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“ And teach the sportive younkers round, “ Saws of experience, sage and sound. “ Say, man's true, genuine estimate, “ The grand criterion of his fate, “ Is not, art thou high or low? « Did thy fortune ebb or flow? “ Did many talents gild thy span? « Or frugal nature grudge thee one? 66 Tell them, and press it on their mind, “ As thou thyself must shortly find, « The smile or frown of awful Heav'n, “ To virtue or to vice is giv'n. “ Say, to be just, and kind, and wise, “ There solid self-enjoyment lies; “ That foolish, selfish, faithless ways, • Lead to the wretched, vile, and base.

“ Thus resigned and quiet, creep “ To the bed of lasting sleep; " Sleep, whence thou shalt ne'er anake « Night where dawn shall never break, « Till future life, future no more, “ To light and joy the good restore, " To light and joy unknown before.”




“Heavens! what a goodly prospect spreads around, * Of hills, and dales, and woods, and lawns, and spires, " And glittering towns, and gilded streams, till all “ The stretching landscape into smoke decays !".





« The sun has lost his rage: his downward orb " Shoots nothing now but animating warmth, « And vital lustre; that, with various ray, « Lights up the clouds, those beauteous robes of Heaven, “ Incessant roll'd into romantic shapes, “ The dream of waking fancy! Broad below, « Cover'd with ripening fruits, and swelling fast “ Into the perfect year, the pregnant earth " And all her tribes rejoice.”

The far-famed and magnificent city of Ahmedabad, the metropolis of the ancient kingdom of Guzerat, having been conquered and retained by the British armies, under the com. mand of General Goddard, I could not resist the ardent inclination which I felt to visit a place once so celebrated for its grandeur, its population, and its commerce; and which, in. deed, even unto this day, is possessed of the most valuable remains of Mogul splendor and unbounded magnificence, in a superior degree to any other city of the western pro

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