the oaths, and affirmations, not herein inserted, shall board of commissioners appointed under the act be prescribed by the Treasury Department.

providing for the indemnification of certain claimSec. 5. And be it further enacted, That in all ants of public lands in the Mississippi Territory, cases in which drawback shall be claimed for seven hundred dollars; and for additional com. spirits made out of molasses, an oath or affirma pensation to the commissioners aforesaid, and tion shall be made by two reputable persons one their secretary, four thousand dollars; and for of whom shall not be the exporter, that, according expenses of engraving, pripting, and preparing to their belief, the said spirits were distilled from certificates issued, and to be issued, by the commolasses of foreign production; which oath or missioners, three thousand dollars; for ihe expense affirmation, in case the collector of the customs for clerks employed by the Board of Navy

Comshall not be satisfied therewith, shall be supported missioners seven hundred and fifty dollars in adby the certificale of a reputable distiller to the dition to the former appropriation; for the paysame effect.

ment of pensions, an additional sum of one bugSec. 6. And be it further enacted, That in addi- dred and fifty thousand dollars; and for the pay. tion to the duty at present authorized to be drawn ment of a clerk in the secretary's office of the back on sugar refined within the United States, Mississippi Territory, employed by the Governor and exported therefrom, there may hereafter be of that Territory from the first of April to the drawn back on such refined sugar, when made first of August, one thousand eight hundred and out of sugar imported into the United States, the fifteen, iwo hundred dollars; to be paid out of further sum of four cents per pound without de- any money in the Treasury not otherwise approduction, which shall be allowed under the same priated.- Approved, April 30, 1816. provisions with the duty now permitted to be drawn back; and furthermore, on the express Resolutions directing a copy of the documents priated condition that the person exporting the same shall by a resolve of Congress, of the 27th of December, swear, or affirm that the same, according to bis

1813, to be transmitted to each of the Judges of the belief, was made out of sugar imported from a Supreme Court. foreign port or place ; which oath or affirmation, Resolved, fc., That of the two hundred copies


Public Acts of Congress. f the documents ordered to be printed by a re- and crew, in capturing the British sloop-of-war blve of the Senate and House of Representa. Penguin, after a brave and skilful combat. ives of the twenty-seventh of December, one Approved, February 22, 1816. housand eight hundred and thirteen, the Secreary of State be, and he is hereby, authorized to ake one copy for each of the Judges of the Su-Resolution, for printing the laws relative to naturalireme Court of the United States, to be trans

zation. nitted to said judges, according to the provision Resolved, &c., That the Secretary of State be of the act of Congress of the eighteenth of April, authorized and directed to cause io be prioted poe thousand eight hundred and fourteen. four thousand copies of the laws now in force on Approved, February 6, 1816.

the subject of naturalization. And, of the copies

which may be so provided, two shall be sent to Resolution, tó indemnify the suréties of Commodore each marshal of a judicial district of the United John Rodgers.

States, two to the clerk or prothonotary for each Resolved, fc., That under the peculiar circum- court of the United States, or of a particular stances of the case, of an appeal taken by Com. State, which may, by law, admit persons to be modore John Rodgers, from a decree of the United naturalized, and iwo io each collector of the.cusStates circuit court for the district of Massachu- such as the President of the United States may

toms. The remaining copies, after reserving setts, affirming that of the district court for the deem proper for the use of the Executive departsaid district, to the Supreme Court of the United States, in the case wherein Jobo Donnel of Bal- ments, shall be placed in the Library of Congress. timore was libellant, and the said John Rodgers

Approved, April 16, 1816. and John Smith were respondents, the United States will indemnify and save harmless any Resolution, requiring the Secretaay of State to compile person who may become sureties for the said John

and print, once in every two years, a register of all Rodgers, in a bond to respond the final judgment officers and agents, civil, military, and naval, in the of the Supreme Court on the said appeal : Pro- service of the United States. vided, That this interposition on the part of the United States shall not be considered as involving ter, containing correct lists of all the officers and

Resolved, fc., That, once in two years, a registhem in any other engagement or responsibility, agents, civil, military, and naval, in the service of than to indemnify and save harmless the said the United States, made up to the last day of Sepsurelies from eventual loss, on account of such tember of each year in which a new Congress is suretyship.

to assemble, be compiled and printed under the Approved, February 15, 1816.

direction of the Secretary for the Department of

State. And to enable him to form such register, Resolution, requesting the President to present med-he, for his own department, and the heads of the

als to Captain Stewart and the officers of the frigate other departments, respectively, shall, in due time, Constitution.

cause such lists as aforesaid, of all officers and Resolved, fc., That the President of the Uni- agents, in their respective departments, including ted States be, and he is hereby, requested to pre lodged in the office of the Department of State.

clerks, cadets, and midshipmen, to be made and sent to Captain Charles Stewart, of the frigate And the said lists, shall exhibit the amount of Constitution, a gold medal, with suitable em. blems and devices, and a silver medal, with suit- compensation, pay, and emoluments allowed to able emblems and devices, to each commissioned each officer, agent, clerk, cadet, and midshipman, officer of the said frigate, in testimony of the high the State or county in which he was born, and sense entertained by Congress of the gallantry,

where employed.

2. Resolved, That the Secretary of the Navy good conduct, and services of Captain

Stewart, his officers and crew, in the capture of the Brit- subjoin to the list of the persons employed in his ish vessels of war, the Cyane and the Levant, department, the names, force, and condition of all after a brave and skilful combat.

the ships and vessels belonging to the United Approved, February 22, 1816.

States, and when and where built.

3. Resolved, That five hundred copies of the

said register be printed ; and thai on the first Resolution, requesting the President to present medals Monday in January in each year, when a new

to Captain James Biddle, and the officers of the Congress shall be assembled, there be delivered to
sloop-of-war Hornet.

the President, the Vice President, each head of a Resolved, fc., That the President of the United department, each member of the Senate and Slates be, and he is is hereby, requested to present House of Representatives of the United States, to Captain Jas. Biddle, of the sloop-of-war Hornel, one copy of such register; and to the Secretary a gold medal, with suitable emblems and devices, of the Senate, and Clerk of the House of Repreand a silver medal, with suitable emblems and sentatives, each, ten copies, for the use of the redevices, to each commissioned officer of the said spective houses ; that twenty-five copies shall be sloop of-war, in testimony of the high sense en- deposited in the Library of ihe United States, at tertained by Congress of the gallantry, good con- the Seat of Government, to be used like other duct and services of Captain Biddle, his officers / books in that library, and that the residue of the

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