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An Order made by the Honourable House of Commons.

Die Sabbati, 29, Januarii. 1641 [1642]. I

of Stationers shall be required to take especiall Order, that the Printers doe neither print, nor reprint any thing without the name and consent of the Author: And that if any Printer shall notwithstanding print or reprint any thing without the consent and name of the Author, that he shall then be proceeded against, as both Printer and Author thereof, and their names to be certified to this House. H. Ellinge Cler. Parl, do. Com.

Die Iovis 9. Martii 1642 [1643]. An Order of the Commons assembled in Par

liament For regulating Printing. I T is this day Ordered by the Commons House of Parliament, That the Committee for Examinations, or any foure of them,

have power to appoint such persons as they thinke fit, to search in any house or place where there is iuft cause of suspition, That Presses are kept and employed in the printing of scandalous and lying Pamphlets, and that they do demollish and take away such Presses and their materials, and the Printers Nutsand Spindles which they find so employed, and bring the Master-Printers, and Workmen Printers before the said Committee ; and that the Committee or any four of them, have power to commit to prison any of the said Printers, or any other persons that do contrive, or publikely or privately vend sell, or publish any Pamphlet scandalous to his Majesty or the proceedings of both or either Houses of Parliament, or that shall resuse to suffer any Houses or Shops to be searched, where such presses or pamphlets as aforesaid are kept : And that the persons imployed by the said Committee shall have power to seize such scandalous and lying pamphlets as they sind uppon search, to be in any shopp or warhouse, sold, or dispersed by any person whomsoever, and to bring the persons (that so kept published, or fold the same,) before the Committee ; And that such persons as the Committee shall commit for any offences aforesaid, shall not be released till the parties imployed for the apprehending of the said persons, and seizing their presses and materialls, be satisfied for their paines and charges. And all Iustices of the Peace, Captains, Officers, and Constables, are required to be asisting in the apprehending of any the persons aforesaid, And in searching of their shopps, Houses, and Warehouses ; And likewise all Iustices of peace, Officers, and Constables, are hereby required from time to time to apprehend such persons as shall publish, vend, or fell the said pamphlets. And it is further ordered, That this Order be forthwith printed and published, to the end that notice may be taken thereof, that the contemners of this Order may be left inexcusable for their offence. [A Collection of all the publicke Orders Ordinances and Declarations, &c. by EDWARD HUSBAND, PJ, London. 1646.





Affembled in Parliament.

For the

Regulating of Printing,

And For suppressing the great late abuses and frequent disorders in Printing many false, Scandalous, Seditious, Libellous, and unlicensed Pamphlets, to the great defamation of

Religion and Government. Also, authorizing the Masters & Wardens of the Company of Stationers to make diligent search, seize and

carry away all such Books as they shali finde Printed, or
reprinted by any inan having no lawfull interest in
them, being entred into the Hall Book to

any other man as his proper Copies.

Die Mercurii. 14 June. 1643. ORdered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that this Order shall be forthwith printed and published.

J. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum:

Hen. Elsing Cler. D. Coni.

LONDON, Printed for 1. Wright in the Old-baily, June 16, 1643.


Die Mercurii, 14 Junii. 1643.
HEREAS divers good Orders have bin

lately made by both Houses of Parlia-
ment, for suppressing the great late abuses
and frequent disorders in Printing many,

false forged, scandalous, seditious, libellous, and unlicensed Papers, Pamphlets, and Books to the great defamation of Religion and government. Which orders (notwithstanding the diligence of the Company of Stationers, to put them in full execution) have taken little or no effect : By reason the bill in preparation, for redresse of the faid disorders, hath hitherto bin retarded through the present distractions, and very many, aswell Stationers and Printers, as others of fundry other professions not free of the Stationers Company, have taken upon them to set up sundry private Printing Presses in corners, and to print, vend, publish and disperse Books, pamphlets and papers, in such multitudes, that no industry could be sufficient to discover or bring to punishment, all the severall abounding delinquents ; And by reason that divers of the Stationers Company and others being Delinquents (contrary to former orders and the constant custome used among the said Company) have taken liberty to Print, Vend and publish, the most profitable vendible Copies of Books, belonging to the Company and other Stationers, especially of such Agents as are imployed in putting the faid Orders in Execution, and that by way of revenge for giveing information against them to the Houses for their Delinquences in Printing, to the great prejudice of the said Company of Stationers and Agents, and to their discouragement in this publik service.

It is therefore Ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That no Order or Declaration of both, or either House of Parliament shall be printed by any, but by order of one or both the said Houses: Nor

27 other Book, Pamphlet, paper, nor part of any such Book, Pamphlet, or paper, shall from henceforth be printed, bound, stitched or put to sale by any person or persons whatsoever, unlesse the same be first approved of and licensed under the hands of such person or persons as both, or either of the said Houses shall appoint for the licensing of the same, and entred in the Register Book of the Company of Stationers, according to Ancient custom, and the Printer thereof to put his name thereto. And that no person or persons shall hereafter print, or cause to be reprinted any Book or Books, or part of Book, or Books heretofore allowed of and granted to the said Company of Stationers for their relief and maintenance of their poore, without the licence or consent of the Master, Wardens and Assistants of the said Company; Nor any Book or Books lawfully licenced and entred in the Register of the said Company for any particular member thereof, without the licenceand consent of the owner or owners thereof. Nor yet import any such Book or Books, or part of Book or Books formerly Printed here, from beyond the Seas, upon paine of forfeiting the same to the Owner, or Owners of the Copies of the said Books, and such further punishment as shall be thought fit.

And the Master and Wardens of the said Company, the Gentleman Usher of the House of Peers, the Sergeant of the Commons House and their deputies, together with the persons formerly appointed by the Committee of the House of Commons for Examinations, are hereby Authorized and required, from time to time, to make diligent search in all places, where they shall think meete, for all unlicensed Printing Presses, and all Presses any way imployed in the printing of scandalous or unlicensed Papers, Pamphlets, Books, or any Copies of Books belonging to the said Company, or any member thereof, without their approbation and consents, and to seize and carry away such Printing Preffes Letters, together with the Nut, Spindle,

and other materialls of every such irregular Printer, which they find so misimployed, unto the Common Hall of the said Company, there to be defaced and made unserviceable according to Ancient Custom; And likewise to make diligent search in all suspected Printing-houses, Ware-houses, Shops and other places for such scandalous and unlicensed Books, papers, Pamphlets, and all other Books, not entred, nor signed with the Printers name as aforesaid, being printed, or reprinted by such as have no lawfull interest in them, or any way contrary to this Order, and the same to seize and carry away to the said common hall, there to remain till both or either House of Parliament shall dispose thereof, And likewise to apprehend all Authors, Printers, and other persons whatsoever imployed in compiling, printing, stitching, binding, publishing and dispersing of the said scandalous, unlicensed, and unwarrantable papers, books and pamphlets as aforesaid, and all those who shall resist the said Parties in searching after them, and to bring them afore either of the Houses or the Committee of Examinations, that so they may receive such further punishments, as their Offences shall demerit, and not to be released untill they have given satisfaction to the Parties imployed in their apprehension for their paines and charges, and given sufficient caution not to offend in like sort for the future. And all Justices of the Peace, Captaines, Constables and other officers, are hereby ordered and required to be aiding, and assisting to the foresaid persons in the due execution of all, and singular the premiffes and in the apprehension of all Offenders against the same. And in case of opposition to break open Doores and Locks.

And it is further ordered, that this Order be forthwith Printed and Publish-d, to the end that notice may be taken thereof, and all Contemners of it left inexcusable.


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